Wicked Wednesday Q&A


Good afternoon fire starters. It is wicked Wednesday Q&A. Lets Get into it shall we.

Q:When you kiss and I mean really kiss, is there such a thing as too much tongue?

A: Not saying I am an expert (But not denying it either). When you feel as if you are either going to chock, feel claustrophobic(no space left in the mouth), or you can feel the rush of the other person’s saliva invade your mouth. That’s too much tongue.

Q: Is there such a thing as signaling your partner to take the kisses further down?

A: Oh yes if he is still up north tilt your head right or left. Signaling go east or west. Then take a big sign which enlarges the breast signaling go further south. And once they go south it should be a one way ticket to that junction.

Q: How can you hide being aroused by a book your reading on public transportation?

A: It all depends lovely’s. You can only cross your legs but so much without drawing attention to your self. And you can’t abruptly drop the book and blush. Dead give away. It is time to take out a tinted lip balm because lips do darken. Some sort of sucking candy and tell your self tonight it’s gonna go down. (Hopefully with a partner and if not machines work too.)

So that is all for now until next week. I’m off to a new sector with Bee.

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