Have you lost you Mind?

Hello and how are you? Well obviously this is a have you lost your mind moment. This morning I have heard on the news of a Dating  Contract.

picture supplied on google search. I do not own it.

Has life really come down to this, that everything needs to be put down on paper and made legally binding? I mean you are even specifying where you can go on a date and how much you can contribute. I am shocked. What happen to surprise me on where we are going? Now it’s how much should I bring and how much tip are you putting in. I just don’t know.

What are your thoughts on this? I really would like to know.

Until next time. Fia xoxox

3 thoughts on “Have you lost you Mind?

  1. IMO, if I have to write a contract for how I should be treated, then it’s not a relationship to hold onto.

    I feel the same about prenuptial agreements;you marry someone, it should be for love & trust, but if you don’t feel either way about that person, why get married?

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