Goodbye My Lover pt 11 (Eliza’s Plan)


The club hummed with the sounds of life. Music played melodic tunes but was drowned out by the continuous chatter and laughter.

Eliza walked through the crowd parting it with her sheer presence. Her determined strides were punctuated by her heeled boots striking the stone stairs as she descended.

Passing several doors she reached her destination.

“Peter I need to speak to you now.  Chain your pet.”

Eliza was found with a young male who seemed entranced by Peter. His state of undress and the two delicate puncture wounds on his golden skin indicated that Peter was just beginning his seduction.

“Eliza can this not wait?” He said not taking his eyes off the young man.

“No, now.” She said and stormed out of the room.

She went straight to the bar in the back of her room and poured a glass of blood that was a hundred-proof alcohol.

“Oh no, you are drinking from a glass. What is the problem?” Peter asked as he walked to the only chair in her room.

“It is not a problem if we are on the same page.”

“Stop being vague.”

“We will be moving into the lighties territory. The plan to build the all-inclusive Community Center in the center of the city was approved.”

“Really.” He said with a smile and look in his eye showing he had his Aideas playing in his mind.

“Whatever you are thinking put it on hold. We have to have Noel on board.”

“That should be simple. He still has a thing for you. Just convince him like you used to.”

“That is the problem. He’s not the same.”

“What are you talking about Eliza.? Have you tried to come on to him?”

She took another swallow of her drink.

“I never had to try. He just used to fall into step like a puppy on my leash.”

Peter looked at her with a sly smile.

“Are you unsure of your feminine prowess?”

An arch of dark red liquid was tossed in the air and landed in Peter’s face and on his cream-white shirt.

“You are afraid.”

“I am not. I will make him heel.”

“Then what am I in here for? I was in the middle of a delicious situation.”

“I need you to go out and find out what Noel has been up to. I need intel. You tend to get in easily with the newly turned and the young people who are trying to find their way in –”

“In their sexuality?”

“Yes,” She said as she poured more blood into her glass.

“When is Noel coming to see you?”


Peter rose from his seat with the red liquid drying on him.

“Good luck. It’s like riding a bike, Eliza. He’ll follow.”


I decided that I would not leave the club without an answer from Eliza. It was one in the morning and I closed the store for an hour. It was fine since it was slow at the one o’clock hour.

I walked into the club in the back way. Avoiding the crowd tonight.

I walked to the lower level and went straight to Eliza’s room. Nothing had changed she had it dimly lit and a soft scent was in the air. I shook my head when I realized it was gardenias. That was the scent she would have permeated the air when she decided it was time for us to be together.

I shook my head at her delusions.

“Noel, thanks for  coming tonight.”

“Did I hear you right? You just thanked me.”

“Your right. Have a seat.” She demands.

That was the Eliza I knew.

“Are you going to tell me why you and Peter are back?”

“Why are you so in a rush? Why don’t you relax a bit.”

I sat down and watched her every movement. Tonight she was wearing a skin-tight black leather dress that emphasized all the curves of her body.

Eliza went to her bar and poured two glasses of blood, She brought one of them to me and I took a sip realizing that was all I could afford to drink unless I wanted to pass out.

“Tell me.”

“Fine. We came back to open a center where all lighties and our kind can mingle without fear.”

“That is what we have here?’

“Well, this one will be in the center of the Lighties territory.”

I do not breathe like normal lighties. But what breath I do take stopped.


“You heard me. We will be in the center of the city.”

“Are you trying to kill all the newly turned? You know the law states they are not allowed in their territory or be put to death.”

“Well that is why the club will remain but we need to branch out and I need your help.”

“My help?”

“Of course. Do you not have a coffee shop for the lighties? How do you control yourself, tell me what is your secret.”

“No secret and I am not helping you.”

She walked over to me and she stared right at me. Her eyes started to turned a pitch black that you could drown in but she forgot I’m pure blood and it does not have the same effect on me as the lighties.

“Eliza do not do this.”

She grazed her fingers across the spot where she knew I liked to be bitten but I have changed and do not desire her like I once did. I caught her hand and made her stop.

“No, Eliza. Whatever we had is long gone.”

“Noel are you really telling me no.”

“That is what I am saying, I am also telling you no on the idea.”

She burst out laughing.

“You telling me no the community center? You have no say. You have no power.”

I stood and gave her back her glass.


“I have no power? Your memory has deteriorated some has it?”

“You follow where I lead Noel.”

I looked at her with my eyes showing a glimpse of my power. “I was born in power. You were created and I said no.”

I walked out of the room with my blood boiling at her attempt of trying to manipulate me.

The crash of the glass against the door was undoubtedly Eliza having a tantrum. She will not let this go. I’m ready for her.

Goodbye My lover pt 9 (landing the client)


 I woke up from a caffeine-induced sleep to realize my phone alarm was sounding off. I set it for two hours before I have to leave.

I have a ritual I do when I have to face intense situations like landing this job.

I rose out of my own warmth and trudged to the bathroom. 

Looking in the mirror it did not surprise me that my hair and face battled with my pillow, and it won.

My eyes were puffy, my cheeks lined with pillowcase imprints and my hair was in a state of fight or flight.

“Well, Darlene let’s get it back together. “

It took 20 minutes to resemble myself.  I went to my phone and looked at the checklist I created for today. 

The first two are done. Now to complete the rest.


It was time to go and I was ready. I was focused and zen at the same time. My clothes were in my go-getter navy blue suit white shirt and blue heeled shoes that I pulled out for important situations. 

My makeup screamed look at my lips. I intentionally wore a red so deep you could not look away.

Grabbing everything I needed I headed out with determination.

I went straight to the coffee shop to get the coffee that I was promised, and I saw the cashier from yesterday there.

There was only one person online, so I was next, and I was ready to apologize. I walked up to the counter, and she looked up and asked, “What would you like today.?”

“Hi. I want to apologize for the way I acted towards you yesterday.”

She looked at me as if she did not know what I was talking about.

“Yesterday I was very rude to you, and you called me Darkling,” I said.

Then I saw the light bulb go off in recognition.

“Wow, you clean up really nice. Thanks for the apology.”


“There is a coffee I am supposed to make you for today I was told. So if you wait for  a few minutes I will have it ready.”

“Thank you.”

She smiled and went to work on making the special brew for me. I looked at the digital clock on the wall and I had only a few more minutes to spare before I turned and left.

“Here you go. Just like I was instructed.”

“Thank you so much.”

“He said to give this to you. There is not a price for this yet.” She said then gave me a wink.

The thought that he gave that instruction to me made me smile. I needed to go so I left and headed out to the office.


The office was buzzing with staff in several states of anxiety. This client if landed will move this company higher in the ranks of…

“Wow, you look ready for war,” Penny said as she looked me over.

Colt just whistled.

“So, we are sticking to the plan.  Penny, you sweeten the idea, Colt you pick up steam with how we can help move it forward and I will make the kill shot.”  I said.

We all nodded and went to our desks and waited for the clients to arrive.

The clients were late, and they came with an extra person. The person they brought with them is.

Phillip J. Boosun this man is known to make things happen. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. It all depends on his mood. I was ready for him.


They were ushered into the conference room by our manager. I turned and looked at them and saw the same determination I had in landing this contract.

We rose and walked in formation. Penny was in front, Colt’s at her right and I took the left. When we entered, we could tell they were ready to leave. Penny could read the room better than I could and started to sweeten the mood by sympathizing with their need to go and to wait any longer than they had to is uncalled for.

The CEO nodded his agreement.

“Let me start by saying that we value your time. Now let’s talk about what you came here for. How we are going to move  Xercetancial into the future.” Penny said laying it on thick like honey. After five minutes Colt took over and emphasized the benefits of using the company.

They listen intently and they all seem to go for it except Phillip J. Bosom.

Colt was winding down and I waited for Philip to shoot down the idea.

“This sounds great, but I do not possibly see the profit for such a venture,” Philip said then looked at me.

I sat there and stared directly into his eyes without blinking.

“You would not see the profit because it is not for your eyes to see. You are an advisor correct? Do you do the books as well?” I paused for effect.

“You will make money. Even better and to the point when you think of a volcano erupting and spewing lava. Replace it with thousands, millions of dollars coming to you.”

“Those are sweet words, but you have nothing to back it up.” He said looking smudged.

I stood slowly and deliberately.  I lowered my to a level parent would reprimand a child and put a little heat behind my words.

“If I was not confident in what I propose, you would not be here today.”

He looked at me swallowed and eventually lowered his gaze. Knowing he would not win this.

“Amazing, are you leading the project?” the owner asked.

I aimed my gaze at him but pulled back on the heat.

“It is a joint endeavor. “

He nodded his head in understanding. 

“Let’s get the ball rolling on this. I believe this will work .”

Our manager finally got out of stunned silence and walked to his office to iron out the logistics. 

Once the door shut. Penny and Colt looked at me like I had 3 heads.


“What was that? And who are you?”

I looked at them and whispered. “I did my research and knew he would cower down when confronted by a dominant personality.”

“Well, you’ve never shown this side of you. Maybe we need to rethink the name “prude”.”

I smiled and shook my head.

Let’s go out this Friday to celebrate.” Colt suggested. 

I nodded my agreement and then we left to conference room to be greeted by a message from the boss.

“When they leave, I want all three of you in here. Prepare for a long night.”

The three of us looked at each other and smiled.




When I went out to do the night shift I received an odd look from Sammy.

“What is going on in that mind of yours?”

“You are not going to say anything?”


“About this morning and how Miss Darkling looked.”

“Stop calling her Darkling. I saw her on the screen.”


“She looked good.”

She stood there glaring at me not hearing what she wanted. I did like the way she looked a bit too much and I have to lock that away.

“I’m leaving for the night and if you want to act like what she wore didn’t stir something in you. You are only kidding yourself.”

“Sammy she is just a customer.”

“Yeah.” She said looking at me as she grabbed her satchel. “See you in the morning before you go into hiding.”

I smirked at her because she knew why I do what I do. It would freak lighties out if they found out that natural-born nighters can withstand the sun.

“Good night,” I said to her and went to clean things up with my thoughts straying to her and what she looked like this morning. I was pleasantly surprised by her; I saw her when she apologized to Sammy with sincerity.

I also saw when she walked off and the view from the back was as good as the front.

“Excuse me can I order the deep roast.” a voice said from a man in jeans, a hooded sweatshirt, and a nose ring.

Noel snap out of it now.” I chastised myself and returned to work.

(They got the job. What will that mean to the trio. Noel he is another mater all together. We will see how this unfolds. All comments welcomed Fia xoxo)


Goodbye My Lover prt 3(The Club)



The night would normally be soothing if it was not for the masked party. The masked party was created for both the light and the dark to indulge in each other’s company without feeling like lines have been crossed. The problem is that either a light or a dark will die at the party, and it will be consensual. No one will be responsible because all who attend sign on a dotted line that no one is to prosecute if their untimely death occurs.

Eliza is back, and immediately, there is a mask party. Why is she back? When she left, I did not understand why. Then, things slowly revealed about Eliza.

Before her abrupt departure, there was a death that was not covered by the document. The state senators’ children were into The Club scene and delighted in dabbling into the dark. Donating a drink here and there to feed a high.

Eliza saw both of them at the club and she decided that that night would be a perfect time to extinguish a lightie. She toyed with them for a while and then just drank him dry as his sister watched in a euphoric high.

The senator called for her head, but she left before anything could happen.

Peter was the opposite of Eliza. He never played or orchestrated a masked party. Peter believed in the old ways of seducing  lighties and draining them dry. Since those days were gone, he conceded and went with the mask parties.

He enjoyed it for a while but felt as if he was wasting away. Once Eliza left so did he. That left me alone. Unlike some nighters I was not turned. I am a pure bred. That is why at dusk I do not have the unsightly allergic reaction of skin burns.

Being a pure bred I was not allowed to associate with the turned. But I had no friends, and I was tired of being alone. When I met those two, I just held on and looked past what they did. Then they left me alone again.

Now I’m standing here looking at my reflection because pure breeds have one and scrutinized my suit.

A whistle came from behind me, and it was Sammy.

“You look good. You have a date if not I’m free.”

“No on both counts. You are not free, and you know it and I do not date.”

She nodded her head, but she was sporting a smile.


“You are going to have a date before the night ends. Have fun.”

There are times when she is a bit to eerie even for me. I looked at the time and grabbed my coat. Let the party begin…


Colt and Penny were vibrating with excitement. Colt mouth dropped open when he seen my dress.

“Girl, I did not know you were hiding a body like that. I would have hooked you up with Carlos.”

I know he had to be joking. Carlos hooked me up with everyone. He even hooked me up with Jan Olstin in the merchandise department. She is seventy years old with five grandchildren.

If you can go for it at that age all power to you but even, she should have better standards than Carlos.

We rolled up to the club at nine and the music was amazing. You can here it outside the doors.

“Maybe I should go home.” Penny said.

“No, you don’t. We deserve this. When will we have this chance again?”

We looked at Colt and agreed. Then we put the masks on.

I was gobbed smacked at what I was witnessing. The ambiance was out of the movies with light fog on the floors and people handing out drinks instead of going to a designated bartender.

“I can die now happy.” Colt said.

“Do not do that tonight, ok.”

They both looked at me and laughed. I managed to drink two drinks and went to the dance floor. The music was hypnotic. I just wanted to move, and I did not need a partner to enjoy it. I turned to see that penny and Colt were talking to people already. I’m happy for them.

“Stay right there.” A whispered voice said from behind me. Every nerve ending and every thought was running.

I felt warmth across my cheek before he spoke again.

“Your mask looks as if it’s about to fall off. I will help you tie your mask back on.”

I reached for the mask, and it did slip out of place a bit.

My muscles ached from holding so still. “Why are you helping me? “I whispered to him.

“Let’s just say I hope you will dance with me after.”

Once I felt the mask was secured, I glanced over my shoulder to be greeted by the man I was staring at all night in the club.

He was already close, but he moved in closer to my lips as if he were going to kiss me.

“Would you like to dance with me?” The words he used were so ordinary, yet my body reacted differently. The room faded out, and all I could see was him.

“Yes” I whispered back on his lips.

We stood there fastened in place until we both heard a clearing of the throat.

A young man wanted to pass to get to the bathroom. I turned back around and to the other stranger in the mask.

“Sorry about that.”

I felt when his hand found mine and laid claim to it to pull me back to the huge dance floor.

The music changed to a smoother tone with rich melody. He stepped in closer and took the hand he held and pulled me close placed my hand on his waist. With the other he placed on his shoulder.

We started to move in time to the beat.

I leaned in enjoying his scent, ignoring that my heart was about to burst.

“Did you get an invitation to come to the club or are you with someone?”

“I received an invitation.”

“Can I give you advice for tonight.”

I looked into his eyes and nodded.

“When     they come to you and ask if you like the edge. Tell them no.”

What is the edge?

“All right.”

“I would like to –” His statement was cut off when he looked up. there was a man coming in their direction asking a question.

“This is where I leave. Keep your mask on. Never reveal your face.” He stepped away and I wanted him to stay close to me.

“Will I see you later?” I asked hoping for a yes.

“It would not be a good idea. Enjoy the club.” He turned and walked away.

“Excuse me would you like to edge?” A voice asked from behind me.

“No, thank you.” I replied.

“Pity. Have a good evening.” He said then walked to other people asking the same question. I noticed a lot said yes and went downstairs. I did not feel so good. I looked for Penny and Colt but they were no near me.

I pulled out my phone and called a cab to pick me up. These two will be fine. I’ll text them when I’m on my way home. I left but before I did go, I looked for the mystery man.

He was nowhere around either.

Hi it’s Fia’s thoughts.

   How do you like the cover of our group?

(Hello, my fire starters. I hope all of you are having a wonderful day. Below you will read a thought that came to me when someone asked me to write something that is non-fiction, more grounded in reality.)

When I came up with the name fire starters, I wanted everyone to feel that they are the spark from the match that is struck. We writers, readers, critics, and creatives are sparks that bring the fire to life.

They say we are a group of escapist if we do not consume the information given to us by the news, keep in the know at all times or build our knowledge to succeed. For some reason people fail to realize that not everyone can handle realism twenty-four hours of the day seven days a week. I do agree we should build our knowledge but there is a time be free, to let our minds drift and create.

Whom ever came up with the phrase “Adulting is hard” is correct, but we all must do it. You know what’s harder? To play as a child would, for the sheer enjoyment of it. To release the pressure of being in the know.

This is just my thoughts on things. My creative outlet is writing and even though it is on the riskier side at times, if you can see the joy in my eyes in what I’ve created. You would understand that a little escapism is not so bad.

Until next thoughts, this fia saying strike your match and let it burn.

Goodbye My Lover prt.2 (The Invite)

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I woke up with a headache. My mind couldn’t shut down. Once I left Colt and Penny and came up to my place, I felt done. You know that feeling when you had your fill for the day and just wanted to be alone? I enjoyed the day, and I loved being with my friends, but it takes a toll on me to be on all the time.

I have to remind myself that this is the person they like, not this person I made up so I can get the job.  I kicked my shoes off, tossed my purse on the nearest chair, went straight to my bed, and flopped down. My mind went back to the feeling I was having earlier. Like there was a presence that wanted me to know they were there. That’s crazy; it’s just the stress of the day. Then that guy Noel.

What was up with him? Why did it sound like he was humoring me? He really needed to change that name tag and just say no to people who came on to him. I have to admit it is a clever way to get his point across.

I guess thinking of what went wrong really bothered me. Rising from my bed I went to the kitchen and grabbed the powder the doctor prescribed me for my headaches. I hated swallowing pills. It always felt like it was trapped in my throat. The doctor said that I do not drink enough water to help it go down. I think my mind will not allow me to swallow it without me feeling it.

Grabbing my mug, I filled it with water and poured the powder in. I drank it down in three gulps. I went to my phone, and I see four messages waiting for me.

Opening them up they were all from Colt and Penny.

“Darlene, did you see your email? If you didn’t you need to.” Colt

“Oh, are you going? I don’t know if I have the guts.” Penny

“I am definitely going. I always wondered what went on at that place.” Colt

“Are you going?” Penny

I went straight to my email and There it was an invite to go to the Club. It was an award for doing such a good job. The stipulation is that you had to wear a mask.

“The Club” I said

I dialed Colt immediately.

“Yes, I am going. What are you wearing so I know what I am wearing.” He said too much excitment before the medicine took full effect.

“Colt, I don’t know about this. I heard too many stories and it’s really not my thing.”

“Make it your thing Darlene. You think we don’t see how you don’t socialize. The boss sent you the invite. You have to show your face at least once.”

My headache was turning into a dull pain, but he was right I needed to push myself to get out of this apartment.”

“Fine I’ll go. I’m wearing classic black dress, with spaghetti straps.”

“I didn’t know you had that kind of outfit in your closet. Ok black it is. I will see you tonight.”

“Wait I don’t have a mask.”

“I will bring you one when I pick you and penny up at seven.”

“Wait, why do you have masks and I thought Penny was not going.”

“Girl do you not know me? What do we do for a living. We convince people to get things they really do not want or need and I am the best at it. She’s going. See you at seven.”

Colt hung up without answering the first question. I stared off into the distance thinking that something was going to happen tonight. I just feel it.



I took a deep breath in out of habit and stretched as I awakened from a deep sleep. Last night when I left my place to go get something to eat at the club, I noticed that Eliza was there. Eliza had left the city for a few ago. she said she need new scenery and that the lighties were starting to annoy her with all their new technology. I guess she is ready to give the city a second chance.

“Eliza your back?”

She turned and I stepped back. Eliza was missing an eye.

“What happened to you?”

“Noel.” she said my name, smiled and hugged me. Her scent was different too.

“I lost it in a fight with some very angry farmers. How are you? You look wonderful.”

“I’m good. Just came to get something to eat and then I will get back to my place.”

“You have a place? Is it connected to the club?”

There she is. She believed that all of us should stay close together. I never believed in that. we do not change who we are just because we are turned.

“No, my place is separate from the club. It’s nice to see you again.”

“Yes, it is. I would love for you to come to the mask party tomorrow night.”

“Eliza, I haven’t gone to a mask party in ages, I just run my place and live a quiet life.”

She looked at me with that one eye and it was like that one eye saw more than two.

“I expect to see you there. Peter will be in attendance as well. It will be like old times, Noel.”

Peter is going to be there. That is what she said and now I have to go, damn.

I went to my closet and grabbed my swimming trunks. I wanted to go for a swim in my pool before work. I live on the outskirts of the city. I bought a one family style home with a pool in the back. The pool is covered by frosted green glass so no one who so happens to pass by can see in. I live modestly not to upset the lighties. They do not like it when we flaunt our wealth. To be honest I am not comfortable with letting anyone know either.

Eliza said like old times. The old times she remembered was when I was just turned and followed them like a puppy. This is definitely not going to be like old times.

{Are you ready for the club? I have to admit I am. My question is, how far back does she mean when she said old times? Like and star it for me if you like where this is headed. Until next time fire starters. Fia xoxo}

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Goodbye My Lover.Part 1 (Is That Really Your Name?)

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I cannot remember exactly the moment when I felt it. It was a small thing barely noticeable, but it was there. The feeling that this is not all there is. I was sitting in a hotel lounge having lunch with Penny and Colt. We decided that we needed to celebrate our win in crushing Judia and his team.

“Did you see their faces when the CEO announced that they were awarding us the opportunity to pitch to the new client of Xercetancial ?” Penny said raising the overdone fry to her mouth.

“Of course, we did. We were sitting right next to you. What was really gratifying was his coloring.” Colt said.

“His coloring?”

“Yes, he went from pink to crimson to ashen white in the matter of minutes. I thought he was about to faint right then and there.”

The three of us laughed because it was true. I was enjoying my time with them, but I was not fully present. My mind kept flying ahead of me and I need to embrace the now. I decided to go to the counter to get a refill on my drink. The woman at the counter was no longer there. Instead, a man wearing a white shirt, black pants and a name tag that said, “No.”

“Does your name tag say, No?” I giggled as I asked.

“Do you believe everything that you see?” The man asked without looking at me once.

Was he serious? “It clearly states on the name tag No. So, I believe what I am seeing at this moment.” I know I sound annoyed, but I did not like being patronized.

He looked up and I realized who I was talking to. I looked out the window and it was dark. Penny and Colt kept talking as if the sun was still up. I looked back at him, and he looked normal. Except he had a nicely trimmed and thin lined beard. It looked elegant if you can call facial hair that.

“You believe my name is No, instead of asking me if that is truly my name.” He said as he leaned in a bit, I smell something very succulent.

“Well, what is your name?”

“Noel.” He said and took my cup from my hand. His fingers grazed mine and it felt like a feather. As his back was turned, I looked at him. Why was he working here? His kind never come this far into the city from what I heard. He turned back and placed the cup on the counter.

“Well Noel you need a new name tag or else everyone will call you No.”

He smiled and I got a quick glimpse of his teeth. My breath caught at the sight.

“I will make sure I will get a new name tag. Have a nice night.” He said to me. I finally got the courage to look into his eyes and he turned away. I took my cup and another customer behind me sighed so loudly that I was sure they could hear her outside.

I quickly walked back to the table and they both looked at me stunned.


“You just talked to Noel.”

“Yeah. He was a bit snotty if you ask me.”

“Snotty? What century are you in, Darlene?” Colt asked with his eyebrows pinched together.” Never mind that. Noel owns this place, and he does not talk to anyone, but he talked to you.”

“He’s the owner?” I slouched down in my seat. “I just insulted the owner.”

“YOU DID WHAT” they both said in unison.

“Yeah, I told him that he needs to get a new name tag that did not say No on it.”

They both looked at each other as if they were communicating in their minds.

“Please speak.”

“He is not going to change the name tag because young women and men tend to try to pick him up and he points to the name tag.” Penny said as if it was common knowledge.

“Why don’t we just go. It’s late and I need to wake up early tomorrow.” They agreed to leave but I felt that strange feeling again. I looked at the counter and woman wearing two ponytails was there.

“Where did he go?” I whispered.



I didn’t want to speak to her. I was waiting for Sammy to start, and she wanted a refill. Once she started with the name tag, I planned to shut her down but the air. The damn scent that lingered on the air had me look up.

She looked like the normal lighties. Her hair was dyed a horrific shade of blonde. She should get her money back and she wore a lip stick shade that was meant for her grandmother. Not a woman her age. I quickly glanced at her, and she wore a business suit that was not flattering. Everything about her seemed off. Like a person trying to fill the shoes of someone that has long passed from this world.

As the conversation progressed, I could tell she was hiding something by pretending. I leaned in to see if she would react to me and she did. Her pupils dilated a bit and her pulse sped but she continued to play it cool. When she finally left, I heard one of them say her name, Darlene.

I shook my head. She has obviously not been with our kind and by the way she acted she wouldn’t.

“Sorry for being late. Melba would not fall asleep, and my mom came late to sit her for me.” Sammy said.

Sammy is a terrible liar. She was in bed with someone and could not make it here on time because of it. I nodded my head and went to the back. She was a good worker, and she needed the money so I will let it slide this time.

My mind went to the woman at the counter. Why is she on my mind? I need to eat. That had to be the explanation. I grabbed my coat and left. The club is over a mile away and I can get what I need and be back before the late-night rush.

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Goodbye My Lover….(For the vampiric lovers out there)

Midnight is his time. The day is mine, yet I sacrifice myself to his desires upon his rising. No one knows our secret, and no one ever will.  Just because they say the dark, it does not mean evil. It is just the other side of the coin that was tossed. We believe that light means good, and often it does, but the light can blind you to its true nature.

I look at my old clock on the pristine white wall, which is flashing 11:43. I smile as I get out of my perfumed bath. I filled it with lavender and rose petals, his favorite scents. After I oil my skin, causing it to shine in the candlelight. I make sure that I use it in every place possible, especially where the seam of my hip meats the succulent muscle above my sex.

He told me once if he should turn to ash one day, he will never forget the taste of that spot. It is sweet and sultry at the same time. Winemakers try their best to create it and capture it in a bottle. It is impossible. This taste was created for creatures such as him. Like milk is spontaneously created to be suckled after birthing a child.

I smile as I look at myself in the mirror bare as I entered the world. Nothing has changed as far as they can see. I slip on the dress that was left for me at the door. He bought this dress for me, but it was mostly for him. Then I place the mask on to cover my face.

You see, I am from the light that craves the dark’s touch, and he is from the dark that craves the light’s taste. But we are never to know each other’s identities or be allowed to see each other again.

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Talia’s Truth (chapter 7 to 12)


Talia packed a couple of her outfits, that she was sure that Julius would like, and she had bought along a negligee. That she has never worn in her dresser with her. She will wear it this weekend.

Talia felt a bit nervous. She was willing to sign the contract, but could she go through with it.

“No, Talia you never back down from a challenge and you can probably change him a bit to come your way.” She said to her self as she finished getting her toiletries together.

Julius was at her place by seven. This time he pulled up in a car instead of calling for a cab.

“New car?” She asked as she stepped inside.

“I rented this for the weekend. I want to take you places and I don’t want to wait for a cab every time I want to go or come back.” He said smiling

He reached over and swiped his thumb over her glossed lips. Talia waited for him to lean over and kiss her. Instead he licked his thumb to taste the gloss. He chuckled to himself.

“What’s so funny?”

“One, there is no flavor to your lip gloss and as sweet as it looks it’s a shame, and two you looked like you want to be kissed. That I will hold off on . Why don’t we both suffer a bit.”

Julius smiled as he drove us back to his home. He was being such a gentleman, not that he ever acted other wise. Once inside, Talia was greeted by Julius succulent lips on hers. He had a way of kissing her that she would feel as if the floor had slipped away.

Once they parted, Julius held her hand and guided her to the living room.

“What would you like to drink?” He asked as he walked over to his mini bar.

“You pick.” Talia said as she looked around and noticed the papers on one of the end tables.

Julius handed her the drink and took some of his own. He chose a deceiving drink for her to have. It was sweet at first but moments later you felt a nice warmth inside.

“I see the papers and I just want to sign them and get that out-of-the-way.”

“No, not yet.” He said “This is a binding contract between us. I will be responsible for your needs as you are responsible for mine.”

“I understand.”

“If I want you to do something, I do not want to be question as to why. That I can see will be an obstacle for you.”

Talia took another drink and nodded but she was going to give this an honest try.

“I can do that.”

“I have consequences,  they were created for you if you do not follow what is required.”

Talia thought about it and something struck her and she needed to say it now or she will always think that the threat would be there.

“Julius I do not consent to rape.”

“That is good, because I do not want to rape you. That is not me.”

“There may be times I will not want to be with you sexually.” She told him.

“Do you think sex is all I require to make me happy?”

Talia looked at him to see if he was lying to her.


“Good if you are still willing to sign. Here are the papers.”

The papers were professionally drawn up and she signed on the last of the three pages.

“Can I get a copy of that?”

“Yes. I’ll have it for you by tomorrow morning. Now come with me upstairs. I have a gift for you.”

Talia swallowed the last of her remaining drink and followed Julius up to his bedroom.

The room was tremendous. It housed a large bed with four posts. At one side of the room He had a full length mirror and the other had a door leading to a bathroom connected to another bed room.

“Two bedrooms?”

“Yes, we will argue but I will not sleep on my couch if I don’t sleep next to you.”

“Oh. So you figure we will argue then.”

“Enough questions. From the moment you signed the papers you are mine. In that fashion I want you to wear this.”

He handed her a box. A rather large box. Inside it held several pieces of jewelry. One was a pin that held a sleeping leopard on it. There was two hair combs that had the same leopard and finally a bracelet.

Julius took out the bracelet. It was a white fourteen carat gold bracelet with emerald-green eyes. “Once I place this on your wrist you are mine. My pet.”


“In my world you will be considered as my pet. They will see this and know you belong to me and no one must make any advances on you. You also spoke when I said not too. That’s why I chose a cat. Very independent but loyal.” Julius tenderly kissed her.

“Now Talia take off all your cloths. I Only want to see the bracelet on you.”

Talia was feeling a bit uncomfortable. Never undressing in front of someone as they watched. Once she took off the lace bra and panty set she fought hard not to cover her self.

“Your uncomfortable about your body? You can speak”

“I have to lose a few pounds that’s all.”

“Go to the mirror.” He said as he stood watching her.

“Here is what I see. Two full breasts that fit comfortably in my hand and two devilish nipples that just appeared, taunting me to pay them attention.” Julius stood beside her caressing her breast.

“I see a soft stomach with no crease, no lines. Supple begging for my touch.” As his hand slid down touching her skin causing Talia to sway.

“I see nicely rounded hips. I can firmly grip, as I take you over and over.” He stood behind her and held her firmly. Slightly edging her forward with his thumbs, so her bottom touched the zipper of his pants.

“I see a voluminous gift that was given to you. Firm and full, forever ready for me.”

Talia mouth was getting dry from breathing so hard.

“And what else, I see? A triangular pyramid, that is ready and willing to house a god. Only when the door is open.”

As Julius right hand slid to the front of her waiting sex, he motioned for her to spread them for him. Talia did as he asked and her eyes began to flutter close for the feel of his fingers circling her swollen clit.

“Talia open your eyes and watch me take care of my treasure.” He whispered in her ear.

He made his way into her moist channel and deeply pushed in. Julius fingers were slowly being coated by her juices. He increased the pace. He watched as her skin took on a sheen and trembled.

“I feel you surrounding my fingers, trying to keep me in.”

Talia watched as he continued pleasing and tormenting her. “Do You want to cum?”

Talia nodded. “Cum my beautiful Talia. Cum and let me see my work slide down your trembling thighs.”

Talia came hard and as she felt her feminine wine glide down. Julius kissed her neck and stepped back.

“Now when you see your self in a mirror naked. Remember what I see. Understand?”

She nodded as her orgasmic waves started to subside.

“Now stand there and look at my treasure for five minutes. Then get dressed and come to dinner. I have something special for you. Remember five minutes.”

Julius stepped out of the room and Talia looked at her self and knew her life will never be the same again.


Talia put her clothes back on with a smile. She had never had someone pay attention to her body the way Julius was doing. But she felt a little guilty because she was getting a lot of attention and yet he did not demand anything for himself.

She went to the dining room reminding herself not to speak. She never thought that would be the hardest thing to do when you’re not mad at someone. But she found it was extremely difficult when she seen the table set and at the center of the table was white lily’s.

Julius appeared behind her and gave her a brief kiss on her cheek. She didn’t know what cologne he was wearing but it was driving her crazy. It must have pheromones mixed in it or something.

He held out her chair for her to sit and she did. She almost said thank you but immediately she remembered and smiled instead.

“Nicely done, pet. You may speak while we have dinner.”

“The table looks amazing.”

He smiled and walked over to his side of the table and sat looking at her. “I’m glad you like it. The dinner should be ready in a couple of more minutes. How do you feel so far?”

“I feel fine. Better than fine.” Her eyes quickly left his and glanced down at her plate.

“What is it? Don’t make me ask twice.”

“I feel a bit guilty. You are giving me all these thing and I am not giving anything in return.” She whispered, “even sexually.”

“Ah I see. You are giving me more than you know and I am taking it slow with you since you have not been in this type of relationship before. But believe me once you know what is required of you. I will demand it. As for me taking care of you. That is my job the minute you signed the papers. now the food is ready.”

He rose and went to the kitchen to retrieve their dinner. As the night went on the spoke of things that was going on with their careers and what they aspire to do in the future. Julius leaned back and watched Talia as she took another sip of wine before she continued about her life.

“Talia I will require something from you tonight.”

Oh it sounded serious. Had he changed his mind and wanted to jump into the scene part of the relationship?’ she thought.

“Yes what is it?”

“Your key.”

“You want my key to my place?”

“Is that hard for you, to give to me?”

She thought about it. That would give him access to her life completely was she ready for that step?

“Lift your plate, Talia.” He told her.

She did as she was told was surprised to see a key laying there.

“I don’t play games with what is mine. If you plan on shutting me out so you have a place you can go to do what ever you want. That is unacceptable.”

“Are you saying that I would cheat on you because I could lock you out of my place.”

There was something that crossed his eye’s she had never seen before.

“I do not share. If I want you to be with another that would be discussed at length. Other wise your body is sacred to me. Only I have access.”

Talia could not think of the words to reply to what he just said.

“You would want me with another in the future?” She said as her heart started beating rapidly.

“Probably not but I will not leave that off the table. Now will you give me your key.”

He watched as she nibbled at the side of her lip. Her brows furrowed a her breathing became heavy. ‘What was she thinking?’

“Yes you will have my key. I’ll make a copy to give you next week.”

“That’s suitable. Now come to me.”

Talia walked over to his side of the table and waited.

“Are you pleased with everything that I have done for you?”


“Show me.”

There it was his second command. But what did he want?

“What you like?”

“Sir” He said

“What would you like, sir?”

“Up to your discretion tonight pet.”

Talia looked at him and went to her knees. She opened his zipper and his scent intensified. Like he splashed that with cologne before the rest of his body.

He looked magnificent. The length and the imposing girth of him made her mouth water. She had never seen this part of him until now. She held him at his base and there was still a substantial amount of him left out.

She lick the head in a circle, then swiped the opening where a glistening tear drop of sweet water waited for her. Julius moan when she did this. She dared to take more of him up until she reached her hand and sucked it as if she was savoring a Tootsie roll pop.

Slowly up and down with her hand moving in unison. The she with drew her hand testing her gag reflex. As she thought she could only take him but so far. Julius was enjoying every minute of it. He grabbed her hair and pushed her to continue but a bit faster.

“Oh shit, mmmm.”

He started to move with her tempo and the sucking pop was playing havoc with Julius control. She felt a familiar pulse on her tongue. He was about to cum and she could not swallow. She just couldn’t.

“Talia don’t move and swallow all of me.”

She tried to do as she ask but the thought was going to make her sick. There he finally pulsed and let loose his pearly smooth jissom in her mouth. She held it as long as she could, then she took a napkin and spit it out.

“You disobeyed me.”

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t.”

“Do not speak. For your punishment. You will go to bed now. Take off everything except your bar and wait for me.”

Talia went upstairs nervous about her first punishment. Will she be able to take it. She just couldn’t swallow and he didn’t give her a chance to explain why.

Julius did not come up for over two hours. Talia had nodded off on the bed dress in what he asked.

She felt a hand go down her leg waking her up.

“Lay on your stomach.” He said

She did as she was told.

“I asked you to swallow and you disobeyed me. For that I have to punish you. For the first offense I will use my hand.”

When the first spank hit her skin it did not hurt. Neither did the second. By the tenth hit it was stinging but it felt weird. She should not respond the way she was by it.

“Okay my pet. Your bottom is a beautiful shade of red. Explain why you did not take me.”

“I had a bad experience with that. It just grosses me out every time I think of it.”

“Am I not your Dom.”


“Do you not want to please me as I please you?”


“How would you feel if I don’t take that lovely pussy in my mouth and savor what you give me because of a past experience.”

Ouch I hurt him. I can hear it in his voice.

“Your assignment is to find a way to not only swallow me to my base without gagging, but to swallow what my body gifts to you. Do you understand?”

She nodded yes even though a tear slid from her eye’s. Julius seen the tear but he could not comfort her.  He turned to leave the room.

“Are you not sleeping with me?”

“No. I will sleep in the other room. Your body reveals how it wants me by glistening between your legs and I will not reward after a punishment. Goodnight Talia.”

He left as she buried her face in her pillow muffling her crying.


Talia woke to a thud sound. She cried herself to sleep from the punishment that Julius handed last night. She went to the adjoined bath room and locked both doors.

The bathroom had over head lights that dim or brighten by the switch on the wall. She put it on bright and turned to look at her bottom in the large mirror over the double sink.

It was not a bright red and a slight hue of pink. She touched it with her hands and it was not radiating any heat. She didn’t understand how she was getting turned on by him spanking her. But she definatly was.

“This is twisted.” she thought to her self. She turned on the shower and stepped into the warm spray. Feeling the warm water beat against here skin, it felt like heaven. She had a bath puff that she used with this shower gel that had an invigorating scent.

As she lathered up her body and the spray of water changed, instead of a steady stream it was became a pulsing spray. Alternating with warm and hot water. Her body was getting stimulated by the alternating pulses. Her nipples hardened and she washed them vigorously until they became tender to the feel of the softly pelted water sprays.

She added more soap to the sponge and sent it the throbbing junction between her wet thighs.  She turned so the water hit her cream, colored, rose bottom and leaned over spreading her legs about three feet across. She took the soapy sponge and began to rub against her unrestrained, swelling, crux. The friction from the sponge and the heat of the water hitting a warmed channel felt exquisite.

Her legs began to quiver as a beautiful burst of orgasmic wave went through her. She finished washing her self off and then dried. She walked out the bathroom with Julius standing there looking at her heated skin as if he knew what she was up too.

“We will be going out in an hour.” He said as he smiled then walked over to give her a soft kiss. “I see my pet likes to play all alone.” he kissed her on the forehead and walked out the room.

Talia’s breathing came out rushed as if she was holding it, like a child being caught in the candy jar. ‘But she did get caught, didn’t she?’ she thought.


The day went by quickly. Julius took her upstate to a vine yard where they tasted all types of wines. He bought a few bottles for them later.

They also went sight seeing for a bit and Julius arranged for them to have a picnic in a beautiful isolated area.

They talked and laughed enjoying each other’s company. Talia knew she was falling for Julius but she was not ready to admit that to him or anyone just yet.

“Talia I bought you an outfit that I want you to wear tonight. We are going to the club to meet up with my friends.” He said smiling.

Talia nodded, noticing that he switch the playful banter they were having to a command.

“Beautifully done Talia and I did not have to correct you.” He leaned over and gave her a kiss.

The day went by so quickly. Julius drove home and they both went to get ready to go meet his friends at the club.

Talia finally seen the dress he wanted her to wear. the top was closely fitted in a heart shaped bodice and the bottom swayed freely. When she put it on she noticed eight zippers going down from the waist to quarter thigh. But it was hidden by the fabric. He also bough her strappy heeled shoes to go with the outfit.

The bracelet went wonderfully with the outfit. Julius walked in from the bathroom and stood there looking her over like a pit bull looking at dinner.

“Turn for me.” He spoke. She did as she was told and he walked closer to her. When she stopped in front of him, he kneeled down and reached under her skirt. She felt him pull her thong down for her to step out off.

He stood up and said as he threw the thong on the bed.” All I gave you to wear is the dress and the heels. That’s all I want.”

He wore matching shirt and black slacks. Any woman would definitely want him, and he smelled so good.

“Are you ready to go?” He asked. She nodded yes.

They arrived at the club and the music was vibrant and loud. It made you want to dance. When they went in Talia seen the couples she met before. They gave each other hugs and the dom’s, slapped Julius on the back as congratulations for his sub.

Talia stood there listening and not saying a word. Julius whispered, ‘you can speak’ in her ear. Talia thought that this was too much control and it was just speaking but she did say she would try.

They all found a place to sit and talk and drink. The music had her feet tapping and the other’s must have felt it as well. They all stood up and danced. Well more like rubbed on each other with clothes on.

Talia and the ladies excused themselves and went to the ladies room to freshen up.

“The music is on point tonight, right Johanna.” Alicia asked as she made her way to the empty stall.

“Yes, Grant is loving it.”

“Are you loving it, Joanna?” Talia asked.

“Yes why do ask?” She waited for the answer.

“It’s just that you immediately said Grant is loving it.”

“Listen when Grant loves it. I love it because tonight I will love what happens even more. Now do you get it.”

“Oh.” She felt foolish.

“We are allowed to enjoy ourselves, Talia.”

“So Talia Julius told me you have an assignment.” Side Luisa as she fix her lip stick.

“He told you?” Of course, I am his friend and another dom. So, he figures I would be able to help.

Talia felt so embarrassed. “Don’t turn pink. what’s the assignment?” Luisa asked again.

“I have to be able to take him fully orally and swallow.”

The three ladies laughed as if that was none issue.

“It’s really not funny and its not easy either.”

“Yes, it is. First how long can you hold your breath?” asked Alicia


“How long can you hold your breath?”

“I’m not sure?”

“Well, you will have to start by learning how long you can hold your breath. Because when he goes down your throat the fear of suffocating sometimes kicks in. That causes panic and you gag. Then you should invest a spray that numbs the throat. That will help not to kick in the gag reflex also, once he goes past the uvula. If there is a certain sweetener you like. Just before he cums put a tip on your tongue. When he comes it’s sweet. Because all of it is not going to shoot down the throat, honey.” Alicia said as she applied pink lip gloss on her perfectly heart shaped mouth.

“That’s the truth” Joanna second


“Well I like to take a three shots of fire ball and it numbs my throat right up.” Johanna said.

Then all three women looked at Luisa and waited for her suggestion as the only Dom there.

“Listen to them. I have no gag reflex and I always could swallow. Never had a problem. Ok ladies let’s get out before they punish you for making them wait.”

Alicia bounced excitedly, ” I’m counting on that.”

As they walked out. Luisa held on to Talia and said, “If it’s mental you have to find a way to make it ok for your self. We can tell you mechanics of things. You have to allow your self to enjoy it, darlin.”

After her third shot of patron and her tenth dance with Julius. They headed to a secluded booth.

“Your enjoying your self, pet. I love to see the happiness dance in your eye’s.” He said as he kissed her. She loved the way the liquor tasted on his tongue.

Talia smiled and just rest her head back on the booth. As her eyes were closed, she felt her side zipper go down and Julius hand in her skirt. She opened her eye’s and looked at him taking a sip of his drink.

“Don’t look worried. Trust me.” He said as he spread her legs apart. He spread her lips apart and played with her awaiting nub and tried her best not to look aroused.

“Here suck on this ice.” He whispered as  two fingers penetrated her wet cavern. Pushing and withdrawing to the beat of the music.

” Come here and sit on my lap.” He said husky. She thought it was a bad idea. she will leave him wet, but she did as he asked. The liqueur must be making her a bit daring.

She felt her back zipper open. As she sat down on his erect shaft he let out of his slacks. She let out a slight moan.

“Now rock one me as I play with you.”

This is so risky and hot at the same time. She was not going to last.

“Oh my naughty pet, squeezing already. Fine.” He lifted a glass for her to drink and as the strong liquid eased down her throat. Julius came and rubbed her clit between two slick fingers and caused her cascading orgasmic flow.”

She dropped a bit of the liquor on her breast and Julius cleaned it with a napkin.

“Now slowly rise and go to the ladies room to clean up. You looked so beautiful cuming for me.”

She rose and he zipped the skirt up. As she slowly made it to the bathroom to clean herself . She was amazed at what she was doing. Was she turning into those loose women they tell you to keep your man away from?

“No that’s not right, because he is mine. But why am I so conflicted.” For something to feel so good, why do they say it’s so bad? She’ll never tell Maggie about tonight. She’ll say she’s a slut for sure.

“I don’t know what I’m doing?” She said out loud.

Luisa appeared in the bathroom, looking like she was waiting for her.

“Yes? Why are you looking at me like that?” Talia asked.

“I’m looking at you with concern. Were you raised in a strick religious back ground?”


“Because I can see the struggle. Why did you become his sub?”

“Because I want to be with him?

“No, it’s more than that. What are you seeking Talia?”

She didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Talia here is my address. Come see me this week and we’ll talk. What a dom and a sub do is beautiful when both are on the same page.”

Luisa left Talia there alone in the bathroom, to gather herself. Once she left Julius was waiting for her with a smile.

“Let’s go home.”


Talia went home and thought about the weekend she shared with Julius. She couldn’t help the smile on her face thinking about them spending time together. A brief twinge of regret passed her thought’s.

She was never one to have sex out in the open and even though nobody really paid any attention to them it felt wrong. She decided to push it to the back of her mind. She had to get herself together for work.

After she had made herself dinner and took a shower before bed her phone rang. On the screen it dis played Julius.


“Hello my pet. I just wanted to tuck you in for the night.”

‘Thank you, sir.” she said with a smile.

There was a long impregnated pause between them as if neither one of them wanted to speak first.

“So remember, Wear one of the piece I gave you at work.”

“I remember sir. But I’m pretty sure that no one is  in that life style at my job.”

‘You would be surprised by who is in the life and who isn’t. Just in case the do not disturb, your taken will be worn at all times.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Go to bed pet. I will see you this Thursday.”

I guess he had plans without saying any thing to me.

” Is there a particular way I am supposed to dress? Sir”

“No, Talia. Don’t over think it. I just want to see you. Good night.”

He hung up immediately after he said that. Talia kind of gotten used to that little quirk of his.

There is something about Julius. He is so sure and confident about everything. He knows what he wants and what he’s about. She decided she’ll push that to the back of her mind to take care of another day. Tonight, she was tired and happy about the way her life was going.


It was Wednesday and the office was a bit slow, so Talia could not help but to think about what went on that weekend. The part of them having sex in front of everyone would not stop haunting her conscious. She decided that she would go over Louisa’s house to see what she had to say about every thing.

Talia informed everyone that she was leaving early and will return in the morning. The cab was waiting for her out side the office. The drive took over thirty minutes. she tried to read her email’s or listen to talk radio but nothing was able to distract her.

They pulled up to a mini mansion in long Island. She didn’t suspect that they had that kind of money. They never acted better than every one else. She rang the door bell and a woman wearing a nice tailored suit answered the door.

” Can I help you?”

“I’m here to see Louisa…..” Shit she didn’t know her last name. Then she remembered it was on her card she gave her at the club.

“What is your name?”


“I see. Only first name’s. Come inside and I will see if she will see you.”

She already didn’t like the woman. Before she left the room, she gave her a quick once over and she had a strange look on her face. She walked as if she was in the military and forgotten she’s in civilian life now.

Talia walked further into Louisa’s home and immediately liked the soft pastel color scheme she had in her home. She had a tall vase in the hallway filled with what looked like bamboo sticks and she had a couple of abstract art on the walls.

“Miss, she will see you now.”

Talia followed the woman down the hall passed the living room and passed a long stair case that lead up. She was being led behind the stair case to an office that seemed to be as big as her apartment.

Louisa was sitting behind a desk, talking on the phone. She looked at her and smiled while showing her to the seat in front of her large desk. She hung up the phone and told the woman whom she called Piet to go leave them so they could talk.

Piet informed her about a conference call she will have in forty-five minutes and it could not be pushed back. Louisa nodded and waited for her to leave.

‘So you finally made it. I expected to see you on Monday, but you held out longer than I thought. Now, Talia tell me why you had a hard time the other night?”

Talia didn’t think she was going to be put on the spot so quickly, but she did come for some help.

“Well at the club that night Julius and I…… Uhmm went further than I would ever expect and I’m not sure I’m that kind of girl.”

“You had sex with Julius and you feel ashamed that you did that in public. Right?’

“Yes.” She said looking down at the carpeted office.

“Talia look up at me. There is nothing to be ashamed about. You did not do any thing wrong. Look The way you immediately looked at the floor after I bluntly said what you did explains allot to me. First where you brought up in a religious home?”

‘Yes, but I haven’t been to church in years.”

“You haven’t yet you still have that religious guilt. One man, one woman, holy matrimony. Did they ever educate you about the concept of marriage?”

“Marriage was created for males to have a wife to claim. With a dowry or other such thing and yet the male could still go out there and fool around. If the women, they fooled around with had kids they did not have to claim them because they did not marry them. Also the church did not like the fact people were being married secretly so they could go out and fornicate. So they made it law that an announcement had to be made that the couple were to be wed and hung up on a public board. Romantic right?’

Talia just sat there listening to what she was being told and wondered what did this have to do with what happened.

“Later people married for love and such but it did not last. Divorce and unexplained disappearances occurred to get out of the marriage. Now let’s get to your comfortably.

You are not legally married in the church by a priest, minister etc.. so you feel dirty. But if you were married to Julius would you feel that way?”

“I…I.. I’m not sure.”

“Your contract is as legal as the one you sign when you get married. Just stipulates what is expected and what is not acceptable. If having sex out in the open is unacceptable tell Julius but have the reason as to why. You’re an attractive woman and honestly, this is the slowest I have ever seen Julius go. So he really care for you. You were not claimed for a dowry. He claimed you because he wants you. He was discreet about you two having sex because I didn’t know any thing happened until you went to the bathroom. So he respects you enough to hide some what but still get his kick of doing you out in the open.”

“So your saying if he wanted, he could have sex with me with you guys watching?”

“Yes, if that was part of the contract, but the way he’s acting I don’t think so. He’s being very different with you. Almost like you’re a rare item that he wants shown only but so much. You get what I mean?”

Talia had a lot of thing swimming in her head.

“Talia here look over these books and this tape.” She stood up and handed it to her.” This will give you the different dynamics of couples in the scene. Oh by the way the reason I brought up all that religious stuff is to snap you out of that innocent bubble. You’re a grown woman and it is ok to enjoy sex. To explore sex. If it helps, the body will return to the earth the soul goes to meet the maker  to be judged and if you’re a good person. Why would you be turned away. Sex is a sin, there is nothing clean about it.”

Talia looked at the books and rose from her seat.

‘Talia if this is not for you tell Julius soon. Don’t let him fall for you anymore than he has.”

Talia was still conflicted. One thing she did say that is replaying in her head. ‘Sex is sin, there is nothing clean about it.” So why was she acting like she is a shiny new penny that has never been touched before.

Talia didn’t know where to shake hands or hug her. So she let Louisa make the first move.

“Oh Talia, tell Julius that you came to see me. I don’t want to be a secret or a reason for an argument.’ She said as she looked into her eye’s as if she was searching for something.

Talia walked out the office door and she remembered forgotten to call a cab.

“Do you need a ride home? Piet take Talia home please, while I take my conference call. ”

Piet nodded and walked Talia out.


Talia went home and thought very heavily on the discussion she had with Louisa. She did make sense to her and yet she still felt like there are holes in a puzzle.

After she took a relaxing shower and changed into comfortable clothes. Talia called Julius to have a heart to heart. He answered after two rings and he sounded out of breath.

“Are you alright, Julius?”

“Yes, my pet. You caught me when I was working out.”

“You work out?”

He laughed while he was controlling his breathing. Trying to get it to a normal pace.

“Yes, I work out. I try to get something in three to four times a week. Now that is not the reason you called. What is it my pet?”

“I went over to Louisa’s house to talk.”

“Oh, when was this?” His tone changed slightly.

“It was earlier today. I am not keeping it a secret.” She said, as she waited for him to speak.

“Go on.” The phone seemed to gain weight in her hands as she spoke.

“She invited me over to talk, because she noticed that I was not that comfortable about what we did at the club.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? I told you I didn’t want secrets between us.” He said sounding a bit annoyed.

“I did not know how to bring it up without you being hurt. I had to sort this out first and she did enlightened me about things.”

“Should I be concerned Talia?” he asked.

Oh man he went back to calling her by her name.

“No. I am still yours. I just  have to come to terms with everything that you entail, that’s all. Are you upset?” She waited hoping that he would not be.

“I am not delighted but I understand that you need space and time to come to grip about my lifestyle.” His tone went from annoyed to calm and a bit tired.

“Is there anything you feel the need to know about me that makes you feel uneasy?” He was giving her an opening into his life. It was up to her to delve in.

“Have you always been this way? I mean have you tried a regular relationship?” Talia hoped he took it as a question and nothing more.

“Yes and they all crumbled miserably. Either I could not make them happy or they could never make me happy.”

“So you’ve always been a Dom, then?”

“I didn’t claim it early in life. I was with a woman who had a tendency to want to control things between us in the bedroom and yet act differently out side of it. I reached a point in the relationship, when I realized that I was not the type to be treated that way. I didn’t get off being told to do things. When I started having problems getting aroused then I knew it was not for me.”

She listened to him and then a thought occurred to her. “But you thought of me as someone to be controlled?”

“No, at first you seemed like you had a wall around you. But I remember something I learned years ago. That walls were not always built to keep people out. Some times there built, so people can not see what’s inside. When I suggested a book, you immediately hid behind a wall of “no’s and I am not into”. You protested so much you revealed more than you realized.”

She didn’t realize she was doing that.

“Are you still there pet?” He waited for to respond before continuing.


“After I gotten out of that relationship, I did a deep soul-searching sabbatical. I refused to be with anyone until I was ready and knew what I wanted and who I was.”

“So I am your first sub?”

“Yes. I had seen someone before you and I found out that she was fake. She claimed to be a sub and turned out she was a switch. There is nothing in me that required to be dominated. Also, I found out she was taking the gifts I had given her and selling it. She would not wear anything that showed that she was with me. So when I was at the club with her, other’s would try to claim her. She did not go by the rules, actually she changed them at whim. When I confronted her about what was going on. She just brushed it off by asking me if I wanted to punish her. So I took the contract and terminated it.”

“How did she react?”

“Let’s just say I had a restraining order against her. I refused to go by what a person claimed to be. I follow my gut now and I found you. The last I heard she is with a dom in Chicago. I pity him. Is there anything else?”

“I wasn’t fully comfortable with having sex out in the open.”

“Can you tell me why?”

“I feel that it is a private thing between us that should remain private.”

“Were you ashamed of what we did?”

“I guess… Yes that word fits best.”

“Is that a hard limit for you?”

“Yes. I can not do that in a club.?”

“Hmmm. The club? What if It’s outside, or a room in a friend’s house?”

“I guess as long as I feel that no one can see us.”

“You see I do have a bit of a exhibitionist tendency. I can see how I can up hold your hard limit and at the same time pacify my wants. Now pet I have to return to my exercise. I will see you soon.”

Julius hung up the phone. leaving her to her thought’s. She really was falling for him hard.

“Girl it is time to have fun and not think so much. He must look sexy all glistening from his work out. Now I sound like a perv.” She said to her self.


After they had a good heart to heart, Talia had not heard from Julius. Not one text. She felt that after she admitted not being comfortable with having sex in the open it had changed his mind about them being together.

Talia was at work getting next weeks schedule together when her phone rang. It was Dr. Milatis. One of the internist that had just started with the practice. So far he did not receive any complaint’s.

“Hello Dr. Milatis is there something you need?”

“Yes can you come to my office please.”

“I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Thank you.”

Talia felt a bit uneasy. It is never good to be called into the doctor’s office, even if they are new.

Talia walked in and seen that the doctor was typing in his computer. She knocked to get his attention.

“You wanted to speak to me?”

“Yes, we need to talk about my nurse Maggie. I have had to apologies several times to my patients about her.”

“What do you mean? What has been happening?”

“At first I took it as a bad day. But she has had too many bad days. She has come into work smelling like alcohol and slightly slurring her words.”

Talia’s heart dropped.

“I have sent her home to sober up. The next day she is fantastic and on the ball. Today was not one of those day’s. Maggie had gotten into a confrontation with a patient I have had since I have been practicing. I can not let this slip by. I want her written up and suspended. What ever she has to do to get help she needs it to be done before returning.”

Talia sat there stunned from all the information that was just given to her. What is Maggie thinking?”

“I will handle it Dr. Milatis.”

“I hope you do. I did not start here just to fire people.”

Talia stood and looked at the doctor as he went back to work. She walked down the hall to Maggie’s office and seen that she was slumped over and sleeping. She is breaking and Talia did not know what to do to save her.

“Maggie, wake up.”

She used her office manager tone. Maggie woke up with the impression of the desk on her face.

“Maggie I have been informed that there was an altercation with a patient. We do not except that here. Is there anything your can say in your defense?”

Maggie shook her head and a tear slid down her face. Talia closed the door to talk to her.

“What is going on”

“I’m just a mess. I’m lonely and I can’t stop drinking.”

Talia held back her own tears and took control of the situation.

“You are going to be written up and suspended. With this time you need to get your self into treatment. I will call your folks if you want?”

“No, I have this. How long am I going to be on suspension?”

“For first offence three weeks.”

“That’s fine.” Maggie stood and collected her things to leave.

“Why didn’t you tell me you needed help?”

“I want you to enjoy your life. My mess up should not be a burden to you.”

“It’s not a burden. Your my friend.” She gave her a hug, not wanting to let her go.

“That’s it Talia, no more hugging. I will call you I promise.” she opened the door and walked out.

Talia went to her office and closed the door. She called Julius immediately.

He answered on the second ring and she did not give him a chance to speak before breaking down about Maggie.

Julius could not stand to hear Talia so heart-broken.

“Talia come spend the weekend with me.”

“I don’t want to push myself on you. I thought you need space from me.”

She heard him laugh.

“Never, I was working. When I write I get a little to absorbed into it. Come over pet. See you later.”

“Yes, sir.”

She wanted to say ‘I love you’, but she could not gather enough courage to tell him how she was feeling. Maybe this weekend, right now all she wanted was her Julius, her sir.

Talia’s Truth (Adult content chapters 1 to 6)

It’s exactly 8:45 am and Mr. Sojourn is late for his appointment with Dr. Bishop. Talia hated being the one to enforce the rules in the office but that’s part of the job of being an office manager.

Talia looked at her watch and it moved two more minutes down. She had enough. She proceeded to call the patient to reschedule. As she was informing the patient, who by the way was irate with the no-show fee, was yelling and threating her on the phone. She received a post it note from Maggie one of the R.N.’s on the floor if she was free tonight.

She looked at Maggie who decided that lime crime was the color of her hair for the day and held up her pointer finger signaling her to give her a minute.

“Mr Sojourn I am so sorry you feel this way but I will be sending you a copy of the form you filled out stating that you will pay a no-show fee if that situation ever arises and it has. Try to have a good day. Bye.” Talia hung up the phone, counted to ten in her mind and looked at Maggie.

“So what’s up Maggie?” She said in a calm tone that she was amazed she pulled off.

“Talia are you free tonight? I have been invited to a book reading and I need company.”

“Really you need company for a book reading. What’s is the real reason?”

Maggie just gave her normal smile and shrugged her shoulders as if she did not know what I was asking about. “Maggie…”

“Really I just want company and I thought you would like it. They’ll have drinks and finger food there. Please say yes.” She asked as she did her little kid bounce in anticipation of my answer.

“What time is this thing?” Talia asked sighing and rolling her eyes.

“Don’t act like that. It’s at eight. Casual wear, actually what you have on is perfect. I’ll pick you up at seven fifteen. Be ready or I’ll charge you a waiting fee.” She said smiling.

Talia could not help but smile at Maggie she always cheered her up. “I hope it’s not too much because this is not pay week.”

Both of them started laughing and went back to work.


Maggie was not kidding when she said a book reading. The place was held in someone’s loft and a woman stood before all of us and read out of a book for over two hours. Then a gentle who was not hard on the eyes took over and she could not for the life of her remember what he was saying.

He read for another hour and a half, then it came to an end. Everyone stood and applauded. The readings were getting their hands shaken by everyone including Maggie. Which she looked like she was swaying a bit when the guy touched her hand.

Talia walked around with a glass of wine in her hand and looked at the table where other books were displayed.

“Your into fifty shades I see.” A voice that she could not forget said to her.

“Excuse me but no. That’s not my scene.” Talia turned towards the voice, and it was him. No one should look so good.

“So what book is peaking your interest? I’m curious.” He said with a slight smile.

She looked at the table again and she did not see anything worth reading.  She looked at him and said, ” This is really my type of books.”

He kept looking at her as if he was sizing her up. “Not one thing is interesting you?”

She shook her head no.

“Would you take a recommendation then?”

“There is no harm in it. What do you recommend?” He lifted a book that had a black cover on it. Right away she knew it was those type of books.

“I told you before I am not into those type of books. NO tying or spanking or anything else that causes bodily harm.” She took a deep drink of wine and place the glass on the table. Then she proceeded to see if she could find Maggie.

“I understand. Why do you think I would give you a book you told me no to already?”

She snatched the book and opened it into the center. It was about pirates and treasures. She felt so embarrassed for assuming that he was a pervert.

“I’m so sorry.” She said to no one. As she was reading the book he walked away and she found him talking to Maggie.

Maggie walked right over to here with a look of ‘what did you do?’ written on her face.

“I’m sorry we should go. I made a total fool out of my self.” Talia said with her cheeks turning a bright red.

“It’s ok. He told me to give you his card and give him a call when you read the book.”

Talia looked at the card she handed her. His name was J. Parr. On the back of the card had his number and a time to call. Talia looked up at him as he continued to mingle with the guests.

She doubted she would call or if she ever would read the book.


It’s been two weeks since the book reading and Talia pushed the who incident aside. Her life was too stressful to find time to read a book.

“Talia did you read the book he gave you?” Maggie asked with her eye’s looking bigger than the glasses she was wearing.

“No, why.”

“Talia that book is a number one best seller. Are you crazy?” Maggie asked

“So it not like he’s the auth……” She didn’t even look at the author of the book.

“He is the author of the book. Oh my god. He gave you his number to call over two weeks ago. The guy wanted you to call him.”

No this is really not happening. She really didn’t have time. Which she knew was a lie because she had no personal life to speak of to have no time at all. After Maggie dropped that bomb she went back to work. Talia’s day drag almost to a halt.

She promised herself that when she went home, she would read the book that’s been on her table since she received it.


Talia ate her take out dinner and relaxed for the night. She began reading the book at seven and finished it at eleven thirty at night. It was captivating and she had to admit even the sex scenes were at a level that she could not peal her eye’s off the page.

She looked at the card he gave her to call, and she thought why not? All that could happen is that he didn’t want to talk to her again.

She picked up the phone and dialed the number. It was answered after the second ring.


“Hi it’s Talia. I finally read the book.”

“Oh you have. Was there any tying or spankings in there that I missed?” He asked as he laughed.

He remembered her. That was so unexpected.

“Don’t be quiet now. What did you think?”

“It was incredible. I can see why it went to number one.” She said then felt at a loss for words.

“Thank you. Can I ask you a question? You can either answer or don’t up to you.” He asked.

Talia felt like she was about to be trapped into something. “Ok, ask.”

“Do you trust people?”

Odd question. “Yes, I do. Why?”

“It took for you to read the middle of the book to trust I would not give you something you can’t handle.”

“Well I don’t know you.”

“Well do you want to change that?”

“I would like that.”

“My only stipulation is that you trust me. I have no reason to lie or take you where you’re not ready to be.”

“Completely trust you?”


She swallowed whatever saliva that was left in her mouth and thought. Why not? She still has control.

“Your answer is?”

“Ok, I can do that.”

“Good night Talia. I will call you Saturday when I’m back in town.”

“Good night.”


The rest of the work week went on as if Talia’s mind was not preoccupied with writer. What bothered her the most was that she felt as if she was another person. It was hard to describe but she was not acting like the Talia that she cultivated all her life.

Normally it would be your parents that shape the child but when the parents send you away to distant relative to raise and they really were no better than the people who gave birth to you. You end up raising yourself.

“Talia..talia…Talia. Damn.” A voice yelled at her.

Talia snapped back to reality when the voice of annoyed Brian McCade seeped through her heavy thoughts.

“You do realize we have a meeting in ten minutes, right?”

“Of course. Why are you asking me that?” said with an annoyed tone.

“Listen you have been on edge for the last couple of days. The staff has been complaining that they are getting reprimanded for the most minute things. Tomorrow’s Saturday get some rest and come back with out the fire-breathing dragon.” He told her with true concern written on his face.

Was she really acting that bad? After the meeting she decided to confine herself to her office. She had a lot of work to do, so it was not far fetch that she would be there all day.


The clock on the corner of her computer read four forty-five. It was almost time to go. Maggie must be on the same time counter because she walked right into her office and took a seat in front of her.

“So hiding much?” she asked staring right at Talia.


“You heard me. Are you nervous that he’s back in town tomorrow?” How does Maggie do that know exactly what’s eating at her.

“No. I have things to do and if he catches me then….. we’ll see.”

“Your full of crap. Your upset that he has you waiting. Get a grip he’s busy, but he’s going to call you as soon as he get’s a chance.’ Maggie stood up and shook her head side to side. “Talia don’t do what you normally do.” with that being said she walked out her office.

Talia did not want Maggie’s advice, as matter of fact she had enough. She does not wait for no body, especially a man. It should be the other way around. Talia shut down her computer and left for the day.


Saturday can only be described as a beautiful, picture book spring day. Talia rose to birds chirping and a soft breeze blowing through her apartment window.

To work off some of her steam last night she went to a kick boxing class and then sat in the steam room for thirty minutes. It helped allot. She finally had to admit that she was nervous and she was taking it out on every in a three feet radius of her.

She decided that she would go out to get her nails done and just put him out her mind. It was ten thirty when her cell phone went off with an unknown number. She really did not feel like dealing with these scam artists.

‘Listen you need to take me off you list. I will send this to the police.”

“Woo if you did not want me to call you, that’s all you had to say.”

“Oh I’m sorry I’ve been having unknown calls, hitting up on my cell phone.’ Talia could hear laugher on the other end of the phone.

‘I am sorry that you thought I was a scam artist. You are very aggressive with your intimidation. Are you free for lunch. I would love to discuss what you thought of my book.”

Talia was not sure it was a good idea. He already made her feel unsure of herself.

“We did agree about trust. I will be at the restaurant  Deletorri on the upper east side. I trust you not to leave me sitting there all by myself. Oh and please don’t send the police, I won’t have any autograph books with me to give them.”

“Your confident I’ll show.”

The phone went dead. He hung up again before she had a chance to say yes or no. That was it. Yeah she was going to go and meet him. To tell him he could shove his trust down his throat.


The restaurant was nice and not too crowded to. The he was sitting near the back of the room, drinking a glass of water. Talia walked over to the table ready to give him a piece of her mind.

“I have had…….”

He looked up with a smile on his face.

“You have had enough. Is that what you were about to say?”

“Yes. This is not how you ask someone out on a date.”

“Talia please sit and let’s talk.”

Talia sat down still angry about the way things were happening.

“Okay let’s be honest. Your upset that I took the control out of hands. It’s always the woman who has the choice to say yes or no. I did not give you that and your upset.

Also, your upset that I hung up and you did not get a chance to have the last word. Still a control issue is that not right.”

“You’re twisting this around. I don’t have a control issue.”

“I’m sorry if I read you wrong. Would you please accept my apology.”

Talia sat there staring at Parr and realized that she did not even know his first name.

“What is your first name. I cannot call your Mr. Parr all day.”

“It’s Julius Parr.”

The waiter came over to take their order and Talia decided to give him another chance.

“I would like to have a Caesar salad dressing on the side. For the main I would like linguini alfredo not too much sauce on it. If it’s too much I will send it back and a lemonade with the lemon wedge on the plate not in the drink. thank you.”

Julius watched her with a smile and listen to her take on his book. It was insightful. He did not utter a word since she sat down.

Talia started to feel uncomfortable by the lack of conversation. It seemed that she was doing all the talking.

“Why did you think I have a control issue?”

“I don’t think we should talk about that now.”

“Why not? You’re the person who had me promise to trust you. Trust is earned and I want to know why?”

“Your right. You do have a control issue.  When we first met You said to me,’ no tying, no spanking and nothing to give bodily harm.’ Just like you told the waiter exactly what you wanted and that you would send it back. Just like you were going to come in here and tell me off so you can try to make me bow down in disgrace and apologies for treating you that way.”

Talia sat there as if cold water was splashed in her face. Everything he just said was true. But was she always like that?

“Look, I want to see you more than just casually. But I am not a vanilla type of person, and I can see something more than vanilla in you. I am not here to twist your arm. You’re, your own woman. But as confident as you come off. There is something else. Something that I see. That iron clad control must break. Your probably scared that a complete stranger see’s you better than anyone else.”

“You want to make me your slave?” Talia adrenaline started to pump through her. She needed to get out of there quick. “I’ve heard about people like you.”

“Talia calm down. I do not want to make you a slave.”

“Then I’m confused. You said not vanilla.”

“You are and a little scared, am I right? Why don’t we continue with our lunch and talk again about thing another time. I want to take things slow. How about dinner in two weeks. I will be out-of-town on book signings, but I will be back then. I am putting the control in your hands, would you like to have dinner with me?”

Talia looked at her food and could not help and see what he seen. Is she really that controlling? Wouldn’t Maggie have told here? Wouldn’t someone have told her? Did she want to see Julius again? He made her feel confused, yet she cannot deny the attraction she has towards him.

“Two weeks would be fine.” She said as he heart was still beating rapidly.

“Why don’t you do some research on me. Everything is on the internet and when we meet I can tell you what is true and what is fabricated. But of course it is up to you to decide. See I am still giving you the control that you need.”

“Yeah, but for how long is the question?”


The lunch uneased Talia. He claimed that she had trust issues and control issues. How can someone who just met her claim to know her?

Talia went to work on Monday morning with his claims on her mind. She needed to talk to Maggie. She would have called her on the weekend but she didn’t want to bother her with what was going on.

She waited until lunch time before she talked to her. Rather she came to her to talk as usual.

“So how did it go?” She looked at her like she went to meet the king of England.

“It was not what I expected. I went there to tell him off but it turned out he told me a few things.”

“Like what. Your killing me with anticipation.”

“He said I had trust issues and I have a control issue. Do you believe that?”

Maggie sat there looking at the floor before she said anything.

“You believe that don’t you? Maggie tell me the truth.”

“Well Talia he’s not wrong. I’m just amazed that he would just tell you when he just met you.”

“Oh my god Maggie if you thought I had these problems why didn’t you tell me?”

“Talia you are not the most receptive to listening about anything that could possibly be a problem with you. You tend to either yell or shut down.”

Talia sat there with a pain deep in her chest. Her closest friend was afraid to tell her the truth. Was she that bad?

“Are you to going to see him again? It seems like he’s getting under your skin.”

“I don’t think that would be such a good idea.”

“Why Talia, because he’s not afraid to tell you the truth. You run when things are not going your way. Girl do what you want. I’m going out to eat. You know it’s hard to care for a person more than they care about themselves. ”

“What do you mean?”

“Talia give him a chance. At least give your self a chance.” Maggie walked out without looking back.

Normally Talia would be pissed off at the world but how could she be if she felt like she fell in a hole. Yeah give him a chance.


It’s been a week and half since the lunch date and Talia finally came out of what ever funk she was in. It kind of made her feel good that someone was willing to tell her about herself when the person she thought who was close to her couldn’t.

She decided to give Julius a call to have dinner. She was nervous to continue with a man who pushed her to the edge of being comfortably. But the attraction between them was palatable.

His phone rang and went straight to voice mail.

“Hi Julius it’s me Talia. I was wondering if dinner was still on the table. Give me a call when you can so we can talk. Bye”

She noticed that she sounded a bit nervous on the message. ‘Oh well it’s done.’ she thought to herself.

Julius did call. He called the Friday night of his return from the book tour. Talia was home watching CSI and enjoying her tai food when the phone rang. Not noticing the number, being that she was so engrossed in her show she just answered.

“Hello” she said half listening to the show and waiting for a response.

“Hi, Talia did I catch you at a bad time?”

She was caught off guard by hearing his voice she choked on her tai food.

“Talia are you alright?” He called out on the phone.

“Yes, sorry. Food went down the wrong way. I’m ok now. How was the signing?”

“The same as the others. I enjoy my fans, but I always want to come home. Anything interesting with you?”

Yeah right before him this was her normal Friday night or Maggie would drag her out.

“No not really.”

“So, I would love to take you out tomorrow night. I am supposed to meet up with a group of friends and have dinner would you accompany me.”

“You mean dinner with a group of writers?”

He started to laugh, and it made her tingle in all the places she thought was in hibernation.

“They are not all writers. I think you would enjoy it and you would get to know the type of people I feel comfortable around enough to call my friends.”

He wanted her to know him better. Is he going to push her comfort level again? Most likely yes. Is she willing to go through that, that was the question.

“Hello. It’s either yes or no. Remember don’t lie and tell me what you think I want to hear.”

Talia swallowed and said,” Yes I would love too.”

“Alright I will pick you up at eight.”

“Is there a dress code at the place.”

There was silence before he answered. “I would love to see you in a sexy casual outfit. But that is my preference not the restaurant. It’s up to you really. Text me your address and I’ll see you at eight. Goodnight Talia.”

He hung up without waiting for a response. She figured that was the way he was, so she did not let it bother her.

“Shit I have to go shopping tomorrow. Casual, Sexy outfit. I need Maggie.”


Talia went for a black lace body suit with a gold skirt and blazer. This outfit called for no bra and she was fine with that, since the lace was thickest around her nipples. She shaved her legs and after it was dry she had Maggie draw a fine line from her heel to the edge of her bottom with waterproof eye liner. Just incase she sweats it wouldn’t rub off.

She took her shoulder length hair and put it in a top knot ponytail. That looked amazing drawing attention to her eyes that she lined black over the gold eyeshadow. Her lips she decided that a gloss would do since she wanted to emphasize her eyes.

Julius arrived right on time and when she met him downstairs the reaction to the way she looked was priceless. It was a combination of surprise and hunger.

He leaned in and gave her a light kiss on the cheek.

“You look amazing.”

Talia smiled and walked to car that was waiting for them in front of her building. They arrived at a restaurant at the edge of SoHo. Very small and dimly lit. Talia felt a little over dressed but she wanted to capture Julius attention any way.

They walked to a table that had three other couples there. At a brief introduction they sat and began what will always be called the illumination dinner.

The couple to Talia’s right was a husband (Fred) and wife (Alicia), were in the pastry business. He was of medium build and had a mustache. His wife was a bit heavy but a had a smile that was genuine. She wore a chain around her neck that had handcuffs on it closed. It seemed odd and out-of-place with her blue silk shirt.

The second couple (Greg and Luisa) were owners of several apartment complexes. He seems to find the buildings he would like to own and she buys them. He wore two thick wristbands that had a single ring on it.

The third and final couple (Grant and Joanna), seemed just as nice as the first two the only thing was she did not say much unless he gave her the ok. He was a writer of a weekly magazine that emphasize the changes in today’s society.

Talia looked at Julius and she wanted to ask a question but was not sure she should.

“By now, knowing how observant you are. I know you have questions Talia just ask because you are way to quiet.” Julius pushed.

She looked at every one at the table and blurted out, “Are you all into S&M? It just seems you all act like what I heard about.”

They all started to laugh. Luisa was the first to answer. “No, we are not all into S&M, that is Grant and Joanna’s deal. Greg and I are Dom and Sub. Fred and Alicia are like we are but the reverse. Meaning I am a Domme and Fred is a Dom. So, you may be confused as to what’s the difference.

I like to be in control and Greg enjoys not having that control. I do not degrade him and I for fill what he needs. Same as Fred and Alicia. Grant and Joanna are different in a way. He for fills her needs and wants. She does not want freedom away from him.”

“That’s not normal. What do you mean needs.”

“There are those people who have a hard time getting to a place of release. As a dom you have to know your sub and how far to take them for that pleasure. You don’t want to break them. Just guide them to where they need to be. It’s a beautiful thing.”


“Why? You like being in control 24/7? All the time have to do this or that because if you don’t you feel like your falling apart. Here is the thing you can not learn from the books. No matter what scene your into, it’s supposed to benefit the both of you. It’s never one-sided. More times than not vanilla is one sided. Do you always climax or do you fake it to please your partner. With this honesty and trust has to be first established or don’t even do it.”

Talia was feeling very uneasy. Is this what Julius wants. She can not give up her freedom.

“I can’t be owned. That’s for animals.”

“Och.” Fred said as he smiled at Talia.

“We are all married at this table except the two of you. To be married you sign a form agreeing to belong to one another. If you belong to someone isn’t that a nice way of saying own?”

“No, you’re twisting it.”

“No I am not. You own everything you have on. It belongs to you. You bought it.”

“Well see marriage is not bought.” Talia said.

They all smiled. “You pay for the license, the priest, the ring you wear. In the eye’s of the law you are owned.”

Talia ran out the restaurant. These people are crazy and they seemed so nice. Julius walked right out after her.

“Julius I can’t be owned.” A small tear slid down her check.

“Talia, I did not put that on the table. But I wanted to give you a look at normal people who are in the scene and live happy lives. Not vanilla, just appear vanilla.”

“So, your saying that you don’t want that with me. You don’t vanilla.”

Julius smiled, “I want a shade of chocolate with you. But tonight, I will give you the vanilla that you want. Be honest you do want me tonight?”

Talia looked at him, “Yes.”

We’ll tonight you will have me.



Talia and Julius went back into the restaurant to finish there meal with the other’s. While they continued with various other topics Talia’s mind kept going to what will happen tonight with them. It will be taking them a step in a direction she was not sure she was ready for.

Julius stood and motioned to Talia that they were leaving. They said their goodbye’s and went to the car that was waiting for them outside the restaurant. When did he have time to order a car?

Talia was silent in the ride to her place. She had to be nervous because she is normally a bit more talkative than this. They left the car in silence and walked to her door.

“Talia are you alright?” Julius asked as he stood waiting for her to open her door to her apartment.

“Yes. Perfect.” she said.

As they walked inside. Julius spun her in his arms and kissed her. Deep and possessively. He tasted of the wine he drank and smelled of a masculine musk. As he started to break the kiss he pulled back taking her bottom lip and grazing it with his teeth.

Talia opened her heavy lids to look at Julius.

“If this is how you look being kissed, I can’t wait for the rest.”

Thinking went out the window. She wanted Julius in the worse way and tonight she can finally have him.

She walked him to her bedroom. It was the color of terracotta. The furniture went well with her scheme she thought. When she turned to Juluis he was not looking at the décor. His full attention was on her.

“I just need a second.” she whispered.

Julius nodded and went to sit on the bed. Talia ran to the bathroom and made sure every part of her was pleasant to the taste. She took more than a second, but Julius did not seem to mind.

He held out his hand and she went to him. He pulled her down on the soft bed and began an onslaught of kisses on her neck. His large hand caressed and squeezed her breast over her cloths.

Talia opened his shirt to feel his bare skin with her hands, then her lips followed. Taking his harden nipple into her mouth. She was a quiet lover she had been told but she was savoring the taste of Julius and he heard by her moans.

He lifted off her so she could remove her shoes, placing a kiss on each ankle. Then he reached for her skirt and slowly pulled it off revealing that Talia had completely shaved her tempting pussy.

Talia watched as he looked at her, trying to keep things to memory. He took his fingers and spread her moistened lips apart.

He entered her with a finger and she closed her eyes feeling and enjoying, the ease of how he entered her and withdrew.

“Open your eyes.” He said.

Talia pried them open to watch Julius. He took his finger out and placed it in his mouth     sucking and making her wish his lips would be where his finger just left.

“Take off your top, let me see all of you.”

Talia removed her top and Julius reached for her pleading, ripened nipple. Caressing it with his thumb. Causing slight goose bumps to appear. Leaning over he took that eager bud into his mouth and suckled it as if he was trying to suck her very essence through it.

He released it and paid the other the same ohmage as the first. Talia moaned and almost purred in sexual bliss. She felt when he attempted to push his thick mushroomed head dick into her slick watered channel. She lifted a little to give him better access and Oh did he have better access.

Julius watched as she accepted him inside. Talia was grinding against him as he entered. He loved the way their bodies looked connected, and he was getting off by the loud moans Talia was giving.

Talia felt a glorious build start and Julius took his queue to increase his pace. He felt as if he had a bulls eye he created inside that he hit continuously without easing the intensity.

“Oh, oh…… Julius.” Talia screamed and arched as she came in waves. Julius entered her once, twice and released his seed into her as he watched Talia come down from her high.

Talia eye’s fluttered open as her breathing continued to be labored and her pussy ached from the memory of Julius visit.

Julius pulled out and discarded the used condom in a small trash basket she had in her bed room. He leaned over and kissed her deeply, yet softly.

“Talia you are so addictive. I need to leave now.”

“Why? We just shared something that was incredible.”

“It was incredible. But if I stay we will end up having sex again and I cannot hold myself back twice.”

“You did not enjoy it?” She looked with a confused look on her face.

“Don’t look like that. I enjoyed it immensely and if it is the last time, we ever be together then it’s a memory that will haunt me deliciously. But I should really leave. I’ll call you later today.”

He tenderly kissed her on her neck and proceeded to get his cloths and leave.

‘What just happen? I really don’t get him at all’. She thought as she turned over and silently cried into her pillow.


Talia could not shake what happened between her and Julius. It did hurt that he left her after experiencing one of the most intense sexual encounters she’s ever had. Maybe it was because he could see right through her and she felt like she could let go around him.

The whole thing was just a jumbled mess in her head. She decided she would speak to him about it. She didn’t want to put stress on a situation before they even became a situation. That was another thing. Should she see this further? The sex was great but he did say he wanted more. Is it in her to do more, rather give a part of herself that will leave her exposed and vulnerable with no guarantee of where this is headed.

She decided she would not beat herself up with these thoughts and go for a run. After she will send him a message that they needed to talk, today. One way or another she had to know where this is leading or ending.


It was one in the afternoon before Talia decided to contact Julius. She sent the message through her phone and did not have to wait long for a response.

(Julius, we need to talk.)

(I am free this evening. Would you like to come to my place?)

(How about six?)

(That’s fine. I’m sending you, my address. See you later.)

That was the jest of the phone message. No real feeling just a quick send and receive. Talia decided she would wear a loose top, comfy jeans with sneaker. She thought that if this were to be the end, then she was not going to get dressed up and look like an eager fool for a man who may not want her.


It was six o one when the cab arrived in front of his brown stone home. She thought he lived in the city. As she walked up the steps to his home, she mentally gave herself a pep talk.

‘You got this. If he doesn’t want what you got then he doesn’t deserve it.’

She reached the door and pressed the bell waiting for him to answer. She heard foot steps rushing towards the door. The door was pulled open and Julius was wearing a white apron, no shirt, jeans and no shoes. He smiled showing the biggest dimples on his smiling face and his eye seemed to be dancing with excitement.

“Come in, I made us dinner.”

Talia just watched as he rushed back inside leaving her to close the door and go find him. His home was beautifully furnished. It looked like one of the designers on the home network put it together. She heard a mumbled sound coming from the kitchen. As she approached he was pulling out something from the oven and placing it on his island counter.

“I hope you like egg plant lasagna.” He said looking at her.

“I never had it before.”

“Great then I have nobody to compete with.”

Talia could not help but smile from the comment.

“Can you grab those glasses over there above the sink. We can go to the dining room to eat.”

The dinner was delicious. it was a nice feeling to be in his presence, without feeling she was on the witness stand all the time.

“So what’s on your mind Talia?”

She thought that too soon. She pushed her plate away and took a sip of wine.

“Last night you left, and I still did not get why? You said that you would not be able to hold your self back. I didn’t think you were.”

Julius smiled and drank some of his wine.

“Talia like I said last night. I truly enjoyed myself but I was holding my self back. I would never lie to you.”

“Then what else would you have wanted that you think I would not approve of?”

“This is where I think we should talk seriously about us. I am strongly attracted to you.”

‘Here it goes he’s going to call this thing off.’ she thought.

“But before we go any further, I know there are things we should have on the table. Like how many lovers have you had in your life? Have you ever been tested and what would you not stand for in a monogamous relationship? Your deal breaker so to speak.”

Wow again he’s full of surprises and waiting for an answer. She took another sip of wine and looked him straight in the eyes and answered, “I have had seven lovers. Really two the others were a convenience. I have been tested and I am cleared of all Std’s. What would be a deal breaker is unfaithfulness. I cannot do that. How about you.”

Julius replied,” I have had ten lover’s and seven of convenience as you so nicely put it. I have been tested and is also cleared of all Std’s. My deal breaker is honesty and respect. Now that we have that out of the way, here is the proposition. I want a relationship with you, but I cannot be anybody else than who I am.”

What did that mean? Talia had a questioning look on her face.

“I’ll explain. I am into the scene. I am a Dom so you would be my sub. You will behave as you normally do to everyone else but me. Once we are together, we will fall into our roles. I will not visit you at work because, they will question why you behave differently around me. I would love to take you with me to my events, but I will keep in mind that you are employed and that is important to you.

There are rules and for every rule that is broken there is a punishment. I love pleasure. I also like things on the riskier side sexually. Last night I did hold back, but that does not mean I did not enjoy myself.”

This was a lot to take in. Julius did not hold anything back. Talia was out of wine and her chest felt a bit constricted.


“I am not an abuser. My punishment tend to lean in a sexual manner. This is a lot to take in, but I do not want any misunderstandings between us. You will belong to me and I to you. I will take care you your needs as I deem fit. I do not like lies or holding back on how you feel about something if I ask. That definitely would deem a punishment.”

“So you want to control me?”

“In a sense yes. But I know you can handle it. This would be something that would go against your grain. I’ve watched you and you are very strong willed. If you make mind up to do something you do it. You can do this. If you want me. Otherwise, we can remain friends.”

“Not friends with benefits?”

“No just friends.”

This is a lot to absorb. Her head was spinning. Did she want someone that badly?

“So what’s in it for me?” Talia asked.

Julius smiled. “You mean, I’m not enough?” He laughed.” I am completely yours. I will treat you as woman, my woman should be treated at all times. You will be my lover in all ways. That is better shown than said.”

“Your friends wore things to show they were taken. Am I going to have to wear something?”

“Yes, but that won’t be revealed until you agree and sign papers of your agreement.”

“The papers.”

“Yes, there are papers, that are drawn up if you agree to what I am proposing to you. I am throwing allot at you. I will give your time to think. I will call a cab to get you home. When you decide, if you want this, just call me. Yes or no, please call me.”

Julius cleared the plates and called the cab. Talia sat there seriously thinking of everything that was discussed. The cab came and as she turned towards him for a kiss , he kissed her cheek. He took his thumb and glided it across her moist lips from the wine.

“The next time we kiss, it will be from me claiming you Talia. I’ll wait for your answer.” he said then he walked her to the cab.


Monday and Tuesday went by without a hitch. No one complained about Talia’s mood since she’s back to her same old self. The one thing that was a bit off was Maggie. She didn’t come in for a couple of days and when she tried calling her, she didn’t answer.

Maybe Mitch took her away for a couple of days unexpectedly. That didn’t sound like Mitch even to her. So she decided to go to her place after work, to see what was up. At least she didn’t have to think of Julius and the contract for a couple of hours.

Maggie lived near the ocean front. The houses there held about three family per unit. She lived on Maple Drive a house furthest out-of-the-way. Luckily, she drives because public transportation is terrible out here.

Tala notice her car sitting in the driveway. ‘Why is she not answering my calls?’ she thought. She walked up to the door and pressed the bell. She waited for a proximity two minutes before Maggie answered the door smelling like some bar that held drunks in it to many days.

“Maggie what’s wrong?”

Maggie collapsed in Talia’s arms and began to cry nonstop.

“He left Talia. Just up and left. He didn’t even wait till I was home on Friday. He left while I was at work. Worst yet he moved over seas. can you believe this shit?” Maggie slurred as they walked into her apartment.

Talia sat her down and looked at the place. It looked like she broke everything she could find that was his.

“Maggie just lay down and I’ll help you.”

“You can’t help, nobody can help. I’m alone once again and you’re throwing your opportunity to have someone love you away. What at pair we are.” Maggie said as she nodded off on the couch.

“Wow that’s how you really feel hugh?”

It took Talia close to three hours to get Maggie’s place back in order. She made black coffee for her and made her drink two. Then take two extra strength Tylenol to help with her head.

Talia waited until Maggie was clear enough to tell her what happened. Mitch left to go to Europe for a new job. He didn’t see the need to carry the relationship on because it wasn’t working out anyway. Maggie chuckled a little.

“You know he’s right. Why did I care anyway?”

“Because you’re a loving person and you want that in return. Nothing wrong with that.”

“Enough about me and nobody. How’s things with Julius?”

“It’s complicated.”

“Aww. man. Do you want him?”


“Does he want you?”

“Yea, but…”

“Then no but’s. Just go with it. Whatever it is I’m pretty sure it can be worked out. If he treats you well and makes you happy and, in the end, loves you. Then you have it made.” Maggie said as she sipped more coffee.

“But he pushes my button’s.”

“Good. Shit let him push away. He had the guts to tell you something I couldn’t. You need that. Are you afraid you can’t give him what he wants?”

Maggie looked at Talia watching her reaction to the question.

“Listen you don’t know what you’re capable of if you don’t try. You never know he might be your happy ever after.”

‘Yeah if she only knew that the prince had some special needs.’ Talia thought.

She left Maggie’s place at ten. She decided that she is going to decide yes or not that night.


Talia sat in front of two list that said all the reason why she should not go through with it and why she should.  The shouldn’t, had a substantial amount. The should’s, had three. She had made up her mind.

She called Julius and waited for him to answer,

“Hello Talia. How are you tonight.”

“Why did he have to sound so smooth. Oh, it’s so helping his cause .”

“I have come to the decision that on paper. this is not a fit. But I want to see how this goes between us so yes, Julius I will yours. ”

Julius could not help laughing at her decision. She is exactly what he wanted. Now to show her, that he is what she needed.

“Talia, I will pick you up Friday night at seven. We will put the pen to paper and finalize everything.”

“You’re making this sound so cold.” Talia said with an uncertain tone in her voice.

“Oh no. Friday will be far from cold. Oh and pack to stay until Sunday.” He told her.

“She was excited and nervous rolled into one. “Goodnight Julius. ” She said.

“Good night my pet.” He said as he hung up.

‘Did he say pet?”

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