The Floating Sword pt 11

Since leaving the castle Nester could not find any magician to train him. He decided to find out what an ENOR is. He knew of a place where they kept all the books that had magical information in it was. The only thing is he heard it was enchanted and the only way to enter […]

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Wicked Wednesday (Cum On)

Hello my little fire starters. We have the igniter fluid for this fire today. So let’s get burning. Q: Is there such a thing a too much vaginal wetness during sex? I mean I was told that I am abnormally wet. Once I got asked if I was peeing on them. I mean really. A: […]

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The chosen Fire Starter.

Hello there fire starters.  I have been busy plugging away at a very erotic story, that I have chosen one of my readers to have. Yes a fire starter is receiving this before being published on Amazon. Congratulation Heather. Hope you enjoy the heat. It is simple to be considered for an early read. E-mail me at […]

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Wicked Wednesday Q&A

  Hello my wicked Fire starters. So I have a few lovely questions and answers for you. The first starts off with the medium O. Lets get burning shall we. Q: When doing oral sex, my jaw seems to lock or cause me great pain. What is up with that? A: Tsk, tsk, tsk. I […]

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Floating Sword pt10

It has been over a month since her training had begun.  Angelica’s skills have improved immensely. Her uncle was proud of how far she had gotten in such a short period of time. But that did not mean he was taking it easy an her at all. On the contrary he was increasing the teaching. […]

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