Wicked Wednesday Q&A

Q: When writing a specific scene when would you know you went to far? Example Death or Sex.

A: I feel if it is taken to far, and you lost control of the scene. For instance the person is stabbed to death with a blunt object. That should be a killing blow yet they pick up several other objects and keep stabbing. Was the killing blow you describe not it. Or another example. When a sex scene is taken to a place that it may arouse you but then again disgust you. Whether it’s too much saliva, or the sex had blood involved due to taking virginity. The blood is NOT enough to soak through a mattress. (CARRY AWAY MUCH)

Q: Why all the female are portrayed as devious?

A: In the past women were considered more devious than men but hey we are in 2018 why can’t a man be devious?

Q: Why are these fantasy romance scene make you believe that every moment with the other person is better than breathing?

A: Because we would love to feel that emotion. Who would want to read all the time every moment with other person reminds you  that your that much closer to the grave?

Q: Why, why ,why I can’t preorder your book about Bee the killer without a conscious?

A: You will be able to when Bee  ok’s it. (Ha, ha,he,he)

The Floating Sword pt.5


Nester walked through the dense woods to a clearing that was a couple of miles away from the castle. Not far enough from the queen but far enough that he could rest for a short time.

As he approach the house he began to recognize the structure. It was home to the royal butcher. The queen could not stand to hear the animals being slaughter. The smell made her wretch. So she assigned the cottage to the butcher and his family.

Nester was not sure he would be safe there. He decided to walk around towards the back where he had smoke house. He moved as quietly as he could as not to alert anyone on the premises he was there.

“Aye, there. Why are you skulking around our home?”

‘Well damn,’ he thought.

“I’m sorry just passing through. I thought I could sit for a little than be on my way.”

Nester turned towards the voice. It came from a young girl, who was dressed as a boy. Her wild hair and large clothing made her look a bit lost.

“Well my father is at the castle delivering tonight’s meats to the royal chef. You can sit over there by the  barn for a bit, then leave. If you try anything you’ll regret it.” she said then walked towards the live stock.

Nester went to where she gestured and sat down. He pulled out a water bag from his satchel and drank from it. He looked about and made note not to leave evidence that he was around.

He felt that it was the perfect time to leave. She seemed to have disappeared.

“Where are you going in such a hurry?”

“Never mind where I am going. I’ll just be off then. Thanks for the seat.”

She turned as he walked past her. She smiled when he almost tripped over his feet in a rush to leave.

“Tamra where are you girl?” A deep voice bellowed.

“I’m in here father.”

An older gentleman with a greying beard and shaved head walked over to her daughter carrying a dead doe over his shoulder.

“Who was in here? The smell is unfamiliar to me.”

“So guy who looks as if was running away from something.”

He gave his daughter a sharp look.

“A young man. What did he see?” He barely got out off clenched teeth.

“Nothing. He was more concerned to run than stay and snoop around.”

Her father excepted her explanation.

“Tamra if he returns I will kill him.”

“Dad if he returns I will wrap him up in a bow and serve him to you.”

He loved his daughter and how she was becoming more and more like him. He felt a bit uneasy lately. The time for her to leave and prove herself was drawing near and he would not be able to handle if anything ever happened to her. He lost his love, Mara. To love their daughter will be the death of him.

Her eye’s and smile were her mother’s but her boyish stance came from him.

“Come let’s clean up the doe and have a feast. The other’s will arrive in tomorrow and I want you well fed.

Tamra loved the concern her father had for her but she can take care of her self and once she proves it her life would be much freer. Maybe just maybe she may crossed paths with the guy who ran off.


The Floating Sword pt4


Angelica made her way through the spindles without getting to cut to death by the spindle points. She did not dare look behind her because of the foul words that were being spewed from the wood nymph vial lips.

When she finally made it through the spindles she looked around to see the man who helped her. But he seemed to have vanished.

“Hello.” she called out with no response in return.

She walked to the little house with closed windows to see if he decided to go inside. She knocked until her knuckles hurt.

“Hello. I know you helped me escape. Why did you leave.”

“I did not intentionally help you escape. I just wanted to ruin the wood nymphs meal.”

She looked at the man who was speaking to her from the roof of the house.

“How did you get up there so fast?”

“Boy it’s one question after another with you.”

Angelica felt a little embarrassed but not enough for her not to be curious about the man on the roof.

“I’m sorry for the questions. Thank you for helping me anyway.” She said as she glanced down for a moment.

“Your welcome prey.” He said standing before her.

“I’m not prey.”

“Well then how did you almost get drank to death by a weak wood nymph?”

The more the man talked the angrier she became. Her mother was no where around to tell her not to use her magic.

“I think a helpless female as yourself should go home and wait to be married off.”

That was it. She had enough of this man belittling her. The ground began to tremble and out of no where the man began to get pelted with stones around the house.

Normally anyone who would cross the spindles who had any magical abilities would have been dulled down. But this young girl seemed to be gaining strength.

“Enough!” He called out with a voice coated by magic and angelica fell to the ground as if someone had hit her physically.

“Who are you? If you had this type of power how did you get captured?”

Angelica looked at him and whisper her name “Angelica” then she met darkness.

He looked at the young girl that laid on the ground and realized that she was of his blood. She was his niece that he has never seen due to the promise to stay away from his brother’s family.

Why was she here? Where was his brother? He lifted her up and took her inside his home. Once he entered with her the house began to shake. The house itself was alive with the spirit of the earth and it recognizes angelica a family and it responded accordingly.

He laid her down and went to his mantel above the fire-place and found the dream powder he placed there in a dark jar.

“Dream and tell me what happened to your father. Show me what happened to Adam.”

Angelica began to dream and it showed him that his brother was killed because he was not him. He had no magic to protect his family from the royal guards. He lied and told that he could perform magic and retrieve the sword.

“They still search for the one to retrieve the sword.”

Once he could not retrieve the sword the queen had his head chopped off. Then the dream faded as angelica began to cry in her sleep. He rose and calmed her by removing the memory for now so she would rest.

“That bitch of a queen needs to die and It will be by my hand.”

He went to his chair and looked at Angelica and wondered how powerful she was and how powerful will she become. Once she awakens he would have to find out.

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Where I write Erotic Scene’s



Hello all of you fabulous readers out there. So I decided before I publish the forth and most erotic scene I have written. I wanted to let you know the process at least my process for writing erotic scenes.

You may think it’s easy and for most it can be. But when you’re in a time crunch it is not so easy. Some write it late at night when everyone has gone to bed and others when they are completely alone. I on the other hand have to zone all the outside noise out and try  to write these scenes.

My best ideas is comes when my mind is racing almost a 100 miles a minute. I kind of make an urgency that I have to get it out so I don’t censor my thoughts. I have been told that it’s almost like reading a straight porno. I try my best to let people know what they are about to read so they can by-pass it if they choose.

My advice is to find your go to place to write these scenes whether it’s in your home at night or in a quit zen place in your mind. Find it and write.

The Floating Sword pt. 3

thFR8BKUDF“Owch!” Angelica said as she tried to swat at a mosquito that seems to be enjoying the taste of her.

She opened her eyes to discover that she was securely tied to the tree she took a nap in, and mosquito wasn’t a mosquito at all but a wood nymph. A tiny creature that makes it home in a tree and captures unsuspecting animals to feed off their blood.

The problem is a nymph is a bit sadistic by nature. They like to play with their food.

“Oh your awake. That is just wonderful. I hate to eat alone. ”

“Release me at once.”

“My aren’t you full of spirit. Keep going it makes the blood tastes even sweeter.”

Angelica looked at him seething and the nymph just laugh, like he heard the most wonderful joke of his entire life. Which is saying allot since they live over a century.

“Now may I ask what is my dinner’s name?”

Angelica’s lip turned up in the corners from disgust of it drinking her alive. A wood nymph do not have teeth so how they eat is by make tiny precise cuts in the skin. Between fingers or toes. Little slits on the ear lobe and god forbid, if they have access to private parts it  those finger like razor slices and it’s tongue laps up the trickle of blood with at tongue like a tiny straw.

“Let me go now.”

“Now why would I let you go. Should I torment myself and starve since you would like me to let you go.

As the nymph and Angelica go on with their debate about her freedom. Off in the distance a man noticed that the wood nymph, that has been a real pain in the ass, had captured its next victim. This was the perfect time to get his revenge.

He picked up a sharp stone whispered onto it and tossed it at the intended meal. The lines were cut and she fell off the branch. He was so proud of himself that he did not realize that the meal had gathered it’s things and entered the garden of spindles. Right in the direction he was in.

The wood nymph was beside himself with fury. When will be the next time for a tasty meal like that will come along. That magician that lived past the spindles was the cause of his loss and he planned to get even . He did not know how yet, but it will happen.


Being an apprentice magician in the King and Queens palace should have been the best thing in the world except for one minor thing. The Queen keeps cutting the royal magicians head off.

The amount of magic he knew was a bit natural and what he could he could remember from the departed magician.

Nester is young and in the beginning he would even say naïve. But it has been a year and a half living in the palace as the queens personal toy. At first it was exciting he was bedding the queen and he really believed she cared about him until he over heard the servants talk about how the queen was using him and in the end she will chop his head off.

So nester bought his time and learned as much magic as possible. He planned on leaving the palace that very night that she summoned him. Before he left to spend the evening with the queen he grabbed the spell-bound grapes for her to consume.

Once eaten she will drift off to sleep dreaming of them intertwined in each other as he made his escape. He worked on the spell for over a month and they were ripe and sweet for the eating.

Nester put on the garment she liked to see him in and proceeded to her chamber. He walked in to see her reclined on her bed looking off into the distance.

“My queen I have arrived.” He said then bowed.

She looked at him and looked genuinely pleased to see him.

“Why Nester you came with fruit for us to eat.”

“Yes your favorite.” He said waiting for his signal for him to approach her.

“Nester come to me and feed me. but first take off your clothing. You know how I love looking at your body.”

He hated taking his clothing off like he was a concubine and in a sence she made him that very thing. Well she will be surprised tonight when nothing happens other that what her mind conjures up.

He walked towards the queen bare and she studied his every movement as if she was ready to eat him.

“I adore the look of your body. So firm and too muscular. Your shoulder length dark hair complimenting those dark eye’s. Too bad you’re not a nobleman, some young maiden would have snatched you up.”

“I have no reason to look for another when a queen is complimenting me.” He said verbally but inside he was thinking you poor lonely woman. if she wasn’t so heartless she would look beautiful but her actions shows only ugliness.

He walked over to her trying to think of a young maiden he once had lustful thoughts about just to get his manhood to rise to the occasion. the queen seemed to be mesmerized by the growth of his member as he approached.

“I see that you are not lying when you say you are satisfied being with me.” She said with a smirk.

‘My queen may I feed you this fruit as I watch you enjoy the sweet nectar that comes from it?”

She nodded and as she opened her mouth he slid a grape in and watched as if that was the most erotic scene he ever saw.

After the third grape her eyes began to flutter with heaviness and she laid back on her bed and drifted away dreaming of Nester defiling her body on every way she normally enjoys.

Nester ran for his clothing and made his way back to his chambers to collect his things. His life will be his again once he escape her clutches.