Good morning Fireflies

legs-682_1392646aGood morning fireflies. Now I know you all have been annoyed with me and my lack of completing a story. For that I apologize.

I have decided instead for writing long drawn out stories I will write a series of shorts. It will have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

There will be no excuses from this notorious fire, Fia. I will write what ever my scandalous heart desires. I will obviously give you heads up on what the story is about, so the secretive masses can decide whether to proceed and read. Or stop and turn around and run.

If you do not already know I write sci/fi fantasy. That’s where my voice lies.

Now that being said, I have not decided when I will complete the other stories I have on this cite. Or if I ever will.

So I leave on this note for thought “If your not burning, start a fire.”



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