Floating in the Black (The light)

(Then there came light)

As I float in the vastness of the black. I do see that there are miniature speckles of light. Though occurred to me that I may be in space.

“That is crazy. There is no air in space and clearly I am breathing.”

“Are you?”

“Am I what? Breathing. Yes I can feel my chest rising and falling.”

“That is just sensory memory.”

“So, I am not breathing?” I whispered.

“That is correct. You have traveled to a dimension that you apparently like immensely.”

“Excuse me? Liked is not what I would describe my experience of my life.”

“Interesting. Then why did you not return to the set time and place for departure? You were to return four years prior.”

“Four years? Where was I supposed to return to?”


“Would you stop with the interesting. That is not helping.”

While I felt myself about to loose my shit. I see a bright light come towards me. It was small and kept increasing in size.

“What is going on?”

There was no more voice answering me and before I knew what was happening, a strang thingy was flying before my eyes. Everything was out of focus. The light was starting to give me a headache and what ever was before my eyes would not stop moving.

“Oh, hooray your back. Thank you marcus.”

‘Who is talking and who is Marcus?’ I thought.

I was able to move and the room was able to move with me.

“Oh goodness get her a unit. The contents of her meal will evacute her system in 3,2,1—“

The contents did evacuate my system and I just wanted to die.

My vision was clearing and I see where some of the bright light was coming from. there was a wasp with a light shooting out of its chest and into my eye’s. I was about to swat it. when my hand was held by another hand?

“Oh, no,no,no. Please do not destroy the medical personel.”

“The what?”

“Oh I knew you were going to be worse than the last time. They are medical personnel that were assisting with taking care of you.”

I look towards the voice. It was a man or woman who stood next to me. “Who are you?

“I am more of a what, than a who.”

“Who are you. I am Emma. Your personal assistant.”

That sounds a lot like a who?

“Please forgive me. I am an artifiacial intelligent android.”

“Android. I know what that is.”

“Good, then all is not loss.” The android said as it walked towards me with a slight sway. It was more graceful than I was and It made me wonder more at what kind of predicament I was in.

“What year are we in?’

“The year is 2325. We are under One rule and the rule is called Sterk. We are a scientific society and the one thrives one information to better our society.”

“Alright.” the flying things that swirled around me went to the android and flashed a series of lights at it.

“Physically you are unharmed. Mentally you have damage a considerate amount of grey and white matter.”

“There saying I have brain damage?”

“That is correct. It is estimated that we can wait for a monu for you to recover or we can attached the cent and speed up the process.”


“It would be considered a month in the dimension you were in and before you ask cent is an insect like creature that attaches to the spine and inject venom that stimulate brain matter to heal.”

“That sounds sick and painful. I’ll wait a month.”

(You Would) I heard the voice and I turn to my left and I can see where it came from.

(Do not speak. I am in your mind and we can converse this way.)

(Who are you?”)

(I am the Black)

{How are you liking my trip through a dimension? Let me know. Until next time}

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