Exhibition 2

Sir walked over to were I was. God help me my heart stopped. The way he walked exuded power and control. The qualities only certain types possessed. “Come to me fia. You have been very bad. You are always to good at being bad. I must dish out the punishment for that blatant exhibition. You did not ask for my permission to touch your self.” He said in his deep voice that I felt vibrating to my toe’s. The look in his eyes were wild with desire, hidden by his cool demeanor.

I walked to Sir, with both excitement and fear. Excitement from the punishment he will deal out. Fear of who was on the other end of that phone call. He took me by the hand and lead me to the bed. I was told to lay face down. I tried to control my breathing. I knew what he was going to do. My legs began to tremble as I did what sir wished of me.

In the closet at the back. Sir held his secrets. What would seem ordinary to every one is turned into something more. He went for the four plum-colored tie’s. You may think, so unoriginal. On the contrary. The center of these tie’s held a special cord. This cord is controlled by a remote control, that sir held in his secret place. I must have been very naughty for him to take them out.

Sir tied all four appendages to the post of the bed. My sex hued red and moistened by my attention to it earlier was exposed for sir’s delight’s.
I felt a hard thrust of three fingers into me. I let out a little scream and I felt the first sting of sir’s hand. “Did I say you can make a sound?” He waited to see if I would answer without his permission. I knew better. He flicked his longest finger, grasping the base of my pussy and immediately withdrew his fingers. Leaving me lost and longing for them to return. I could not help to let out a whimper with his withdrawal. “Smack” the other cheek felt the sting of his hand.

Then the doorbell rang. Sir still did not tell me who he called on the phone. “Fia, I will return shortly. Until then you will have a blind fold on. Your hands are tied so I know you will not be able to take it off. Do not worry. I do know your hard limit and will respect your wishes.” He leaned over to put the blind fold on and I breathe the essence of him deeply. The fact that he reassured me that he remembered my hard limit was all the comfort I needed. You maybe thinking to your self what is her hard limit? It’s very simple. I will not be penetrated by no other than sir.

I heard sir leave the room and open the front door. My heart was already beating fast, due to the punishment coming to me, but who is here?

“Fia, since you are feeling very free. I see no need to keep your desires hidden. I will not tell you who is here until the end. You are my exquisite jewel and I want to show them how I take care of you.”

Who is here? And what is sir going to do to me? I started to tremble again. This time with anticipation.
“Have a seat. Fia is in a sharing mood and I feel a little generous my self.” Sir said to someone.
Before I knew what was happening my legs were spread further revealing my clit and I felt it. A slight vibration. Sir knew how my body reacted to the vibrator. So slowly he increased the intensity. My legs were shaking uncontrollably. The I felt the sting of sir hand on my heated ass again. The more I showed I enjoyed the vibration the more he spanked me until my lower abdomen started to quiver and I came screaming from over sensitivity. Sir removed the vibrator.

“Good girl Fia. You are so wet and inviting. You have made me so pleased.” Sir said as he massaged my thighs. “But we have only just begun.”


She walked to him with bared feet,enjoying the cold tile against her skin. She decided it was time to come out of her shell and give the man she desired, what he’s been asking for.

What he’s been begging for. Tonight the moon is full and it illuminated her skin into an angelic picture. Tonight he will have no angel. He will feel the true fire that lies with her. Her alter ego Fia has come out to play and she will not be sent away.

Did her prey have any idea that she has emerged from her slumber? I sincerely do not believe it to be so. She looked him in the eyes as she slowly lowered a shoulder strap. Knowing full well his member is swelling beneath his trouser’s.

Fia licked her full bottom lip, leaving behind a glistening sheen of natural liquid calling to him. She proceeded to drop the other shoulder strap. The only thing there holding her top up was her full breasts. Nipples firm catching his attention.

She his shifting from one foot to the other, fueled her fire. She pulled the blouse down and caressed her ample breast. Paying close attention to her nipples. Squeezing them in between her fingers,imagining that it was hisn fingers. Warm honey-dew moisture gathered in her blossoming flower. She wore no panties, knowing full well what she was going to do tonight.

She walked over to the chair that was in front of the bed. She sat with purpose. Slowly rising her pencil thin skirt to her waist. She sat with legs wide open revealing to him the moist accumulation on her lower lips. He took a step towards her. She stopped him and told him to sit and watch.

She took two fingers moisten by her mouth and went to her mound. Rubbing it in a circular pattern. She could feel her juices start to cascade down and drop to the chair. With the same two fingers, she entered her heated core. In and out, in and out. Stopping only to message that sacred inner circle. A slight tremor goes through her. She is dripping at a rapid rate, breathing increased.

Fia is trying to hold eye contact, but couldn’t when the first wave of her orgasm hit’s. Leg’s trembling and heart pounding. Showing him all that was in her. He stood and walked over to her. Took her chin in his hand and glide his thumb over her parted lips. He delved his thumb in as she sucked it on its way out.

“I see that you are in the mood to be watched tonight fia. I will accommodate your desire.” Sir said without breaking a stride he called someone on the phone. He did not say who, but I trust he will always give me what I want. He always does. Fia thought as a small tremble went through her body.


I’m sitting here thing to myself, when was the first time I ever thought about sex. When did I become so aware that, that is what I want? I recall being young and my mother hired a baby sitter to watch me. I was scared without ligament reason. Well I sat in her living room and a load noise came from the baby. The baby sitter had two son’s. My eye’s focused on the youngest out of the two. He was tall with dark hair and a full bottom lip. His smile made me blush and I could not understand why.

This went on for three years. My longing for him in the distance. Once we were completely a lone and I thought he would kiss me. I wished he would kiss me. Never been kissed before, I was thinking the closed mouth kind. Very innocent. But it never happened. The news came that they were moving and my heart stopped momentarily. But as a child, I did not let the thought linger for long. I figured he would come back, some day. Funny, He never did.

(I was around the age of nine)

The Mission (1)

A side glance.

Eyes slowly going half way, not completely closing.

A tongue sliding across cranberry lips.

Pulse beginning to speed up.

Did I fail to mention, a hidden hand crawling up a supple, parted thigh?

An inner chuckle escapes, with your surprised expression on your face. I did. Didn’t I?

That hidden hand presumed that it had the key to my door.

A door that I gave it access to, without it’s knowledge.

A curious digit ventures into a tight alcove.

The intake of breath was not a signal with draw.

To punctuate my acceptance, The alcove closed around the digit and drew it in further.

Releasing it momentarily, as a trail of warm essences coat’s it.

I continued to watch as two daring soldier’s replaced the curious informant.

Legs spread further apart for optimal invasion.

A strike from above landed on a sort firm mound and held it firmly as it began it’s torture of lips, teeth, tongue and spittle.

The initial invasion stormed in pushing and pulling. With no gentleness.

The mission was to capture all and torture all into sweet oblivion.

(Will I survive and do I want to? We shall see.)


Incandescent with deep desire, brings forward crimson carnality.
Arduous breaths duel its way to constricted lungs; as you approach into my sphere of voracity.
The aspect of your sensual constitution. Stretching out and welcoming the imminent entry, with a silken invitation. Is more than I can suppress.
Refusal on my part would be unfathomable. Due to the rising monstrosity, clawing to be pardoned from these man made garbs.
Flaming eyes watch as you writhe in wantonness expectation, which I am only to jubilant to administer.
Entering into the exquisite torture of a tight sheath, surrounding, and milking the sort after venom.
Keening sounds driving the subordinating head into a feverish onslaught, desiring complete liberation.
Without further delay, the vigilant climb is reaching a well desired crescendo, punctuated with a cry of “Now, please now.”
Propelling the beast into complete domination and abducting its prey. Allowing the heated release to invade every acquired territory.
Reality crashes into the takeover of one from the other. Unspoken words were relayed in hooded eyes. This is far from the end.

Here comes Fia

I’ve been hidden for so long.

Not revealing I’m strong.

Stronger than the view.

Stronger than the critics in the pews.

I’m coming out in this land,

with paper and pen in hand.

Not a worry or a care.

If I were you I beware.

Words come out like fire.

Mow you down under my tire.

Or a truck if you prefer,

I don’t give a fuck,

just read my words.

Take your time.

Let it marinate in your mind.

Let it soak,

filling your lungs like smoke.

These words that you read,

is embedded in a seed.

Giving it to you all,

no worry about who would call.

Let it cut into your soul,

like slivers of glass at the end of a rope.

Slicing you in half,

is the hardest trick.

Because these words I write,

Makes me one of the baddest Bitch.


I have walked among you and not one head has turned.
I have studied the subtle movement’s that a woman gives to a man and vice versa.
The unsaid erotic communication that only a few would acknowledge that was there and yet deny if questioned about it.

I deny nothing and I will write any thing I choose. My goal is to entertain your mind and I will not fail in doing so. My name is Fia Naturie. Look for me, as I am every where. Welcome to my world.