Exhibition 2

Sir walked over to were I was. God help me my heart stopped. The way he walked exuded power and control. The qualities only certain types possessed. “Come to me fia. You have been very bad. You are always to good at being bad. I must dish out the punishment for that blatant exhibition. You did […]

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She walked to him with bared feet,enjoying the cold tile against her skin. She decided it was time to come out of her shell and give the man she desired, what he’s been asking for. What he’s been begging for. Tonight the moon is full and it illuminated her skin into an angelic picture. Tonight […]

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I’m sitting here thing to myself, when was the first time I ever thought about sex. When did I become so aware that, that is what I want? I recall being young and my mother hired a baby sitter to watch me. I was scared without ligament reason. Well I sat in her living room […]

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The Mission (1)

A side glance. Eyes slowly going half way, not completely closing. A tongue sliding across cranberry lips. Pulse beginning to speed up. Did I fail to mention, a hidden hand crawling up a supple, parted thigh? An inner chuckle escapes, with your surprised expression on your face. I did. Didn’t I? That hidden hand presumed that it […]

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Incandescent with deep desire, brings forward crimson carnality. Arduous breaths duel its way to constricted lungs; as you approach into my sphere of voracity. The aspect of your sensual constitution. Stretching out and welcoming the imminent entry, with a silken invitation. Is more than I can suppress. Refusal on my part would be unfathomable. Due […]

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Here comes Fia

I’ve been hidden for so long. Not revealing I’m strong. Stronger than the view. Stronger than the critics in the pews. I’m coming out in this land, with paper and pen in hand. Not a worry or a care. If I were you I beware. Words come out like fire. Mow you down under my […]

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I have walked among you and not one head has turned. I have studied the subtle movement’s that a woman gives to a man and vice versa. The unsaid erotic communication that only a few would acknowledge that was there and yet deny if questioned about it. I deny nothing and I will write any […]

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