Slow Burn pt. 3

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Entering the atmosphere on Dowa was a bit rocky. It caused Butler to think quickly on how to get off the planet when Shidt realizes that he does not have his full cargo.

He really does not understand why he was doing this. He wanted to settle down on a planet, not start an intergalactic war. He decided it is the right thing to do. Even though she is not a real person she has a conscious and is learning all the time. That constitute being a real person to him.

The landing bay looked wet. They must have just missed a storm. The winds were still blowing wickedly across the ship. He hoped that the animals were not getting motion sickness from the violent movement. He managed to land with a slight boom. He had to see if his shock absorbers were still intact.

Taking a deep breath and grabbing the shipment log he went to the cargo bay. He seen that Jenna had changed her clothing into something a young boy would wear and managed to hide her hair. The problem is that her eye’s give it away. Those damn long lashes.

Brett looked around the cargo hold. He remembered seeing visors that was left behind by the Corenth crew. They were known to have minimal vision due to retinal scaring. He pushed a tarp out of the way and there it was laying behind a crate full of items that he had to deliver to the Amis family.

“Here put these on and do not look up when you hear us talking. We may be able to pull this off.”

“I down loaded into my memory bank on the way a man would walk, stand and talk. I will adjust the tone shortly.”

“You can do that?”

“Yes. I am one of a kind. So my creator thought it was wise to build in special segments to my make up.”

“Let me hear the male voice.”

Jenna stood a moment and said, “What would you like me to say in a tone that made Butler jump back a little.”

“That is excellent. Change the tone a bit. You do not look like a person to have that much base in there voice.”

She made note of it and went back to working with the animals. They may get away with this after all.

Butler opened the cargo door to be greeted by Shidt and a couple of his goons. They looked like the typical goons. One tall and have a look of nothing going on upstairs and the other short and has a definite complex.

“Hey Shidt I brought your cargo safe and sound.”

He smiled showing his lack of dental care teeth.

“Where is the female?”

“Only the animals came on. I can show you the ships manifesto if you do not trust me.”

Shidt smile faltered. Butler could see the anger starting to build behind his eyes.

“You mean to tell me that all you carried was these beast and nothing else? Who’s that over there? I don’t recall you having a deck hand.”

“That is Charlie. I needed help transporting these things to you, so I hired him.”

Shidt looked him over to see if he was bull shitting him. He motioned for one of his guys to go over to the young man to if Butler was telling the truth.

They grabbed Shanna and pulled off her visor. She must have heard what was said because her eye had the cloudy look of the Corenthian people.

“This is a mutt boss.” The tall goon said.

“Well I will have to have a talk with Thompson. I do not take kindly to people who try to rob me. Well what am I saying you know this about me right Butler? I mean you would never try to cheat me out of my investments would you?”

“Do you see and open plot with my name on it? Of course not Shidt. Now can we unload these beasts? I have one more shipment to make before heading home.”

Shidt nodded and walked off the ship. Butler looked cool on the outside but his heart was bounding unbelievably fast. He walked over to Shanna and made sure she was alright and helped her get the animals off the ship.

It took them over an hour to get things squared away and managed to take off without another close call.

Butler did not leave the deck until he was sure that he was far enough that it was safe. He heard when the door opened behind him.

“Well you are free somewhat. You know you will be hunted for years.”

“Yes but I know where we must go to be safe.”

He did not plan to go with her but he is now going to be hunted just like her.” Where is this place?”

“It has no name but I will give you the trajectory.”

Butler listen to her directions and she was going to lead them to open space. Uncharted territory.

“There is no known habitable planets. “

“There is a planet that is habitable. I cannot tell you who gave me the information all I can say that it is nothing like what you are accustomed too. If you do not want to go. Turn the ship around and give me to Shidt. I can wait another five years.”

She had a way of making him sound like a coward without actually saying the words.

“No there is no going back. We have to stop in two light years. I need fuel and supplies.”

She nodded, stood and left the deck. Butler’s life had changed again he hoped it will be better than what he is leaving behind.

Hello my fire starters. Hope you are enjoying my space cowboy. Cyborg female romance story. Let me know if you do. Until next time let keep the fire burning.

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