Love this ritual

World Twirls

The full moon represents the high tide of power.  Full moon energy is powerful and intense, a surge that enables taking action.  It is perfect to release that which no longer serves – release, let go, purge, unburden, also making it a opportunity to practice svadhyaya (self-study).

Tonight, I followed my own full moon ritual.  Nestled in to my favourite space, surrounded by candle light and a few favourite trinkets picked up from recent travels, I got rid of the old and celebrated what is to come.  The purpose was to emphasise to myself and the universe that I am ready to let go and make space for new opportunities.

Here is a bit how my ritual goes:

  1. I start with a seated meditation.  During this time I envision myself being cleansed by water.  I picture the ocean – standing at the edge and letting the waves slowly cover my toes, feet…

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