Bee becoming a book!

Good morning to you all. So I have decided to write a book about Bee. I gave you a taste of her in a short story, and I realize that Bee is dying to be written. A witch killer for hire that has no remorse or feelings for taking a life. I will say this, that […]

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The Death of “Dru Hi” Pt. 5 Bee

Walking through the double doors my thoughts are focused on one thought. Kill all the “Dru Hi” . There was another guard that decided that their life was for fit by stepping in my way. She grabbed two short blades from her hip holder and  charged forward slashing downward, right then left. First mistake was never, […]

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Intel pt.3 of Bee

Big Al’s is a place where anyone in the fantastical community goes to get their information. I personally used to come here to stretch out my abilities. Once I was found out, let’s just say there’s a reason why I am the only one who has to have a chaperone in the bar. Not just […]

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Weapons pt 2 of Bee

Having a tracking ring seared in my arm is not my idea of ‘what I want with my coffee list.’ But that tracking ring seems to be making a permanent mark on my arm as if it will never fade after the job is done. Well I have news for the jack ass who thinks I […]

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