The Floating Sword pt 11


Since leaving the castle Nester could not find any magician to train him. He decided to find out what an ENOR is. He knew of a place where they kept all the books that had magical information in it was. The only thing is he heard it was enchanted and the only way to enter was by saying the right word or words.

The last magician that tried never returned. There are spells in there that even the best magician could not handle. Why would they put there then? As a torment and a reminder, that there are beings that are more powerful than you are in this world.

He walked due east to the Grove of Genar. That is where the books are being held and maybe the answer to his question.


Angelica and her uncle walked for days in the direction he has choosen. She had inquired once why were they walking the away from the palace since the goal was to avenge her parents. He uncle never answered the question. She hated to be ignored but he was also a person who did not tell you information unless he felt you needed to know.

For an hour everyday she practiced her battle magic. She noticed that her uncle stopped sparing with her. She would ask why but she knew he would not answer her any way.

As she concentrated on moving the dirt into mini tornado’s, she heard a rustle coming from the left of her. Maybe today he decided to spar. She decided to be the offence and aimed a mini tornado at him before he cleared the trees.

To her astonishment it was disintegrated before her eye’s. It wasn’t her uncle coming through the trees but a young man with intense dark eye’s.

“Who are you? Speak quickly before I forget I’m a lady and kill you.”

“Wow, you sent that my way and I am supposed to answer your questions because you’re gonna kill me? Are you practicing to be the next Queen?”

The very nerve of him comparing her to that bitch. That was it she didn’t care who he is. He was in for it.

Nester felt the air tightening around him. It almost felt as if she was putting him in a vice.

Angelica watched as his deep, dark eyes began to glow an eery red. Then the air she made steadily surround him like a tube began to dissipate and it was getting very warm. She will not lose to this stranger, so she lifted her hands and concentrated in the center of it. She gathered all the remaining moisture in the air and created a ball.

Nester was amazed at her power and it kind of turned him on by the very thing he hated the most about the queen. Her aggression. What also helped was here shirt sticking close to her body, revealing nice size nipples.

She suddenly hurled the water ball and it hit him directly between the eye’s. His thought’s caused him to delay in his defense. Then he heard it. Laughter coming from the tree’s. They were not alone.

“Enough the both of you.” Angelica’s uncle came down as if he was riding and invisible cloud.

“You have finally shown up Nester.”

Nester did not know this magician, how did he know him?

“Who are you and how do you know my name?”

“I am Ryan and this is my niece Angelica. We are heading the same direction as you are. So might as well keep us company to the Magician’s Womb.

Angelica never heard of such a place but this stranger did. She was still angry about the way he unraveled every spell she threw at him. By the way he looked at her he was kind of pissed off by the she hit him in the face with the water ball.

“Why don’t you both go cool off and come to the fire once you have cleaned up.” He walked off still laughing at the both of them.

Nester made his way back to the fire ,where Angelica was already siting and eating a bowl of hot stew.

“Come and sit. Eat with us.”

Nester took the bowl that was offered and shoveled down it’s contents. He was starving. He ate something three days ago and it was not satisfying to say the least.

“So tell us why you seek the Womb.” Ryan asked a question he already knew the answer. But let’s see how forth coming with the truth was he.

“I had a dream telling me I was a ENOR. What that is I have no idea but I figure that I can not find someone to teach me magic I would go there to find out what that was.”

“An ENOR?” Ryan asked.

Nester nodded as he kept eating.

“An ENOR is a race that had died out over a century ago. But you say that the fire told you?”

“A race that died out?”

“Yes who are your parents.”

“I don’t know. I remember waking up once behind the barn of one of the kings stables. But I can’t remember past that. I was ten I think.”

Angelica sat quite listening to what they were talking about. But she did not trust him. He was hiding something or running away from someone.

“Why are you going to the Womb?’ Nester asked as he looked at Angelica.

“I need a special spell that I hope it is in there.”

“A spell for what?”

“To kill the King and Queen.” Nester stared at angelica as she said that and felt the anger that accompanied her words. “You still want to come with us?” He felt her sizing him up.

“We are going the same way. Why not?” He said to her with out breaking eye contact.

Ryan knew the two were to meet, but that was as far as his visions went. What is next for the two of them, he hoped the gods were with them.

Wicked Wednesday 2 (Can’t Wait!)

th5T2LY7IHSo my impatient fire starter could not wait until next week.. She had a matter that needed to be addressed immediately.

Q: Sooo I can’t seem to cum when I’m having vaginal sex. Is my vagina broken? Why does my boyfriend cum so quickly? I’ve never had an orgasm. What does it feel like?

A: It’s not broke, it’s not behaving like the kinky lady you want it to be. YOU CAN CUM&ORGASM. If your one of my juicy ladies out there. Your cumming baby. Some associate it with after the orgasm, but remember women orgasm mentally as well. The orgasm is different for every body. But it feels as if your vagina is full almost like a water balloon about to burst. Then friction from the penis entering and with drawing is trying to pop the balloon. Until that one last push and it pops. The muscles around that area was wounded up so tight that it relaxes and sends a message through your whole body that you have achieved your destination. Some women tremble, some stop breathing for a second or two and some down right scream as they coat the guys penis.

Your Boyfriend seems to be overly excited and shoots off to quickly. If he does not take a pause every now and then between thrusts. Well he’ll continually shoot first. Also if your adventurous have you tried a cock ring? It tightens just enough at the base to give you a chance to cum.

Now there is a disability that some women can not achieve orgasm. That I recommend going to a Sex therapist. It might be another reason why it’s not happening for them.

Any questions e-mail me at What I know you will too. Keep burning.


Wicked Wednesday (Cum On)

thHello my little fire starters. We have the igniter fluid for this fire today. So let’s get burning.

Q: Is there such a thing a too much vaginal wetness during sex? I mean I was told that I am abnormally wet. Once I got asked if I was peeing on them. I mean really.

A: Let the water come down. Is there a such thing as too much vaginal wetness during sex. Really it depends on who you are sexually and where your body is at in it’s stage of life. If you love sex and constantly think of sex and your not on any hormonal pills. You may just be extra juicy naturally. Believe it or not there are men who love to hear the wet slapping during sex.

Q: Is it weird that I have a more intense orgasm with my clit than my vagina?

A: Not weird honey. But as intense as it is, it is short lived. It comes on strong and dies quick. Why don’t you see if you can have a cervical orgasm. Listen up gents, especially those who is pretty think in the width. The stretching of the vaginal walls and the right angle for tapping the g spot and clit. Can cause a mind blowing orgasm for the ladies. If not blessed with width time to introduce a toy. (Vagina’s snap back, won’t get out of shape)

Q: Listen fia, my girl is new to the whole oral sex thing and she went down on me and I swear I have a sever scratch on my dick. Do you women have a class on giving head?

A: Aww poor dicky. So she can get lesson from a sex toy shop. I think one is called Fetish. Pretty sure there are other places to go. If nervous there are books as well, that gives instructions. Also get a dildo so she can practice on. Unless your into scratches?

So my fire is being stoked and obviously you all are having the same reaction. Send questions to my email Bring on the questions.

Fia’s Divulging her Short Secrets



Good evening my fire starters and here is what’s burning my key’s for you at the moment.

I have several short stories that will be out this summer, if not sooner. The first short was awarded to Heather and it did not fail in its delivery.

I will divulge the other three titles for my short’s:

Treatment Requested

Malice Access

Shadow’s Kiss

So The Floating Sword will be completed soon. I have a little more of the story to unfold before the sword.

Well burn for now. Fia’s signing out. If you have any question you want submitted in Wicked Wednesday email me at

The chosen Fire Starter.


Hello there fire starters.  I have been busy plugging away at a very erotic story, that I have chosen one of my readers to have. Yes a fire starter is receiving this before being published on Amazon. Congratulation Heather. Hope you enjoy the heat.

It is simple to be considered for an early read. E-mail me at Post a question you would like to see on Wicked Wednesday and you will be considered for the next give away.

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(Here is a little taste of Fantasia.)

“Why Miss. Spade you seem to be blooming in front of my eyes. Your cheeks are a lovely shade. I wonder what else can turn an equally lovely shade on your person. Yet you must settle in before the other bees start buzzing towards your bloom.”

Wicked Wednesday Q&A



Hello my wicked Fire starters. So I have a few lovely questions and answers for you. The first starts off with the medium O. Lets get burning shall we.

Q: When doing oral sex, my jaw seems to lock or cause me great pain. What is up with that?

A: Tsk, tsk, tsk. I feel your pain. Ladies and gentlemen if the width of the penis is too big. Low and behold the pain is sure to follow. (For those who love pain, this must be heaven.) The whole thing is the jaw is allows just so much access and unfortunately not all of us can handle the magnum’s of the world.

Q: Lately my girl has not been able to keep her legs up and spread wide like I like when I am giving it to her (fu–ing). Help! The sight of it keeps me hard and to have her say she has a cramp, lowers the dick.

A; Help is here. Get some long silk ties or soft rope and position her on the bed that when you tie the legs up it’s a bit taunt. Or here is where a little pain works as well and tap hard enough where it stings sometimes loosen the muscle. Now if your a rough lover lift, angle legs where the thigh meets the groin and apply pressure.

Q: How can I tell my partner that when they have an orgasm and they yell from the feeling of it. That they have to lower the volume without hurting their feelings?

A: Listen my little burner. I would be amazed if she/he can even think at that moment. You can try to cover his/her mouth with yours or cover it with your hand. Pleasure can not be muffled out.

(If you have any questions that you would like answered please email me                                

Floating Sword pt10


It has been over a month since her training had begun.  Angelica’s skills have improved immensely. Her uncle was proud of how far she had gotten in such a short period of time. But that did not mean he was taking it easy an her at all.

On the contrary he was increasing the teaching. Increasing the power behind each blow. Making every strike precise. Leaving bruises and cuts on her body. All to remind her to keep her defenses up.

Angelica was mastering each element. Yet he needed her to be stronger and able to assess the situation to pin point accuracy. Knowing without knowing what is coming.

“Uncle Reyn!” Angelica called out as she fell to the ground with a look of anger in her eye’s.

That’s what he wanted to see. The intensity of her anger. He was going to push her to see  if she would save her own life or cower away.

Reyn gather the strength from the very air around them. Creating a circular saw. Circling around getting as close to her throat, to pose the threat.

Angelica quickly counter by causing a piece of the roof top to hit her uncle on top of his head. Giving her time to get away from the wind saw. As she rose splinters off the piece of wood she used to hit her uncle, came right her, slicing pieces of flesh as it flew past.

Thinking quickly on her feet angelica created a spell in her mind to incinerate the pieces of wood and at the same time trapped her uncle with the very earth he was standing on.

Reyn was shocked she created two spells simultaneously.

“Angelica, release me!” he yelled as he felt the earth tightening around him.

“No. If you continue trying to kill me, I can not, uncle.” She said breathing rapidly. Part from their sparing and part from the adrenaline pumping from the realization that her uncle was trying to kill her.

“Release me , I will not harm you.”

Angelica was searching in his eyes for any malice. But there was none. She made the earth retreat as quickly as it surrounded him.

Reyn stood there looking at her with pride in his eye’s. She was surpassingly quicker than he was at her age. There was an element that he could not teach her, because he never acquired it himself.

“Uncle why wouldn’t you stop? Were you really trying to kill me?”

“Yes I was trying to kill you. To keep your guard up. Not family or friend can be trusted in these times. If you want to avenge your parents you must have this ingrained in your mind.” He could see the hurt starting to creep into her eyes but he will not show any sympathy.

Reyn walked into the house and Angelica followed close behind and watched as he packed a bag.

“Are we going Uncle?”

“It is time. You are more than capable of defending your self and today proved that you would kill to save your life. We spent enough time training.”

“But I have not master the fifth element.”

“I can not teach you something I do not possess myself.”

Angelica gathered her things and prepared herself mentally that this could be the last time she and her uncle may spend together in his home. She knew one of them will not return.

As they began their trek, the tree elf began to rejoice at the sight of them leaving.

“Hey Reyn your leaving the boundary of the spindles. You will die and I will be there to sing your passing.”

Reyn smile at the tree elf and caused one of the vines to creep behind him until it reached his neck. Once there it twisted around tightening.

“You evil little gnat. It’s been way past time for your life to end. Angelica please blow a kiss to the tree elf.”

Angelica did not really want to kill the elf, but she had to harden herself for what is to come. So she blew a kiss that caused the wind to nudge him off the branch and snap his neck.

As they walked pass the lifeless elf, she wondered if she could kill her own kind with out feeling any remorse. Either way she will have to live with it.





Floating Sword pt9 (Adult)


(This chapter is not for the faint of heart. It is graphic in nature and I make no apologies for it. Please enjoy and I love feed back)

The King had noticed that the Queen has been more vicious than usual. It must be because her little toy had run off and she misses him. When he heard of the young man’s disappearance he felt over joyed in the matter.

The Queen had not been keeping up with her wifely duties and at first he did not mind. But when word started to spread the she had taken a lover. It began to gnaw at him. Yet being the king he would not show any sign of weakness. So he indulged himself with maidens to satisfy his desires. At the same time he planned what punishment he would bestow on the queen on the day she is without he toy.

“Uri call the queen to my chambers.” The guard bowed and went to fetch the queen.

The king went to gaze out the large window in his chamber, which over looks the queen’s chambers. She looked out her window to see him gazing at her. She looked beyond livid. He did not hide his pleasure in her annoyance.

The queen walked in glaring at the king.

“That will be all Uri.” He told the guard.

Once the guard left, the queen began her assault.

“What is so important that you have sent for me at this hour?”

“Watch your tongue. I sent for you because I can.” He said then walked over to the bed and reclined.

“It has come to my attention that your lover has fled the palace.” He watched her reaction to his knowledge of her infidelity. “You know I could have you beheaded for having a lover.”

The queen stood her ground. She refused to show any sign of fear.

“Instead I have decided to punish your indiscretions.” he smiled because her tough demeanor faltered.

“Take your cloths off.”

“What if I don’t?”

“You mean if you do not follow my order. Well your head will be displayed for all to see at the gates once it’s off your body. Now from this instant cloths off and no speaking.”

The queen had never been at the other end of the kings orders. Since the marriage they have consummated the marriage twice and both were left to be desired. She removed her clothing, standing there bare before him. The slight cool air harden her nipples and left a chill through her.

“Come to me.”

She walked over to the bed and stood before him.

“Bend over the edge of the bed and spread our legs nice and side for me and I remind you one word and your head will roll.”

She did as she was told. Feeling exposed and helpless her anger only grew.

“Now you see. You have forgotten I am king. You have taken liberties that not only embarrassed me, the crown, but your self. In doing so I will punish you to the limit of the offence. To be a queen one must act like such. But to be a whore, one does not wear a crown.”

Suddenly without warning a sting landed across her firm back side. Then another. It felt like a flexible stick he was using. After the tenth strike he stopped and processed to caress his handy work.

“After tonight you will no longer give your body to another or it will be your death.”

Before she could rise she felt the head of his shaft enter her tender cavern. She cried out a little. But the sick part of the whole punishment. The queen loved to be taken. to be possessed, dominated.

Each thrust was more forceful than the last. She felt his hands keeping her in place. then out of now where she felt his thumb invade her backside as he trust his last and released his hot seed in both entrances.

He stood back to look at his work and was satisfied.

“You will service me day and night for ten days. For those ten days you will not leave your chambers unless I call you. Until the tenth day you are no longer a queen but the whore you wanted to be and you will be treated as such. Now leave my chambers and return before dawn.”

The queen rose and retrieved her clothing. She was taken aback by the turn of events. Ten days of this. “I will kill you Nester.”  she whispered, as she walked slowly to her chambers.