Wicked Wednesday Let’s Ring The Alarm!

untitledHello my fire starters shall we set the place on fire today?

Q: I have been with my lady for over five years. Now I have to say it straight off that she does it for me in every way.(You get my gist) Here’s the thing I was watching something on tv and I heard her in the back room. I thought something was wrong but she was getting her self off . Normally I would not think anything by it, but she enjoyed it a little too much for my liking. The question is could she be faking it with me because she really got off by her self.

A: Let me answer like this. Could she be faking it? She’s been with you five years. Within those five years I am sure she fake it a couple of times just to make sure your feeling were not hurt. If you hit that spot each and every time and your not going for your own needs well gold star.  But women know the difference between it’s about us and it’s about you. Now for getting her self off and she really enjoyed it, well hot damn you go girl. Just as you know your body and what gets her there she knows hers.

Q: Fia I love doing it in different positions but lately my legs have been cramping up and it making me want to stop at the wrong time. What’s that about?

A: Ohhh my. Have you been exercising much? Usually if you don’t stretch before exercise you cramp up. Now how many position you do in a session can make your muscles move in position it was not ready to be in. Yoga is great to help with that. Also avoid eating to much banana’s or taking potassium pill the build up of potassium will give you muscle cramps.

Q: What do you think about clitoral piercings?

A: If you like that area to be aroused often to the point that you lose some of your sensitivity there I say go ahead. Maybe that is what your looking for to always be on the edge of cuming. Just remember if you cum a lot naturally carry extra panties or liners until you adjust to it.

(If you have any questions that I can answer for you please send it to fianaturie1@gmail.com)

The Floating Sword pt 14


The air felt thick. The queen felt as if there was a heaviness to it. The king had not visited her bed for over a week. She did not question who he was spending his nights with and she refuse to care. She cared for him once and that proved to be a disaster.

He only started to pay attention to her when the rumors were getting out of control over her taking a lover every now and then. It did make the people question his rule and that was what she wanted. He was weak for luxuries and he did not care about who he had to hurt or humiliate in the process.

She was going to prove to him and to all the subjects that she was more than a quiet mouse of a woman. She was a queen and her desire for the sword to rule was her goal. she did admit to herself that of late what they shared sexually had been exciting. Yet he choose to fall back to his whoring ways.

Tonight will be the night when all will either survive or crumble. She felt it to her core that the one destined for the sword will arrive this very night. That will be hours from now and she had to prepare her plan. Once the sword was retrieved and placed in her hands she will slice his head from his body. She knew the sword had to be sharper than any sword ever forged. She smiled at the thought of his head rolling on the ground with a body near.


Nester awoken with pain shooting through his head. It was strong enough that he lost the contents of the food he ate on the floor.

“I see you have awakened.”

“Oh goddess it hurts so much.”

“Yes allow me. I will take the pain away.”

The ENOR walked up to Nester’s bent body and radiated a glowing light and once the light engulfed him the pain subsided. The ENOR pulled the light back and took several steps back watching and waiting to see if Nester were going to respond negativity to his activation.

“I feel better thank you. Are the other’s ready to leave?”

“They have left days ago. You have been asleep for three days. Please take this robe and follow me.”

“I told you all I can not stay here.”

“We have heard what you have said. We will not force you to stay. You will return. The cloths are clean and comfortable to train in. Your going to learn our skill of magic that will help your companions. Do not worry. It will take them a few days before they reach the bridge. You will get there on time.”

“How can you….” His words were trailed off by images that were implanted in his mind. He knew without a doubt that he will reach there with a problem.

“Do you have a name? What am I supposed to address you as?”

“We have no given names but you may call me Ash. That is suitable.”

“Ash it is. So we will begin training. Hoe long will that take? Longer than what we have time for. You will learn three moves, that will save your life and the lives of your companions.”

The ENOR guided him into a cavern with many pools of steaming water.

“Choose one.”

Nester glance at the pool farthest from the front and choose it. The ENOR closed his eyes and the water began to bubble more and foam a little. Then he turned to leave.

“Where is the soap?”

“The cleansing solution has been added to the bath. Do not take long your instructor will be waiting for you.” The ENOR turned and began to walk away.

Nester went to the water and it swirled with color at first his thoughts ran to a dark place. What if they try killing him in this. Then he though if I was going to die by them they could have killed him many, many times.

He undressed and sat in the water. It soothed his muscle and his head felt like it was on a cloud. The ENOR’s healing ,magic is definitely one thing he must learn.


Angelica and Ryan had been traveling for two days. The ENOR’s had promised them that Nester would be unharmed and will meet with them at the bridge. Angelica was going to protest but Ryan knew that they were powerful beings and if they say Nester will be there when needed. He will be there.

Before leaving the womb the ENOR that had help them retrieve the book allowed them to memorize the spell that will help Angelica retrieve the sword. The catch is giving her enough time to say the incantation to release it from its floating tomb.

Ryan came up with a plan than will give her time. He looked at his niece and thought of  how brave she was going after her destiny. Her mother and father would have been very proud of her. He was.

“Uncle are you alright? You seem a bit into your thoughts tonight. Do you want to hear the incantation again?”

“I am fine. Yes let’s hear it again and if you are not too tired we will practice a bit. The Battle for the sword is almost upon us and we have to be ready.”

Angelica began to say the word and Ryan continued to plan for what he must do.

(So the next excert of the floating sword will be at it’s finally. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as I have been writing it.)


Floating Sword pt 13


As the trio continued, their trek deeper into the woods to find the Womb. The King set out to the guards at the bridge as the queen suggested.

It took them two days to reach the entrance of the womb. It was magically hidden from non magical beings. the information that was stored inside could destroy the whole world.

Ryan, angelica’s uncle walked up to the hidden door and tried  to push it open. It would not budge. Angelica tried next and still no movement. Nester reached out to pushed it open and he was scratched by a thorn that was not there a moment ago.

The earth trembled as the door began to open. There was no light inside and the three were not about to turn around without answer’s.

“Why is it every where something magical occurs it is always dark?” Angelica said softly not sure if something was hidden in the dark emptiness of the womb.

The three proceeded inside and the door closed behind them.

“Welcome Enor, we have waited for your return.”

Voices coming from every direction were speaking out of synch.

“Who is speaking? I can not see who you are, please reveal yourselves.”

Light began to emerge in the distance of the womb until it was bright enough for them to see four people dressed in clothing that was not from their world.

“You have not answered my question. Who are you? Nester asked again as he looked the four beings over.

Angelica and Ryan stood together on the ready for a battle. These being could not be trusted as far as they are concerned.

“We are the Enors from the past. We have been guarding the womb since time began and we were waiting for you to arrive.”

Nesters mouth became dry and heart began pounding against his chest.

“Why were you waiting for him?” Angelica asked.

“He is the new guardian of the Womb.”

Nester was afraid of that.

“I have no training or knowledge of magic to protect this place or anyone else for that matter.”

The four beings looked at each other than at Nester. “You will come with us. You two may go down that hall. The book you seek will be there. Just call to it and it will come to you.”

Ryan and angelica wanted to stop them from taking Nester but thought other wise. This is his chance to find out who he is and who his people are.

The walk down the hall behind the beings seemed to take forever.

“Asks your question.” The male on the right side of him said as he kept walking and looking forward. Not once making eye contact with him.

“What is an Enor? I do not understand any of this.”

“You will enter the room of Enor history. At the end of it, if you have any questions we will be here to assist you in finding out the suitable answer.”

Nester felt as if they were avoiding his questions and it was making him feel more ill at ease the deeper they went. He could not help but to worry about his companions. Hopefully they were alright.

They walked into a room that mirrored the night. With the stars lighting up the sky, Yet there was no moon.

“We are in the room of history. We will not teach you all of this as quickly as we would teach a younger child. You brain will only tolerate a small amount of information at a time. We will start at your beginning.”

“I do not know if I should feel insulted or nervous.”

“We do not mean to injure your person but we are honest in what we say. We ENOR are being that come from the sky as they say. A far, far distance from here. We go to planets to see if we are compatible with other forms of life. ”

The ENOR on the left began speaking. “We come to discover that we are compatible with many life forms. So we choose a life form from these planets and produce offspring according to their biology.”

That lost Nester. ” According to their biology?”

“Yes your species incubate their young for nine moon cycles. Other are shorter or longer depending on the species. You came exactly on the ninth moon cycle and was left in the care of the male who help create you. As we observed he was taken away and killed when you were young so you were brought here for a time. Once you were old enough we wiped your memories of us away. ”

“Why? What reason did you have to do such a thing?”

“To protect you from harm and to wait until you matured with the knowledge of what these being can offer you. Yet they were not willing to show you any thing at all and used you as they felt fit. So sent a desire to you.”

“A desire?”

“Yes. For you to want to learn magic and find a teacher. That way you will find your way back to us and we will unlock you natural abilities as well as return your memories.”

Nester began to feel as if heat was rising off his body. How dare they choose how he lived. He had nothing and became a thing for the queen to use at her command.

“You left me with those evil people, to learn their ways? I wish I was never created. They are selfish and cruel. The rare few are worth saving. I was lonely and had to fend for myself. Even now I had to defend my self to keep from being taken back to that sadistic queen.”

The four ENOR’s looked at each other and nodded. “We are sorry for this. Since you have made it here, we can unlock what is inside of you, for you to become who you truly are.”

“What is that? One of you? So I can create and abandon my child. No that is not going to happen.”

“You are right. It will not happen. You were created for a purpose. That purpose will come to you in time but you must accept that you are more than what these being are. Your power is muted due to your lack of training.”

“So you will teach me?”

“We have but a short period of time left. These archived manuals will continue your knowledge were we can not complete. Time is truly not with us. Shall we proceed to unlock your inner power.”

Nester did not fully trust these beings but he was tired of not knowing who he was and what he was capable of.

“Is there a catch to this? Will I die sooner or lose my sight?”

The four looked at each other. “Yes in the future there will be others that will seek you out for guidance. You will be the guardian of the WOMB.”

“Do you mean to tell me that I will live the rest of my life alone in here?”

“No. You will have a partner in life. She was chosen for you since birth.”

Nester could not believe what was happening at that moment.

“Enough stalling. We must proceed or you must leave without your inner self being set free.”

“Well I survived this long without it.”

“Barely. We watched and guided when appropriate. ”

Nester never ran away from anything before the queen.

“Lets get on with it.”

The four ENOR dropped their robes revealing glowing bodies. It shined brighter than anything he’s seen before. the four reached out with there left hands and a beam of light went straight through Nester. It caused pain he never felt before. He could hear things break inside his body and felt other things shift to accommodate something.

Then it happened a pain so sharp and intense he felt his chest cave into itself. He could not scream or breath. All he could do was fall.

‘What have I done?’ he thought.


Angelica and Ryan walked into a room filled with books. Ryan tried his best to figure out what to call out to summon the book they needed. Those ENOR’s were no help. It seemed that they wanted Nester more than they wanted to help them.

When he was a child and was told stories about the ENOR’s he thought of them as a caring being, that kept to themselves. Non magical people never heard about them. It was decreed that people with out magical ability could not be trust with the knowledge of the ENOR’s. But it seems of what he’s been told was a lie. They seemed not to care about their plight.

then they heard it a sound in the direction from where they came. Angelica and Ryan both looked at each other hoping it was not what they thought.


There was again clearer. It was Nester. As the turned to go to his aid the doors closed in front of them.

“We have to get to him.” Angelica tried prying the doors with magic it would not budge.

“He is alright. Please do not concern yourselves.”

An ENOR floated into the room from the opposite side.

“What are you doing to him?”

“He is being shown who he really is. At times it comes with pain but he will survive and return to you in tact.”

Ryan looked at him with lips closed tightly together to keep him from yelling.

“How can we summon the book?” He ask to distract himself.

“Just call out its name”

“We were never taught any names of the books.”

The ENOR shook its head.

“Fine. I will summon it to you.”

“Come forward Book Of the Sword.”

“What?” Angelica said

Then a large book floated toward the ENOR into it’s hand.

“That’s the name Book of the Sword?”

“Yes why have something complicated. Some times the most simple is the most effective.”

The ENOR handed the book to Ryan and left them to it.

(Today’s excerpt hopefully explained that the ENOR’s are not your regular beings. That Nester is the highbred of the human race and ENOR.  I tried to have it end by two parts. This one and the next but I may extend it to one more excerpt. We’ll see how the other part goes.

I love comments. Feel free to. Whether it’s good or bad.)


Wicked Wednesday (Stoking the Fires)


Hello fire starters and welcome to Wicked Wednesday. So let’s begin shall we.

Q: How do you tell tour partner that his “manhood” has gotten smaller since he’s gained weight?  And what do you do if you notice that every time you are giving your man fellatio now, his stomach is in the way?

A: That is a very “Hard” topic in deed. Depending on how open you and your man are with each other I would not go and say “Hey it shrunk since you packed on the pounds.”  I would say something towards the lines of remember when we tried this certain position and it felt incredible, I was so turned on, that I could not hold back. I want to try that again when we lose a little more weight. Put the we in there because they don’t want to feel like they are being attacked. They don’t realize that their stomach is decreasing their length, until they lose some inches around the waist.

(They say inches don’t matter but what do they say when your addicted to his inches and he’s losing it due to poundage?)

Q: Fia it’s not getting as wet as it used to. I am to young to be this dry. Answer please.

A: Boy someone is thirsty. Listen not everyone gets wet the same amount. Some say it feels as if they pee on themselves and some say I get wet to save my life. Hey we are all different and our arousal level is different. I will say this if you’re not fully into it and your mind is somewhere else you will never get wet.

There are medical reasons as well that can cause this and I suggest to see therapist to figure it out. Because let’s be honest if you’ve gotten wet in the past and there is nothing physically wrong with you. Maybe its mental and a therapist would help. (Sex Therapist!)

Q: Here is my issue. My wife is too vocal when she has an orgasm. At first I was like Yeah I doing my thing and now it’s like damn it too much. I don’t want to hurt her feelings but she has to take it down some. Any suggestions?

A: Honestly if she is that vocal it’s because she is feeling very relaxed and focused on what she is feeling at that the moment. If you ask her to tone it down, she will have to start concentrating and that might cause a slight chain reaction. She may not be so into it and dry. Her focus will definitely not be on you and the moment. All the same if you are truly tired of it speak to her. Don’t be surprise if she ask you to change something as well.

We come to the end for today any questions please feel free to ask me at

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Recap of The Floating Sword


So here is what is going on in the Floating Sword. Since the writer is going to do her best to wrap it all up in two more excerpts.

We all know that the queen has a personal stake in getting the sword. But didn’t surprise you how sexually submissive she was? It surprised me.

Nester and Angelica dynamic, what is the deal? Nester being an ENOR has him teaming up with Angelica and her uncle to get to the Womb. Why call a place the Womb? Very disturbing.

Ryan, Angelica’s uncle seems to have a plan formulating in his head on how things are supposed to play out. At least that is what it seems to me.

Do you feel something big is about to happen? Let hope it lives up to the hype.


Fia’s The Woman’s Fishing Club

Welcome back my fire starters and I could not control the sexy side smile you all created by enjoying Wicked Wednesday and The Floating Sword.

I wanted to let you in on a little secret that I feel my fire starters should know. I wrote a book and it’s on amazon called The Women’s Fishing Club.  Let’s just say she is not out there to hook fish. It is a Novelette, so you certainly could finish it in one sitting. Just don’t do it in a public place.(Wink) For you burners who likes a bit of Domination. It has humor, it has issue that answers the question what made them that way.Read and enjoy.


The link is https://www.amazon.com/dp/1499184255

Floating Sword pt. 12


Breaking the Queens’ defiant spirit is a challenge that the king is enjoying. The more he has her do and see that she reacts adversely. The move he feels in control.

He does not want to break her drive in getting the sword. It has been years looking for the right magician that is destined to pull down his sword.

The king rose from his throne and walked towards the massive oak doors to leave his advisors to their debate on what should be done to the people to get them to work harder and produce the food that is required to feed the palace.

The king hated them all. ‘Those heartless bastards.’ When he ascended the throne he was told to be tough on the peasants and treat those around you as a threat to the thrown and his life at all times.

That was decades ago when he was just a young man. The years had made leery of those around him and angered at those who claim to care for him. Like his beautiful, yet unfaithful wife.

The first time he had caught his beloved wife with another man, he was going to her chamber with one of his advisors. Of course he killed the advisor not to have it leaked out to every one and he locked her up for six months in the top tower to teach her to behave. All it did was make her more determine to find ways to be with other men.

The king decided that he would bed whom ever he chose as well since their married is by name only anyway.

Then he had a dream of a woman in black dress tell him what he must do to tame his wild wife. The things that were coming out of her mouth he could not believe it to be pleasurable at all. He woke with a start. But the dream continued for weeks until he felt he had learned as much as he could. He wanted to put it into practice.

The first ten days were incredible. The reaction the queen was having towards his more dominating personality was beyond what he thought was possible. After the ten days he did not bother to entertain any time with the Queen to see if she would go out and seek a new lover.

To his surprise his spy’s confirmed that she had not. Which confirms, what he was doing was effective on his queen.

He was on his way to see her in her chamber’s to see if she had formulated a new plan to retrieve the sword. He had been a bit uncomfortable to go, since the last time he went their was another man in her chamber.

The king walked into her chamber without a knock to give her notice and she was sitting by the window’s ledge looking out over the garden. She seemed to be deep I thought. It was a shame that he had to disturb her concentration but he needed to speak with her.

“Is there someone out there that needs his head removed from the rest of him?” He said trying to roust her out of her thoughts.

“No my king. You made it perfectly clear as what lays before me if that should ever happen again.” She said with a slight smile.

If he would have known she was submissive by nature it would have been helpful.

“So what brings you to my chamber?”

“Have you come up with a new idea on how to get the sword?”

“No I have not but I feel we need to put a guard there at night and day. It has been to quite with the peasants. I feel something will happen soon and I am not sure what but it feels like tension building in the air.”

“Are you sure your not being paranoid?”

“No my king.”

He nodded and kept looking at her beautiful face. He turned and proceeded to leave but before he left he turned back to her saying,” Tonight prepare for me. I will return late and I want you in position until my return.”

“My king what if I can not?”

“Well my queen you will be sitting in a position that will not only cause you more pain from what I will in flick on it but you will watch as I take all three of your chamber maidens in front of you. I suggest you stay in position.”

He saw the flare of anger cross her face and he could imagine how wet she was just thinking of what is to come tonight.



Wicked Wednesday Let’s Burn


Hello my fire starters. We are going to start out with an interesting burn.

Q: My partner and I are very sexually in tuned with each other but I just find it disheartening that he tells me he is not tuned on at all when I suck on his nipples. It just does nothing for him. Why?

A: Hey little stallion it seems like it is bothering you more than your partner. So some people who have inverted nipples tend to not get the same arousal sensation than those whose nipples are out. Or the fat around the nipple may have killed the sensitivity around it. You can see if your partner is aroused using ice or by nipple vibrator. But if your partner is not bothered by it maybe you should not be bothered by it either.

Q: My man has nipple piercing and I swear the minute he got them I felt like Pav lov’s dog.  Mouth watering and pulse racing. I can’t stop looking at them. Is that pervy or what?

A: No, no, no. Not Pervy at all. Everyone is attracted to certain body parts and the fact that he actually accentuated his nipples was to get you to pay more attention to them in the first place. He knew exactly what he was doing.

Q: Fia my boyfriend loves to finger me to watch me have an orgasm. If it’s not his finger it a vibrator. He said it really turns him on to see what I look like when I have an orgasm. Fia is he a borderline voyeur?

A: I wouldn’t say that. If he loves watching you orgasm is not necessarily classified as a voyeur. Has he told you he like watching his other partners orgasm? If no then its something he develop being with you. If he is turned on in general watching people orgasm then yeah he a voyeur.

(Formerly known as voyeurism in DSM-IV, this disorder refers to (for over a period of at least 6 months) having recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving the act of observing an unsuspecting person who is naked, in the process of disrobing, or engaging in sexual activity. Psych Central)

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Write what moves you!



legs-682_1392646aGood Morning, Afternoon or Night my fire starters. I have a topic I felt the need to address today.

What is the difference between Fantasy writer, Erotic writer, and Fantasy/Erotic writer?

Well here is my take on the matter.

Fantasy writing is a creation of worlds or species that is all in the writers imagination, being brought to life for you the reader.

Erotic writing is a written sexual scenario that the writer wants to illicit sexual excitement to his/her readers. That is totally possible in the real world.

Fantasy/Erotic writing is the hybrid. The best of two world for the writer. You can delve into dark places that the norm would deem unacceptable yet it turns them on never the less. Create creatures and world altering experiences, while still being safe here in the world.

Why was this brought up to be explained?

I have been asked over the years why don’t you stay with reality writing or fantasy.

Why do you bounce around?

I like reality but my mind bends towards the fantastical.

Yes, I can write about you and me and make it hot (Make it extremely hot). But then I would stifle my self and kill off a part of me that likes to create the unnatural.

My advice to you all is write what moves you. Not everyone will like everything you write, but there are those who could not go on with out another word from you. Write for them, write for you.

Until my next post of the floating sword. Keep the fire burning.

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