Wicked Wednesday

Hello fire starters. It’s Wicked Wednesday again and I see a few questions waiting for me. Shall we burn?

Q: I have been seeing two people at the same time. At first I felt like hey why not. No one’s feelings are getting hurt and the sex is amazing. One is like so sensual. Loves to nibble and kiss all over my body. The other is if the door isn’t opened fast enough my neighbors would have a sex show for free. So here’s the deal One has been pressuring for a commitment and the other like’s things the way it is. What should I do? Can’t get enough of either of them.

A: My, my if that’s not fire then what is. So here is were the mistake happened. You assumed no one’s feelings were getting involved. The one who wants the commitment did he know you were seeing someone else? And if he did why is he so adamant to press for a commitment when that option was never placed on the table? My advice is see if it’s a control thing. Once you decide to commit will he cut you loose? Games are definitely for kids. If it’s what you want go for it but if it’s not let it burn.

Q: Is flirting really a bad thing when your in a commitment?

A: Really your asking me this? Honey flirt till your heart stops beating. People tend to get in a rut in a relationship and the fire dwindles down. When someone shows an interest that’s telling you, you still stir something up for someone other than the one you choose. It feels good. Now if you take it further than flirting is up to you.(Fire does not always want to be contained)

Q: fia as a writer about erotica. Have you experience what you write?

A: As all writer’s know there is slight truths to every erotic fiction. As for my experiences, let’s just say it’s more than most. (Dropping the mic)

So any more questions please email me fianaturi1@gmail.com.

Until next we meet,keep burning.

Fia’s update on her short erotic stories


So my fire starters update time. I am working of another of the four-story titles for erotic stories. The title of this one is  Treatment Requested. Main character Maritza Ruiz and Coal Baton.

The question is can the Doctor (Coal)treat what’s ailing poor Mari or will Mari be the illness that he doesn’t want to cure?

Here it a juicy tid bit.


Mari came out of the rest room with her shirt slightly opened and her hair that was in a bun down. I was long and fell in waves. Yeah he made the right choice to move. He would lose his nice guy status staying seated right there with a massive erection pressing against his pants.

Sounds exquisite doesn’t it. Write to you soon. Keep Burning.