Reaching out to


I hope you noticed that I am changing my site again. I do apologize for this but the last site was not doing it for me. Now that I am back in control I want to know if you like the idea of me posting my stories this way. Or would you prefer that I submit individual blogs continuing the story? I really want you to enjoy the Fia experience. Please let me know.


Fia is Coming Back

I have walked among you and not one head has turned.
I have studied the subtle movement’s that a woman gives to a man and vice versa.
The unsaid erotic communication that only a few would acknowledge that was there and yet deny if questioned about it.
I deny nothing and I will write anything I choose. My goal is to entertain your mind and I will not fail in doing so. My name is Fia Naturie. Look for me, as I am everywhere. Welcome to my world.