Floating in the Black (The light)

(Then there came light)

As I float in the vastness of the black. I do see that there are miniature speckles of light. Though occurred to me that I may be in space.

“That is crazy. There is no air in space and clearly I am breathing.”

“Are you?”

“Am I what? Breathing. Yes I can feel my chest rising and falling.”

“That is just sensory memory.”

“So, I am not breathing?” I whispered.

“That is correct. You have traveled to a dimension that you apparently like immensely.”

“Excuse me? Liked is not what I would describe my experience of my life.”

“Interesting. Then why did you not return to the set time and place for departure? You were to return four years prior.”

“Four years? Where was I supposed to return to?”


“Would you stop with the interesting. That is not helping.”

While I felt myself about to loose my shit. I see a bright light come towards me. It was small and kept increasing in size.

“What is going on?”

There was no more voice answering me and before I knew what was happening, a strang thingy was flying before my eyes. Everything was out of focus. The light was starting to give me a headache and what ever was before my eyes would not stop moving.

“Oh, hooray your back. Thank you marcus.”

‘Who is talking and who is Marcus?’ I thought.

I was able to move and the room was able to move with me.

“Oh goodness get her a unit. The contents of her meal will evacute her system in 3,2,1—“

The contents did evacuate my system and I just wanted to die.

My vision was clearing and I see where some of the bright light was coming from. there was a wasp with a light shooting out of its chest and into my eye’s. I was about to swat it. when my hand was held by another hand?

“Oh, no,no,no. Please do not destroy the medical personel.”

“The what?”

“Oh I knew you were going to be worse than the last time. They are medical personnel that were assisting with taking care of you.”

I look towards the voice. It was a man or woman who stood next to me. “Who are you?

“I am more of a what, than a who.”

“Who are you. I am Emma. Your personal assistant.”

That sounds a lot like a who?

“Please forgive me. I am an artifiacial intelligent android.”

“Android. I know what that is.”

“Good, then all is not loss.” The android said as it walked towards me with a slight sway. It was more graceful than I was and It made me wonder more at what kind of predicament I was in.

“What year are we in?’

“The year is 2325. We are under One rule and the rule is called Sterk. We are a scientific society and the one thrives one information to better our society.”

“Alright.” the flying things that swirled around me went to the android and flashed a series of lights at it.

“Physically you are unharmed. Mentally you have damage a considerate amount of grey and white matter.”

“There saying I have brain damage?”

“That is correct. It is estimated that we can wait for a monu for you to recover or we can attached the cent and speed up the process.”


“It would be considered a month in the dimension you were in and before you ask cent is an insect like creature that attaches to the spine and inject venom that stimulate brain matter to heal.”

“That sounds sick and painful. I’ll wait a month.”

(You Would) I heard the voice and I turn to my left and I can see where it came from.

(Do not speak. I am in your mind and we can converse this way.)

(Who are you?”)

(I am the Black)

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Floating in the Black. (pt 1 No Body)

(The black moves and surrounds you. The black has a voice, that offers choices. Finally the black knows all. Annette Porter the manager of a medical office that was created to heal the masses that are willing to try experimental treatment.
This job was not what she thought it would when she answered the advertisement. Tired, disgruntled and trapped in a life and career she never truly wanted. She agreed to go to the holiday party.
At the holiday party she was s in need to use the facilities. She was shown 12 doors and only one was her destination. Or is it?)

(From birth we emerge from the black only to die and return to the black. In between is movement)

The house that was rented to celebrate the holiday Christmas party was more than what was required. There was three floors that held a right and left wing. The front door was something out of the imagination of a carpenter in medieval times. It stood over ten feet tall. Who were they expecting and what medical disorder did they have that made them grow so tall?

There were also the ivory pillars and the circular driveway that also led to the garden that the estate was on. Yes you heard me, estate. Our office party coordinator wanted to have the holiday party out where no one and I mean no one would have wanted. I see all the smiles and glances of the items that they were fearful to touch.

There were also the mumblings. “How could they afford this when we had to for fit our raises this year?”

Yeah this was a three day old meatball crap storm just waiting to drop.

“I want to welcome all of you to the Rory Manor. The Kimble’s have graciously allowed us to have a party on their estate, free of charge. I would like all of you to show them  appreciation by clapping for our host.”

Ah the Kimble’s. Now things were beginning to fall into place. The Kimble’s were one of the richest families in the whole United States. They own the company M-C Life. They created and fabricated vaccines in large quantities very quickly. They have been trying to get our small company to try their experimental drug, zint.

(Zint is supposed to reverse the sign of damage to the brain after trauma.)

 I decided that it was time for me to leave the festivities.

“Are you going so soon, Annette?”

“I do not agree with this. They are wining and dining us until they can catch us with our pants down. I’m going to use the bathroom and make my way out of here.” I said to Mitchel, our office finance officer, as I walked up to the second landing looking for the bathroom.

What I came up against is 12 doors. All were closed and none said bathroom on it.


“Can I help you?” a voice that was the typical one you would hear come out of a butler in a black and white old movie.

I turned to find exactly what I thought.

“I need to use the bathroom. Can you point it out please?”

He looked a little annoyed and yet I did not care.

“Go straight to the last door on the right. Do not open any of the others. Keep on the path and you will be at your destination.”

Really, destinations. I shook my head and went straight down the hall to the last door on the right. The bathroom was beautiful. Model lighting, marble counter top. The soft hue of coral with hints of gold everywhere. It was out of a dream.

I took a deep breath in and the air had a subtle hint of sweet vanilla and almond. I went to handle my business and once I was done the toilet flushed and the water faucet turned on. this is the moment I gave a look of awe at what rich people would pay for. I went to wash my hands and noticed in the mirror I looked tired.

It was not the two fine lines of crow’s feet or the one line that was starting to appear on my forehead. It was my eyes itself. They looked like my mom’s after working an all-nighter at the nursing home. A tear threaten to escape. This was not the life I wanted. I wanted to travel and see things.

Instead I baby sit people who seem to think that the office will fall apart if they were let go, so they do as they wish. I went and dried my hands and left the bathroom. I pulled the door closed and the door next to it creaked open. I did not care. I wanted out of the estate. So as I walked past the door and  pulled the knob to close it. Only to be abruptly  sucked into, into— the black.

There was no floor or walls. I should feel as if I was falling but what I felt was that I am there. Just there. Not up or down. What pulled me in has no hold. I can breath. But when I breath out, I do not hear a sound.

“You are in the black.” A voice said. It came from all over.

“You have been chosen to experience several lives, on several different planes of existence.”

I had to have fallen and hit my head. I will wake up in a hospital, with an IV in my arm and a nurse that looks as if I am wasting her time.

“You are not where you once were and you are not who you once were.”

‘Why me?’ I thought

“You will discover the answer to the why.”

‘Can I go home?’ 


“Depends on what?”

“You Annette Porter. Your choices will lead you.”

‘Lead me home?’

The voice was silent and I knew the answer.

‘Will I just stay here?’

“Time is minute and you will soon arrive to your life.”

“Excuse me? I am living correct?

“The shell is gone, yet your conscious lives on. Prepare for your beginning Annette Porter.”

Fear creeps in and I feel as if I was on the verge of a super nova of emptions. I do not have a body. I look at my hands and I feel them rise but I see nothing.

I have no body and all I see is the black.

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