Excerpt from Bee’s life ;)

“Trying to surface through a burning blanket of darkness and air seemed to be the enemy instead of my alley. Seemed to be impossible. the Only thing that seemed possible and what I was in control of was my death.”

That is a small excerpt from the book on Bee’s life that I am currently writing. Delving into a life that is filled with such pain and mostly death makes me glad that I live such a “normal” life.

If you would like more tid bits on Bee leave a comment below.

New character in Bee life Jovan P.

“Jovan P. is a piece of shit. That so happened to become part of my life.”

So Bee is right now expressing how she feels about a particular person in her past. This Jovan seems to be a problem for her and as I delve deeper into her life for this book, she is telling me things that would cause heat to escape from your collar.

Apparently Bee seems to be a ball of thread that is unwinding at an unbelievable rate. I believe in free speech and she is using word from that dictionary that should not be combined. If I was not scared for my life, I might was her mouth out.

FYI by Bee about Vampires

Hello I just wanted to give you an FYI to a question that had pooped up in my life. This is not for the squeamish.

When vampire change we all know they have to die first, then drink the blood from a master vampire for the complete transformation.

Well did you know that their bodies eliminates all waste from life just like a corps would?

That’s right everything must come out. Eeeww.

I must get back to telling my story.  Bye for now.

(I have no control over Bee. She is who she is.)

Bee reveals her beginnings. OMG!!!

Believe it or not. Bee has decided to open up about herself in a book that will appear this summer. (NOT BEYONCE)It’s about how she became a killer for hire and how her parents shaped her destiny.  Naturally you would think it’s easy thing to do if you are part of the supernatural. But that pesky human bit just gets in the way.