Slow Burn (pt 2)

Part two

The ride through space would excite any unexperienced traveler.  Butler would admit he use to get that adrenaline rush from seeing the planets go by. But it has been years since he felt that excitement. He was considering settling down on a newly terraformed planet and do general runs instead of doing this.

He needed to stretch his legs and it’s been a few hours since he heard nothing from his passenger. He put the ship on auto pilot and did a quick recognizant scan of the area before he was comfortable enough to leave deck.

He went to the hull were they were holding the cattle and found Shanna sitting in the corner asleep? He wondered why she was not in her room.

He walked over and tapped her shoulder to wake her up. It took her a few moments before she came too and realized that she had fallen asleep in the cargo hold.

“You can go to your quarters. No one will take the cargo.”

She stood up and she stopped exactly at his nose. She was not tall but she takes control of these animals as if she was five men.

“I will go then.”

“Can I ask how you came to be a wrangler? You do not seem the type to be doing such a tedious and back breaking job.”

Shanna looked at him as if she had to think of how to answer.

“What type should a wrangler be? I am good at this so I do it. I will go to the cabin now.”

She walked past him to the exit. He watched her walk away and he had to admit his imagination was getting the better of him. She wore clothing that a man would and yet it suited her.

He wondered if she wore it to hide what lies beneath it or if she just enjoys wearing male clothing. He looked out at the cattle and they were fine. He left the cargo to go to his own cabin. He needed to shower and change himself. It had been a few days since soap touched his skin. It bothered him that he complained about his guest’s appearance.

After cleaning up and putting on a splash of sweet space cologne he went to the command deck. Butler did another recognizant scan and everything looked the same as he left it. He sat at the counsel for an hour before hunger grabbed his stomach. He decided that he would eat with another human being instead of being alone/

“Shanna please come to the bridge.”

The door opened behind him and he heard her enter. “I have not eaten as yet and I really do not feel like eating alone. So would you kindly join me?” He did not hear a sound. Turning around Shanna stood there and silently.


“I will join you. Are we to eat here?”

She did not act like any female that he had ever encountered. It didn’t matter at the moment. He turned around and put the ship back on autopilot.

Butler stood and waited until Shanna exited the bridge. He led her to the small eating area and simulated some food for him to eat. “What would you like?”

She looked at his plate and said,” What you are having.”

He loved a woman with a hearty appetite. He placed the plates down and began to eat. She followed suit and ate in silence. He did not want that he need to hear another person’s voice.

“So were you born on Qunstan?”

“No. I was bought and traded. That is how I got on that planet.”

Butler stopped eating. He did not believe what he just heard.

“You were bought?”

“Yes I was bought by Michael Krum and traded to the Thompson family.”

“Krum is ruthless. Your parents sold you. Why?”

“My creators sold me because it would get them out of debt.”

“Your creators?”


“Wait. What are you?”

“I am Shanna. I am a cyborg tenth class. I am as close to human as science can get.”

Butler mouth dropped open. He would have never guessed that she was a cyborg.

“Were you supposed to tell me that?”

“I do not know.”

“Do the Thompson’s know your cyborg?”

Shanna looked down at her hands before answering.

“Not sure.”

Butler was fascinated by her. She really looked real and could fool anyone.

“Well do not fear I will not lay a hand on you.”



“Why would you not? Is it because I am cyborg? I have had relations before.”

“What? Really?”

Butler knew that there were people who enjoyed the company of artifical but he was never tempted.


“Did you enjoy it?”

She did not speak instead she put more food in her mouth and ate as if she needed more time to think of the right answer.

“I was told that I did not need to enjoy the act. That the other person’s enjoyment was much more important.”

That did not sit with him right. Why create something as close to a human if you stop their evolution?

“Well I think that is a shame. How much longer will you be in service to the Thompson’s?”

“I have one more year before I am free, unless they sell me before my time is up and then I will have to wait another five years.”

Listening to this was curbing his appetite. “Why are you going with this cattle?”

“I was told that they were sold and that I will be meeting a Jonah Shidt.”

Sh—this was not only a cattle transaction. She was being sold and she did not even know it.

“Listen when we land, do not get off the ship. You are being sold again. I know this Shidt he buys women and apparently cyborgs to be put in his brothels.”

Shanna looked at her plate and he seen a tear fall. Did cyborgs have feelings?

“Don’t worry as long as you are on my ship you belong to me and I will let them know this. Once we leave I will take you were ever you want to start a life for yourself?”

She looked up and it was like a thought struck her.

“Do you have an idea where you would like to go?”

“Yes. But it is dangerous and you will have to leave everyone you know behind.”

“Well that’s fine. Everything that belongs to me is on this ship and I am free at the wind on the third moon.”

Shanna smile at him and rose from her seat.

“Where are you going?”

“I will have to prepare for the trip.”

He did not want to scare her but he knew it was not going to be easy getting away from Shidt. He had his hands on almost every planet in the cosmos. Where ever they go it better be past his reach.

Slow Burn (Romance in space)

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Waking up is caused by a stimulation that the brain gives to the body without command. Unlike Shanna’s awakening the morning in which was called her birth.

She was the first in the new line of cyborgs that the usurper Floretta Dijon has deemed as necessary. I failed to inform you that this story started over three decades ago. There was a war and death. So many died fighting against none living instruments of destruction for her cause.

Yes, there was a cause, it was to save the dying species called humans. These beings were always in a state of perpetual anger and violence against each other. She found it odd that when the animals started to become scarce that they turned on each other and well you know the rest.

The powers that be where useless and had not one clue as what to do to calm the growing violence.

Floretta Dijon and her team of vigilante scientist had come up with the plan of cybernetic rule. She of course would govern them but at least humans will be trained to live with one another without wanting to kill each other.

Let’s get back to Shanna’s birthday. It is very significant to this story. Her awakening was not really a remarkable thing. She opened her eyes and blinked several times. Her chest rose and fell, simulating breathing and her most important feature that no one informed Floretta of was she had free will.

Now her creator Malcom Surgent was secretly working on the chip that he implanted into Shanna. He was not happy about the way society was being controlled, but he did not have the courage to confront Floretta. So, what he decided the best way to go against her was to make her precious cyborgs have a conscious.

The best way to go against someone who wanted total control is to take control away.

“Shannon please sit up.” Malcom asked

“Why do you do that?”


“Please and thank you. Instead of sitting up, stand, go over there?”

Malcom hated getting into conversation where he knew if he said the wrong thing it will be reported.

“Force of habit I guess.”

That seemed to satisfy the nosey little red head that stood beside him.

“The Shanna cyborg is the best one yet. She is so life like that no one would be able to tell it was a machine. What do you think Floretta wanted this one made for?”

Malcom knew what she was made for. The chip will activate at the right time to give her free will.

“Floretta will be down in an hour. Do you want to run it through the paces so we can see if we must fix anything?”

“She’s perfect. Nothing to fix. Let her sit her until Floretta comes. Why don’t you run some simulations on the Shawn Cyborg? I here that there have been a few glitches in the makeup.”

“The report came in that it overly used its strength and put a human in the hospital.”

“Run the test and tell me what you find. I will be right over to you.”

She nodded and went out of the room. Malcolm looked her over once more and prayed that what he did would not turn out to be a mistake.

The year is 2119. The planet earth had been reduced to nothing more than a waste planet. The inhabitants had either left to find a new life out there in the galaxy or stayed and tried to live the rest of there lives as mineral farmer’s

“Clarence what are you doing out there in the shed?”

“You mean my laboratory?”

“Sorry your laboratory.”

“I think I have just discovered a new life form.”


“Yes, I captured it and know I am observing it’s movements.”

The shed door swung open and a woman of considerable size stood there with a look of fear on her face.

“Let me see what you found, boy.”

He pointed to the jar and she recognized it immediately. It was a blood worm. She had not seen one in ages. She was wondering how that was able to survive the fall out.

“Where did you find this?”

“Out near the mineral mine. What is it?’

“It’s a blood worm. Harmless go one and observe it but do not kill it. All life is precious.”

Clarence nodded and continued.

“Mom are we ever going to leave earth, like the other’s?”

“Clarence I was born here, and I will die here. I have no desire to leave but when you get old enough and you feel the need to leave you can do so. Right now, just be a child for as long as you can.”

She knew her son wanted to explore but he did not know that she was an indentured servant and could not leave the planet. She will tell him when he gets older but for now, she wanted him to be a child.

The years flew and it was now 2129 and the galaxy was calling Clarence Butler to come and explore it. He had left home when he turned nineteen after his mom passed away. He had nothing to hold him to earth and he had enough working in the mines.

That was over ten years ago. He had made the name Butler known as a space cowboy. He lived by a code that no one understood and those who crossed it died from their ignorance.

He was contracted to collect a heard of wild duram. They were a cross between a ram and some space duo/du bull. It was the ugliest thing he had ever seen but money was money and he need it. The pickup should be easy as pie. The ride was a day at light speed and two at normal rate. He landed on the planet Qunstan. The governor was very lenient about trading if he get’s a cut of the profit.

Butler always fibbed a little about the amount and paid the governor next to nothing.

He made it to the Thompson’s space ranch. The heard was about 15 and smelly. Nelly Thompson the oldest of the Thompson children walked over to complete the transaction.

“Butler I would never think you would transport the wild duram on your ship. Have you lost it or are you despite?”

“A little of both. Is there anything I need to know?”

“No but I will be sending help to keep them calm as you take them to the Wilkens farm.”

“That was not part of the deal.”

“Deal’s change all the time. You either say yes or forget about this.”

“Damn is this because I ran out on you. I told you I was not the settling type.”

“No hard feelings. Really not hard at all Butler.”


“This is business. And besides I got hitched a few years back.”

That was something he did not expect. She was not a drop-dead beauty, but she was a good lay when he came into town.

“You are taking the job or not?”

“Yeah I’ll take it. Who is it?”

“Shanna come on and get these beasts on the man’s ship. I will see you soon you hear.”

“Nelly, I do not do round trips.”

“She has a ride home set.”

A tall mud pie of a woman came into view and started to steer the animals onto his ship. Just F—ing great. Stinky beast with four and two legs. He believed his mother was having a big laugh at his demise.

She was very skilled on getting those animals on board. She did not speak much, and she preferred to stay out of the way during the trip. He debated weather to use light speed or not and then he remembered the amount of cleaning he had to pay for because of sick cattle.

They left the planet without animal incident. It did not sit well with him that she would not come to the cock pit. It was not normal to spend your time with animals for long periods of time. He presses on the intercom button and announced, “Listen feel free to go to the room that I had shown you earlier and clean up. After that come to the cock pit.”

He sat there looking out at space and could not help smiling at the memory of the man he bought this ship from. The man was a no-good thief and Butler knew it. He was taken for his money a time or two, but he was not going to be swindled out of his earning by that guy.

Let’s just say when he left, he had the ship, new upholstery and fuel to get him started. The door opened and he figured it was Shanna coming in. He did not smell the animals, so she had listened to his orders and cleaned up.

“Well now the dirt is off you, let me introduce myself. I am butler and you are —. His words trailed off when he finally seen what laid underneath all the dirt. A pair of gorgeous hazel brown eyes that looked as if they were glass, pouty pink lips, and small pixy nose.

“Hello I am Shanna.” She said as he kept staring at her.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No, no I just did not expect to see a person so, so clean.”

“Did you not tell me to clean before coming to the cock pit.”

“I apologize. I am acting like an idiot. Welcome on my ship. We will arrive tomorrow at noon. If you are hungry the simulator is in your room. Do you have any questions?”

“No, I do not. May I leave now?”

“Of course. I will check on you to see if you and the animals are doing alright later.”

“Alright. I was told to tell you to keep it in your pants.”

“Nelly told you that?”

“No Mr. Thompson did. He said he will chop it off and shove it—.”

“I got the message. Do not worry. I am a complete gentle man.”

She tilled her head looking at him questioning his statement in her mind.

“What is with the look?”

“From what I heard there is no gentleness to you.”

There were times he hated the reputation he had created, but there were those times that it was necessary to his survival.

“Well then just keep your distance and we will not have to test how gentle manly I can be. You understand that, right?”

She understood and she left the cockpit. Butler looked into space and knew this time for certain that his mother was busting a gut over the situation.

Is the fire going to be burning with these two or will space be to much to endure? Let me know how you like this so far Keep your eyes open for the next exert.

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