Bee becoming a book!

Good morning to you all. So I have decided to write a book about Bee. I gave you a taste of her in a short story, and I realize that Bee is dying to be written.

A witch killer for hire that has no remorse or feelings for taking a life. I will say this, that Bee is more than just a witch. The book will be out in the summer of 2018. I gave my self that dead line.

In the mean time if Bee or any other character that comes to mind that is dying to be written. It will be in my blog post. 2018 will be a big year for me and I will keep you abreast on the changes.

The Death of “Dru Hi” Pt. 5 Bee

Walking through the double doors my thoughts are focused on one thought. Kill all the “Dru Hi” . There was another guard that decided that their life was for fit by stepping in my way.

She grabbed two short blades from her hip holder and  charged forward slashing downward, right then left. First mistake was never, ever charge me. Second mistake was under estimating my skills.

As the her left hand went down trying for the knife to slash my face and embed it in my shoulder. I moved to the right avoiding the blade but in perfect view of her throat in which I grabbed and ripped out.

She grabbed at the gaping wound as she dropped dead at my feet. Stepping over her I walked up the stairs and went straight into the office in front of me.

Within the office there stood five of the head of the “Dru Hi” organization. Juan Sho the head of the north quarter, his twin Cala Sho head of the west quarter. Michaela Jem head of the east quarter, Cojum the heat of the south quarter and a new face I guess I have to kill without a name.

“Bee you made it into a closed meeting. Is there something you need.”

“I rarely need for anything these days. But what I want is two things. Why did you try to set me up to kill a notorious killer by using Gloriana’s name? Two why would you dare come into my home and try to kill me if you wanted me to kill someone one else?” Makes no sense.” I said while I kept my focus on Juan and the nameless female beside him.

“Let’s not play games. I know you have been tipped off that the target is not on alpha G and that you were being led into a trap. As for Gloriana is an achele’s heal for you. She is truly your death waiting to happen. As for your death. We need you out of the picture plain and simple. Your taking business away from us and we can’t have that.

Since you have turned down our off to join the Dru Hi. We have decided to take you out. Meet Ashley she is your replacement on earth.”

Juan must be lacking oxygen to his brain because he sounds like he has lost his mind.

“All this for money and territory?”

They all looked at me with disdain. That was perfectly fine with me. Let the killing’s begin.

“So who’s first?”

Ashley came forward as if that should be frieghtened me. Lifting her hands, palm sided up I could feel the heat building inside me. She was trying to burn me from the inside out. Very nice but no too original.

I looked at her and chanted softly, so softly they probably could not understand what I was saying. Ashley was beginning to perspire.

“Clever trying to turn my spell back on me.”

“What’s the originality in that?”

She wipe the drippings from her forehead to realise the her skin came off doing so. Then on the right side of her cheek skin started to slide off there as well. realising she was being skinned alive sent her screaming through the window to her death.

“So you killed one of us there are four more of us. You can not take us all.”

They never dealt with me before and now they will learn why, I was born to do this.

Jaun grabbed his throat trying to get air in his lungs damn near impossible when your  tongue swells to accommodate the space. the twin  began itching as worms bore through his skin eating him from the inside. Cojum and Micheala tried to attach me from opposite sides and that when I pulled out the Bee special. Two glowing balls that floated towards each of them exploding releasing a speacial agent that caused their eye balls to ooze out of it sockets entering the nerves straight to the brain. melting all the brain tissue and letting it drain out through the body crevices.

I turned and spelled the room so that their death will be preserved for all to see at least for a week. I felt the rings fade off my arm. I feel no remorse over killing killer’s. Eventually someone will kill me but not today.

The End

(I hope you like this story. If you did please leave me a message. Have a great day.)


The Death of “Dru Hi” Pt4 Bee

As I walked home I tried my best to recall all the hits I’ve been hired for. Nothing out of the ordinary came to mind. Some were easy F/K’s ( Find and Kills). Then I had a couple that took a little more time, a little more finesse. They wanted it to seem as cause of death was natural causes. There was one that I was hired for, the wanted the death to be a bit more on the sadistic cruel side. A normal person would not have done it but the money was good and I am not a normal person.

“So why would the “Dru Hi” want me killed?”

Entering the dog parlor I noticed that Kiki was no where to be found. I didn’t hear a peep. My red flags are up. Kiki wouldn’t be able to keep quiet for this long. She would have come out and bitched at me by now.

Slowly and easing my way futher inside, taking note that nothing seemed disturbed. I heard a faint sound. Almost like a muffled whine. I went up stairs to find kiki laying on her side panting hard and whining.

“What happened?”

She looked at me still panting and said, ” You didn’t connect the salt barrier back around the mirror. A guy came through looking for you.”

I felt like shit this happened. I should have connected the ring of salt.

“Did the guy escape?”

“No.” panting even harder.

“No he laying dead next to the doll. Go look.”

“In a minute. Lay down, this may hurt and I’m sorry for this.”

I began chanting an old spell that helped heal the body from the inside out. I figure her ribs were broken and her lungs were being affected by it.

As I chanted, I could picture bones healing and cracking into place. Kiki howled in pain but I kept my focus and when I had the last bone in place I opened my eyes to see Kiki closing her’s. She’s Probably going to pass out from the pain.

It took me a few minutes to get to get to my feet. The room was a bit tilted but it straightened out. I used a lot of my power in that spell.  I went to the mirror and seen the dead male. He laid there with his hand o the doll. On his hand their to set me up, for my death and they almost killed Kiki. As far as I am concerned, they drew the proverbial short stick out of the stack.

I changed into my long form fitting trench coat and placed all my weapons in the secret compartments within the coat. I checked one more time on Kiki before I stepped through the mirror.

Once I made it through the mirror I noticed an odor of mildew. I must be in an old home. No one was around. I would have known if they were. I always know when someone is hidden in the dark.

I walked across the room through the wooden door to be greeted with the outside world of alpha G system. The ground was made with a mossy green cement that only is found on this planet. The sky is the color of blue same as earth but the blue always had a small tinged of green in it.

The rings on my arm did not make itself known. That means that the target is no were near this area. Which is good because I’m hunting for the “Dru  Hi”. On the alpha G system people do not tend to look you in the eye. The planet is inhabited with beings similar to the human race. The  skin tone is an luminescent green and there are over a thousand different dialects. That’s why they all were ear plugs that translates all language to your own.

The last time I was on alpha G, the “Dru Hi” had a business establishment. You pay they terminate. I went straight to the office and believe it or not the office is still there. The security must have been told I was coming because they were ready for me.

The tall skinny guard on the right took out his hidden gun and aimed it at me, simultaneously the heavier guard on the left pulled out two circular hand size blades that he threw at my head. Of course nothing they did stopped me. The bullets ricochet off a field I placed around me before I walked through the mirror.

The closer I got to them the more sweat dripped off them. I stood before them hearing their hearts pounding a mile a minute. I decided that their hearts needed a break. So I stopped them both. The look on their faces of confusion was more than satisfactory. Now time to have some fun.

(I wanted to make this story in four takes but it looks like it will take five. I hope you all are enjoying it so far.)

Intel pt.3 of Bee

Big Al’s is a place where anyone in the fantastical community goes to get their information. I personally used to come here to stretch out my abilities. Once I was found out, let’s just say there’s a reason why I am the only one who has to have a chaperone in the bar.

Not just any chaperone, a “hole”.  A dam hole that will suck me into it and put me out into what other demention it deems fit.  Just a hint of a spell and I am out.

I walk up to the door and do the given knock to be permitted into Big Al’s and the door open’s See the knock is handed down generation’s and the knock itself is original to the family that uses it. So yeah, if I had a child I would pass the knock down and the damn “hole”. I walked in and the hole immediately appears to the left of me.

Big Al’s place wasn’t as full as I thought it would be, but it is only one in the afternoon. Then I hear it’ the sound that I truly cringe at. The sound of air to be sucked forcefully through the nostril to help push a wad of snot down to the mouth to be spit out into a disgustingly used bandana.

“So you decided to come back, why?”

I turned to the voice at the right of me and thought, ‘I wish Big Al was a man of six-foot and three hundred something pounds. Slightly balding with a tattoo on his right ham hock looking arm. Instead of what I’m looking at now.”

“Hey Al, how’s things?”

Big Al is short for Alison and big does describe her height. but if you can imagine the mother in little shop of horrors with the uni-brow. The dentist had a picture of her. Well that’s Al.

“What do you want here? You do recall the “hole” is following you. So you better watch your self.”

She sounds as if she has allergies all year round when she talks.

“Since you warned me so nicely I will just get to the point. Have you heard anything going on with the destroyer? In the alpha G system.”

One thing everyone who’s anyone should know about me. I don’t crumble under a stare. So her death look did not faze me a bit.

“If you don’t know is there someone else you can point me too to get the information.”

“Bee you should leave now.”

Normally I would get thrown out but to be told to get out is new. Something’s not right here. Other than Big Al.

I take a quick scan of the place. There is a person hidden in the shadow, in the far right corner. I continue my scan because I didn’t want to let on that I seen them. I put my attention back at Al and I notice that her vibe of intimidation is trying to cover up her fear.

“Fine, see you when I get back from alpha G. Maybe we can talk about getting the “Hole” off my back.”

“Not at chance.”

I walked out and waited against the wall to the left. So I couldn’t be seen right away.

It took all of three minute’s for the door to open and the shadow person came out. I immediately cast a decapitation ring around his neck.

“Don’t move, tell me about the alpha g system and about the destroyer. Before you lie, around your neck is a decapitation ring. It will slowly cut into your neck until your head is at your feet. So talk because the faster it spins the closer to death you will be.”

“The destroyer is not on alpha G. It a set up.”

That makes no sense. “Who is being set up?”

“You. So one wants you dead badly. That’s all I know.”

“How do you know this information?”

“I know because I was supposed to give you the message you received and I left before they could find me to deliver it.”

“They who? Tell me or that ring will start cutting soon.”

“The Dru Hi. Please let me go.”

The Dru Hi wanted me dead? Why?I  never had a hit on one of their people. I took the ring off and let the young man go. He looked as if he was marked for death any way. Not my problem.

It seems the Dru Hi are.

Weapons pt 2 of Bee

Having a tracking ring seared in my arm is not my idea of ‘what I want with my coffee list.’ But that tracking ring seems to be making a permanent mark on my arm as if it will never fade after the job is done.

Well I have news for the jack ass who thinks I will allow some one to track my every move. I went to my art room to find an item I created for just this kind of violation. 

The room needed the curtains to be drawn back. I hadn’t been in here for a while since I had a few ‘hits’ back to back. I can hear Kiki walking in behind me panting after she ate her meal. +

“Bee what are you looking for?” 

At this time I already pulled out a chair to climb on so I can reach the brown box on the top shelf in the room. 

“I just had a tracking ring placed on my arm and I am going to remove it right now.” 

“Can you remove a tracking ring once it’s placed? I thought once it’s seared into your skin it’s a done deal.” 

I looked at Kiki and couldn’t help my self but to smile. She wasn’t with me when my mother was around. That woman was paranoid about everything and everyone. So one of the first spells that was crammed down my throat was a transference spell. 

“Nothing is ever a done deal unless I say it is.” I found what I was looking for. A doll made out of red clay and a couple of drops of my blood. I will transfer the ring to the imitation of me and be done with it. 

Closing my eyes and envisioning the ring on the center of the dolls chest, searing itself in. Then I chanted the words that was ingrained. 

“Duplici translatione impersonator” 

The doll shook and glowed a bit blue but the transfer was complete.  

“What are you going to do with the doll. Well I have already put a thought into it on what I would do during a day. Once they catch on that the doll is repeating it’s action I would already be on the hunt to take out the target.” 

Kiki sat down and began to lick her paw and I couldn’t help but smile. She can be the fiercest animal on the planet but you would never think it.  

Enough of this, I have to find out what Gloriana has gotten me into.  First I have to visit Antoine at the warehouse. That’s where I keep my highly dangerous weapons. Things that could get me hung in all fifty some odd states if they found out how dangerous they are. 

“Bee why do have a weird smile on your face?”

I didn’t even realize I was smiling. Just the thought of my weapons, is like going to a candy store for me.

The trip to the warehouse took over twenty minutes from where I live. The Manhattan traffic is horrendous with all the street repairs. The warehouse is by the seaport. Antoine is usually on at this time so I don’t have to worry about being questioned to death by a new person. 

Walking into the warehouse, the smell of old mildew hits you in the face. Normally it wouldn’t bother me but it was a bit more over whelming than usual. 

Antoine was sitting at the desk, immersed into what ever it was on his computer. 

“Hey Antoine what’s so interesting?” 

I guess he didn’t realize I had come in, because he jumped and turned the screen so I couldn’t see what he was doing.  

“Listen what you do, is your business. I just going to my storage unit.” 

“I’m not doing anything. I thought you were my boss.” 

“Okay so dish. why would you jump if I was your boss?”

“I’m going for my B.A. in business and he’s been trying to get me fired before I can complete it. He thinks I want his job. This shit job can go to someone else. I just need to finish my schooling and I’m out of here.”

Antoine is paranoid. I know Carl if he’s watching him it’s because he doesn’t want to get caught gambling on the internet.

“Antoine I am going to “the” unit. Give me heads up if someone’s on  their way over.”

Antoine nodded his head and went back to studying. For some reason I feel as if I’m still being tracked even though the tracking ring is off me. It’s doesn’t matter once I am in the unit, it will be as if I never existed.

The key is charmed with the power to unlock the second door hidden behind the first. If anyone were to open my unit, they would see a couple of boxes lying around. But the key opens to my arsenal of destruction.

Once the unit was opened I stepped inside and went for the door to the right of me. There are three doors in my unit. All filled with things that I acquired somewhat legally in this state. The room had everything and my heart began to beat with excitement. I admit that sick, but little things make me excited and to get to play with weapons of mass destruction gives me that happiness.

I decided to take only a few out of my arsenal that can easily go undetected. Now I feel a little bit more on equal grounds with whatever is about to come my way. One more place I have to go before heading off to the target.

I have to go big Al’s. I gave up drinking because I was a terrible drunk, but I know I will need a drink after this.

{I am going to try to wrap this up in four parts. I hope you’re enjoying it so far.}

There’s Blood, There’sDeath, and Theirs Me. Bee

The target for the day is “The Mooch”. Yeah they still use stupid nick names like that. I’m sitting here in Star Bucks drinking my lemon tea watching my target try to swindle his way out of paying his bill.

His real name is Michael something. I really don’t give a shit as long as the money is in my account to do the job. Just looking at his appearance you would never think he is New Yorker. The tie die tee-shirt, khaki shorts and severely used flip flops said to me islander.

“Sir you mean to tell me you don’t have three dollars and fifty-six cents to pay for this?”

“Not right now. I can come back in a few minutes with the money. I live right around the corner and I left my wallet in my apartment.”

What a scum bag. Trying to get out of paying for his drink.

“Why don’t you go get the money and then you’ll get your drink. It will be waiting here for you.” The barista said with a smile.

If smile could talk it would have said “you piece of shit, you made me make this drink and waste my time on you for what? Screw you.” At least that what I read from the smile.

He walked away with his lips squeezed together in annoyance. Once he left the shop I followed with my tea in hand.

New York City on a Monday morning is the worst. I must have been bumped into several times as people scurry to their 9-5’s while video chatting with god knows who. It doesn’t matter, my eyes are still on the target.

After walking up two blocks he turned into a private building. I decided to hold back a little to see where exactly he was going. It turned out that he worked as a porter. This thirty five year old man works as a porter in a building that is known to house one of the wealthiest families in New York. Let alone lawyers and prestigious government officials.

He must have pissed off the wrong people. Well not my concern. I drained what was left of my tea, threw out my cup and I followed him onto the elevator going up to the thirteenth floor. Here we go.

“Oh excuse me sir. I notice that something is stuck to your collar. If you just bend forward I can just pull it off for you.”

He looked at me as if he was not sure he should allow me to do it. But my innocent face that has not changed since high school gained his trust. Big, big mistake. He leaned forward and I fiddled with his collar and it so happed I scratched his neck with my ring.

He grabbed his neck and I apologies that my old ring scratched him. I also threw in the, ‘I’m sorry’ smile.

Not even a minute the effect of the chemical that lined my ring was in his system. He grabbed his chest and looked at me for help. I whispered, “I was told to tell you, you were going to pay up one way or another. The bill is now paid.”

The door opened on the thirteenth floor and I stepped out to an empty hallway. I allowed the door to close before I press for the other elevator to come. As cold as it may sound I feel as if I helped society in a small way.

One less derelict in society. I’m not worry about camera’s catching me because for some reason certain machinery does not like me. Video, camera’s anything like that just goes hay wire. So nothing ever catches me.

As for finger prints. I have none, so there you go. A genetic abnormality is an aide in my secret life.

I checked my account and the deposit of thirty thousand dollars was safe and sound. Waiting for me to withdraw. I put my phone in my pocket and head off to the office.

I work in a place that you, the average person on the street would never pay any attention too. Or even think twice, that a killer might just be smile right at you.

I work at Michael’s Pet Cottage. A place where people drop off their precious pooch or kitty while they go on vacation. I know what you may be thinking “Hang yourself much?”

Here’s the thing I love animals. I just kill people. Simple as that.

“Bee your over an hour late and don’t give me that old I was tied up excuse.” Kiki said, as she tried her best to stare me down.

“Now that was not an excuse. I was telling you the truth. I was detained, sorry I am late.”

“Detained hugh? By what?”

“Nosey much? I had to help a gentlemen with his collar. I could not just stand there and see something amiss and not want to fix it.”

“A collar? A whole hour for a collar?”

I gave her the innocent look and she just growled at me.

“Kiki that’s not lady like of you.”

“Well then it’s good that I am not a lady then. I’m a dog. “D” for don’t give me that crap. “O” for on your worst day I can smell when you lie and “G” for get my food, because I don’t have opposable thumbs to get my own food.”

As you may have guessed and since she spelled it out so nicely. Kiki is a dog. A white German shepherd, a matter of fact. She is “the boss” when I am not around and she loves to remind me of it.

Obviously Kiki should not be talking. Honestly she is not talking to any of you, I on the other hand can hear her since she is my guardian animal.

Yes, guardian animal. The kind that comes to you when you least expect or want it.

My mother was a witch and she had a cat familiar. Since I am not fully a witch I refuse to call my dog a familiar. She’s my guardian.

“Oh I forgot to mention you received a package through the mail slot.”

“A package? Must be small I didn’t order anything.”

As Kiki and I walked through the cottage to make sure the pets were ok, I couldn’t shake the feeling of something very odd is going to happen very shortly.

The animals were fine, but Kiki’s stomach was making itself known by the expulsion of gas in the air. I pinched my nose and ran to the kitchen to take her food out of the refrigerator. Kiki went in on the food as if it was the best steak she had ever eaten. As she ate I went to the front door and seen a tall box on top of the mail that came from the small slit in the door.

If you haven’t guessed by now. The package is magically enchanted. I never take safety for granted especially my safety. So I go get my salt and pour it in a circle around the box to keep whatever is in that box that may harm me in there. Once the circle was complete I proceeded to open the box.

What stood inside was a tall slender mirror. It had a cast iron base that it stood on but it had no top. I looked all over to see if there was a note or a chant I had to say to activate the mirror but there was nothing. So I made up something out of thin air.

Mirror, mirror standing tall,

Is there a message for me at all?

As corny as that was the mirror clouded and a face appeared. Oh man what a face. It had scars slashed several times across both cheeks. The nose was definitely broken and it looked as if a fresh lump was appearing on the right side of her far head.

“All you had to say was hello to active the mirror?” The woman said with disgust written on her face.

“Ok who are you and what is it that you want from me?”

“I was told, I can hire you to do a job.”

“There are many jobs that I currently do. You have to be more specific.”

“I need you to terminate someone and I need it done clean. No traces leading back to me. You can use your parlor tricks if you must but it must not have a residue behind it.”

Did she just say I do parlor tricks?

“You’re starting off on the wrong foot with me. Do you have any manners? First with whom am I speaking with?”

“I am Manua. I am the head of the Gideon guard. I serve and protect the queen Izra.”

“So who is it I am being hired to take out?”

“First ,you must except before I can divulge the name.”

This does not sound good. I’m not taking the gig.

“Well, I am sorry to say that my quota for killing has been filled. If you contact me in like, never. Maybe I can help.”

Manua mumbled something under her breath. I caught only this ‘humans are worthless’.

“I can hear you, and now I will definitely not do the job. Bye”

“I will tell Gloriana that you refuse the job.”

Oh shit Gloriana set this up? This is serious then. I owe her a life debt. I have no choice but to take it.

“Fine I will take the job.”

“Do you mean I could have just said her name and you would have agreed? Human are so strange.”

“Yeah well whatever you are what’s the name of the target?”

“So you agree to kill the target?”

“Yes, who is it before I change my mind.”

“First, remove the salt barrier.”


“Remove the barrier so we can strike the bargain I cannot do this with a wall of salt around me.”

I broke the barrier by kicking part of the salt to the side. I suddenly felt a burn around my left forearm. I picked up my sleeve and seen a triple ring around.

“The bargain is sealed. Once the job is done the rings will fade.”

“Can I now have the name?”

She nodded her head.

“The name is Quantaron Milan.”

“My heart nearly dried up in my chest.”

“Q Milan? The destroyer?”

“Yes, when you are ready to do the job, just step through the mirror and you will arrive on Alpha G system. You will be greeted by Al. He will hand you a letter with all you need to know on it. Good death to you.” Then she faded from the mirror.

Good death to me, she said. Yeah I might as well right my will because I may not return from this one.