Wicked Wednesday Q&A

Q: When writing a specific scene when would you know you went to far? Example Death or Sex. A: I feel if it is taken to far,¬†and you lost control of the scene. For instance the person is stabbed to death with a blunt object. That should be a killing blow yet they pick up […]

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The Floating Sword pt.5

Nester walked through the dense woods to a clearing that was a couple of miles away from the castle. Not far enough from the queen but far enough that he could rest for a short time. As he approach the house he began to recognize the structure. It was home to the royal butcher. The […]

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The Answer!

The Floating Sword. The lady of the lake enchanted the sword to float above ground. And she placed it were everyone can find it.   I hope you liked the riddle. More fun is coming as I write my Book on Bee the hired killer. lol

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The Floating Sword pt4

Angelica made her way through the spindles without getting to cut to death by the spindle points. She did not dare look behind her because of the foul words that were being spewed from the wood nymph vial lips. When she finally made it through the spindles she looked around to see the man who […]

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Where I write Erotic Scene’s

  Hello all of you fabulous readers out there. So I decided before I publish the forth and most erotic scene I have written. I wanted to let you know the process at least my process for writing erotic scenes. You may think it’s easy and for most it can be. But when you’re in […]

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The Floating Sword pt. 3

“Owch!” Angelica said as she tried to swat at a mosquito that seems to be enjoying the taste of her. She opened her eyes to discover that she was securely tied to the tree she took a nap in, and mosquito wasn’t a mosquito at all but a wood nymph. A tiny creature that makes […]

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