Floating in the Black (The light)

(Then there came light)

As I float in the vastness of the black. I do see that there are miniature speckles of light. Though occurred to me that I may be in space.

“That is crazy. There is no air in space and clearly I am breathing.”

“Are you?”

“Am I what? Breathing. Yes I can feel my chest rising and falling.”

“That is just sensory memory.”

“So, I am not breathing?” I whispered.

“That is correct. You have traveled to a dimension that you apparently like immensely.”

“Excuse me? Liked is not what I would describe my experience of my life.”

“Interesting. Then why did you not return to the set time and place for departure? You were to return four years prior.”

“Four years? Where was I supposed to return to?”


“Would you stop with the interesting. That is not helping.”

While I felt myself about to loose my shit. I see a bright light come towards me. It was small and kept increasing in size.

“What is going on?”

There was no more voice answering me and before I knew what was happening, a strang thingy was flying before my eyes. Everything was out of focus. The light was starting to give me a headache and what ever was before my eyes would not stop moving.

“Oh, hooray your back. Thank you marcus.”

‘Who is talking and who is Marcus?’ I thought.

I was able to move and the room was able to move with me.

“Oh goodness get her a unit. The contents of her meal will evacute her system in 3,2,1—“

The contents did evacuate my system and I just wanted to die.

My vision was clearing and I see where some of the bright light was coming from. there was a wasp with a light shooting out of its chest and into my eye’s. I was about to swat it. when my hand was held by another hand?

“Oh, no,no,no. Please do not destroy the medical personel.”

“The what?”

“Oh I knew you were going to be worse than the last time. They are medical personnel that were assisting with taking care of you.”

I look towards the voice. It was a man or woman who stood next to me. “Who are you?

“I am more of a what, than a who.”

“Who are you. I am Emma. Your personal assistant.”

That sounds a lot like a who?

“Please forgive me. I am an artifiacial intelligent android.”

“Android. I know what that is.”

“Good, then all is not loss.” The android said as it walked towards me with a slight sway. It was more graceful than I was and It made me wonder more at what kind of predicament I was in.

“What year are we in?’

“The year is 2325. We are under One rule and the rule is called Sterk. We are a scientific society and the one thrives one information to better our society.”

“Alright.” the flying things that swirled around me went to the android and flashed a series of lights at it.

“Physically you are unharmed. Mentally you have damage a considerate amount of grey and white matter.”

“There saying I have brain damage?”

“That is correct. It is estimated that we can wait for a monu for you to recover or we can attached the cent and speed up the process.”


“It would be considered a month in the dimension you were in and before you ask cent is an insect like creature that attaches to the spine and inject venom that stimulate brain matter to heal.”

“That sounds sick and painful. I’ll wait a month.”

(You Would) I heard the voice and I turn to my left and I can see where it came from.

(Do not speak. I am in your mind and we can converse this way.)

(Who are you?”)

(I am the Black)

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Floating in the Black. (pt 1 No Body)

(The black moves and surrounds you. The black has a voice, that offers choices. Finally the black knows all. Annette Porter the manager of a medical office that was created to heal the masses that are willing to try experimental treatment.
This job was not what she thought it would when she answered the advertisement. Tired, disgruntled and trapped in a life and career she never truly wanted. She agreed to go to the holiday party.
At the holiday party she was s in need to use the facilities. She was shown 12 doors and only one was her destination. Or is it?)

(From birth we emerge from the black only to die and return to the black. In between is movement)

The house that was rented to celebrate the holiday Christmas party was more than what was required. There was three floors that held a right and left wing. The front door was something out of the imagination of a carpenter in medieval times. It stood over ten feet tall. Who were they expecting and what medical disorder did they have that made them grow so tall?

There were also the ivory pillars and the circular driveway that also led to the garden that the estate was on. Yes you heard me, estate. Our office party coordinator wanted to have the holiday party out where no one and I mean no one would have wanted. I see all the smiles and glances of the items that they were fearful to touch.

There were also the mumblings. “How could they afford this when we had to for fit our raises this year?”

Yeah this was a three day old meatball crap storm just waiting to drop.

“I want to welcome all of you to the Rory Manor. The Kimble’s have graciously allowed us to have a party on their estate, free of charge. I would like all of you to show them  appreciation by clapping for our host.”

Ah the Kimble’s. Now things were beginning to fall into place. The Kimble’s were one of the richest families in the whole United States. They own the company M-C Life. They created and fabricated vaccines in large quantities very quickly. They have been trying to get our small company to try their experimental drug, zint.

(Zint is supposed to reverse the sign of damage to the brain after trauma.)

 I decided that it was time for me to leave the festivities.

“Are you going so soon, Annette?”

“I do not agree with this. They are wining and dining us until they can catch us with our pants down. I’m going to use the bathroom and make my way out of here.” I said to Mitchel, our office finance officer, as I walked up to the second landing looking for the bathroom.

What I came up against is 12 doors. All were closed and none said bathroom on it.


“Can I help you?” a voice that was the typical one you would hear come out of a butler in a black and white old movie.

I turned to find exactly what I thought.

“I need to use the bathroom. Can you point it out please?”

He looked a little annoyed and yet I did not care.

“Go straight to the last door on the right. Do not open any of the others. Keep on the path and you will be at your destination.”

Really, destinations. I shook my head and went straight down the hall to the last door on the right. The bathroom was beautiful. Model lighting, marble counter top. The soft hue of coral with hints of gold everywhere. It was out of a dream.

I took a deep breath in and the air had a subtle hint of sweet vanilla and almond. I went to handle my business and once I was done the toilet flushed and the water faucet turned on. this is the moment I gave a look of awe at what rich people would pay for. I went to wash my hands and noticed in the mirror I looked tired.

It was not the two fine lines of crow’s feet or the one line that was starting to appear on my forehead. It was my eyes itself. They looked like my mom’s after working an all-nighter at the nursing home. A tear threaten to escape. This was not the life I wanted. I wanted to travel and see things.

Instead I baby sit people who seem to think that the office will fall apart if they were let go, so they do as they wish. I went and dried my hands and left the bathroom. I pulled the door closed and the door next to it creaked open. I did not care. I wanted out of the estate. So as I walked past the door and  pulled the knob to close it. Only to be abruptly  sucked into, into— the black.

There was no floor or walls. I should feel as if I was falling but what I felt was that I am there. Just there. Not up or down. What pulled me in has no hold. I can breath. But when I breath out, I do not hear a sound.

“You are in the black.” A voice said. It came from all over.

“You have been chosen to experience several lives, on several different planes of existence.”

I had to have fallen and hit my head. I will wake up in a hospital, with an IV in my arm and a nurse that looks as if I am wasting her time.

“You are not where you once were and you are not who you once were.”

‘Why me?’ I thought

“You will discover the answer to the why.”

‘Can I go home?’ 


“Depends on what?”

“You Annette Porter. Your choices will lead you.”

‘Lead me home?’

The voice was silent and I knew the answer.

‘Will I just stay here?’

“Time is minute and you will soon arrive to your life.”

“Excuse me? I am living correct?

“The shell is gone, yet your conscious lives on. Prepare for your beginning Annette Porter.”

Fear creeps in and I feel as if I was on the verge of a super nova of emptions. I do not have a body. I look at my hands and I feel them rise but I see nothing.

I have no body and all I see is the black.

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Making a Fantasy into a Memory (Adult content)

The Vampire Diaries Black And White Nina Dobrev Paul Wesley Passionate  Elena GIF | Gfycat

(Hello my fire starters it’s been awhile and I am hard at work with projects right now but I wanted to give you a one shot pop to let you know I’m still here. Enjoy and let me know how much. Let us burn)

Looking at my reflection in the mirror I see all the changes I went through being attached to my first and only lover. The only man I allowed ever to see it all. The only hands that travel every curve and valley. That was all gone.

I knew what I was agreeing to when we started. No strings and with that he agreed to show and do things that I would never allow another soul to do. At least while we were together.

It was time to leave and go enjoy life. But before I left this little town there was someone I needed to say goodbye too.

Club Covert

It was three in the morning on a Thursday night. Nothing was really happening at the club and L.J. was about to close when he seen her. The woman who tormented his developmental years in high school. The last he heard she had went away to study abroad. Now she was here in his bar.

She looked as if the time away did her good. She was always pretty but something has changed. Of course she is more shapely than before but that was not it.

She walked up and sat at the bar and stared right at him. It was not a timid look. It was focused. Focused on him and it made every single cell in his body rise to the occasion.

Her hazel green eyes were lined with black liner and her lashes help emphases their beauty. He walked over to her and asked what was having? He knew she did not remember him. He was not someone that drew to much attention to him self in school. Tall and a bit too skinny. Always had his nose in a book.

“Hey L.J.” she said.

She remembered him and the way she said his name brought back memories of dreams long past.

“Hey. It’s been a while?”

She smiled with here softly painted lips the color of sweet caramel. She had her braces removed too.

“It’s been four years.” She said without breaking her focus.

“Your back to stay?” He asked hoping it would be a yes so he could plan a strategy on how to get this woman in his bed later.

“No.” again she smiled. He wondered what was it that was amusing her.

“Oh, you never told what you want to drink.” He asked as he began to fill a glass with ice.

“You.” He stopped with the ice and looked at her. She showed no sign of being timid. That is what was changed. She was on a hunt and he was on the menu. He did not know how to feel about that.

“Really what do you want t–” he was cut off by her lips moving and whispered words of “I came back for you tonight.”

He looked around the place and the only customers that was left was Georgie the local drunk and Pam. They both needed to leave because the place was about to close and he wanted to talk to her alone.

“Alright guys it’s time to go. You know the rules.”

“What about her. she stay?” Pam asked with her ratted wig and gin breath.

“Of course. My cousin comes to town to see me she stays. Family ya know.”

Pam left and so did Georgie after whispering “kissing cousins”.

L.J. locked up and turned to the only woman who could make him do cartwheels.

“So you came here for me? Why? You never paid any attention to me before.” She turned around and her brown hair kissed with the sun fell over her shoulder. She wore a satin black dress that clinged to her waist showing that her hips were equally as full as her breasts.

“You talk a lot when your caught off guard. I remember that.” She stood up on heels that should not be comfortable but no sign of pain crossed her face.

She walked up to him and stopped a half an inch away. His breathing did begin to speed a bet but he licked his bottom lip moistening them as his eyes roamed her skin.

‘L.J. I will leave in the morning but I could not go without knowing how we would be together.” She leaned in close enough he felt her breath on his throat.

He never wanted to be a one night but he did not want to think later in life I should have. He bent over and glided his lips over hers. He felt the touch of her tongue leaving a warm trace in it’s wake as she withdrew it.

“Are you sure?” He whispered breathing heavier and feeling the pressure build against his jeans.

She stepped away a little and dropped her dress. She wore a barely there bra that lifted her quarter sized nipples that were getting hard before his eye.

“L.J. tonight relax I want it as bad as you do and don’t hold back. I don’t break.”

He grabbed neck and pulled her head to his. He was not going to hold back. In one night he will release all those fantasies about her on her. His tongue dominated and staked it’s claim in her mouth. They tasted and breathed each other in.

Lifted her up and laying her on the table they were close to. He spread her thighs and enjoyed the view of the thong that was going to be destroyed. He took the blade he had in pocket and cut it off. She watched as he turned into the man that he controlled in front of every one.

“What are you waiting for? Lick and suck me.” She said as he gotten the green light to go. His tongue was hot and broad. He suck,lick and nipped until she began to ride his mouth. He pulled away when she was on the verge of exploding.

“No. Cum when I say, cum.” There it was the husky wanting command. Where was that in high school?

She did not see when his pants had dropped or when he glided the condom on his thick, long shaft.

“Look at me.” he said and when my eyes met his, he pushed his full length in. Arching her back and accepting the exquisite fullness of him was incredible. He was in a rush and she was not.

His goal was to memorize the feel of her muscle milking his shaft as it trembles around him. He knew he should have slowed down but her body was ready by the sound of their bodies slapping together. The rhythmic movement of her breast going in time with his thrusts was hypnotic.

He felt his sac tighten and he did not want to let go before she did but it was time and it was beginning to happen whether he wanted to or not.

“Cum with me.” He said as he thrusted into her soaked channel and she did.

His grip was leaving marks on her skin and they both road the wave.

She laid back on the table as she felt him withdraw. He bent over to lift his pants when he heard.

“My flight is in five hours. Before then I want your mouth to have traveled all over me as mine will do yours. So get rid of those cloths and get ready for round two.”

The hours went by too quickly and she was true to her word. He had taken her every square inch of the place that when they shared their finally kiss and she walked out of the club. He had to pull himself together and clean the place.

He smiled as the mop glided across the floor. He lick his swollen lips still tasting her. He did his best to implant a memory of himself in her hoping she will come back.

He was not mad at her though. Gloria was better than the fantasy ever could have been.


L.J. was amazing and she thought she may come back and see him. Then she smiled remembering the lesson her mentor and lover told her.

“It’s best to have one night. That you gave and received the best than to have every night wanting the first night again.”

She’ll never go back, the memory is all she’ll need.

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{B.I.R. Conterie} Do you bleed 8

The sun been was glaring off the road and Joshua could not understand why she was not burning to a crisp.

I felt his eyes on me and I knw he was trying to find a weakness. The only thing that he knew of is my hunger and that is not a weakness. I had my mind but the hunger drives me past human dignity.

“So where are we going?”

“Not far. I need you two to understand the absolute.”

“The absolute?”

I nodded and turned off the road. I can hear him rousing his sister awake. His heart beat started speeding up.

“Louisa, don’t show fear.” He whispered in his sisters ear.

I stopped the car near a cliff. “Get out.”

They both exited the vehicle and I walked over to the cliff and looked at the scenery.

“Listen to me. You tried running and normally I would have killed you both but I gave my word so I am going to tell you the Absolute.”

Joshua looked as if he was ready for a fight. Louisa’s eyes opened just a bit wider.

“The Absolute is that your time is limited. I need your blood ant your body. I have given my word not to harm you and I wont. But I will bleed you and let the others feed from you.”

“That is harm?”

“Harm has different hues. A cut here and there will let you live. My word is safe. but the ones that will feed on you—. That is who you will have to worry about.”

I stood there looking out at the trees swaying.

“All I see is you.” Louisa said

Ahh she has a mouth’ I thought.

“Is that all you see?”

I turned quicker than human eyes can register and took her half way down the cliff where she seen that there was a nest of vampires resting in one of the cavern openings. I took her back up with a powerful jump and place her back on her feet.

“Tell your brother what you seen.”

“Josh, their is a nest below us with allot of them.”

“Are you trying to scare us?”

“I have proved a point. At any time, anywhere I can drive you near a nest and dispose of you. You run again and I will do what I say. Now collect your sister and get back into the car.”

I watched as he guided her frightened body into the vehicle. He was frightened but he was not going to show me he was.


We drove for hours and my sister needed some food. She did her job well she scared the crap out of Louisa. She would not try to leave again and I know the look on her face when she was mentally zoning out.

“We need to eat.” I told her.

“We are going to stop at the next exit. There is a place there you can have something to eat.”

“A vamp place?”

“Of course. Is there any other?”

For some reason he could tell she was being sarcastic. They turned off the road and there was a diner about a few miles down. It was surrounded by a convenience store and a hotel.

He wondered what kind of money they made bein it was far off the highway.

“Go in and order what you want. Get something sweet in her. She’d been in shock a bit too long.” She told me.

I hate her. I will kill her once she gets what she wants. At the moment the only thing I want is to get Louisa back into shape.

We entered the diner and there were not to many people inside. It was more than I thought. We sat in the booth near the back.

The waitress came to us quickly.

“What would you like?”

“Do you have any sweet tea?”

“Of course. “She said with a smile. She was young and looked out of place here.

“Can we get two cheese burgers and fries with the ice tea?”

She nodded and walked off.

“Louisa snap out of it.”

“She’s going to kill us.” She mumbled

“No she won’t I have a plan but I need you to shake out of what ever is going on with you.”

The waitress came back with the sweet tea and she drank it. The coloring in her cheeks were showing. Joshua looked around for their capture. Where was she?”

“Looking for someone?”

A deep voice came from behind them. A man reading a paper and was drinking what looked like coffee asked them.

“We came with someone and I can’t seem to see her.”

“She ‘s talking to the owner over there. Didn’t you see her come in?”

Josh was tired and didn’t need to be question by this stranger.

“Listen I run the hotel across the way. Reasonable rates. You and your friend look like you need some rest. Come by and get a room.”

The man stood up and left the table behind them. He was tired of driving and did not sleep well last night after their failed attempt of escape.

The food came piping hot and they devoured it.

“I see you were hungry.” She said as she stood behind Louisa.

“What is your name?”




“Well you know I will kill you when I get a chance.”

She smile at his threat.

“I should hope so.”

That stopped him from eating.


“I would hate to drain you for not reason, other than the map.” She said with a smile.

They both stopped eating.

“Finished? Good lets go.”

“Where now?”

“To the hotel. I need to get something and you two need to stay put. Run and I will let that old man eat you.”

“He’s a vamp?”

“Yeah, didn’t look like one right?”

So why would she risk leaving them in another hotel? A hotel runed by an old vampire. What did she have to get that was so important? All this answered in the next blog. Tell me how you like it so far.

{B.I.R. Conterie} Do you bleed 7

Pi Hole Pizzeria - CLOSED - 44 Photos & 35 Reviews - Chicken ...

My incisors were hurting my gums. I was trying not to think of the hunger. It’s been hours since I fed and those two were starting to smell delicious.

After driving for what felt like an eternity. She finally got them to a safe house out side of town. It was hidden from anyone’s view. You could not spot it from above or ground level.

I walked in and lit the lanterns so we can all see.

“You have to be kidding me. No electricity?”

“None. Be happy that I do have indoor plumbing. There are two bedrooms. Get some rest tonight. When I wake you will be leaving.”

“Now you wait a minute. Our lives are not yours to boss around. We deserve the right to know what this blood jewel is and why is it more important than our well being.” He demanded

I looked at him as my stomach balled into a knot. He has never been around our kind or else he would know that I was barely keeping it together.

“We will talk when I return.”

“Wait ,were hungry.” She said as her brother grabbed my arm. I let out a low guttural growl that made him let go.

“I have stayed here a little to long. I am trying not to rip your throats out but you are pushing me.” I said as I charged out the door. I felt sorry for anyone in the five to ten mile radius. I was wild with hunger and if those two were not off limits to me, I would have had them both.

I walked out of the door and my senses reached out for miles for a meal. I made sure that no one was around when I speed off into the distance. I heard the plan they hatched up about leaving and taking the car. They will be dealt with when I return but l also wanted them to learn that their lives will never again be safe again. Hard lesson to learn.


“Listen it’s been twenty minutes. We need to go now if we want to get out of this situation.” Ronnie told his sister.

Her eyes were red from the amount of tears that fell from them. He wanted to feel sorry for his sister but he wasn’t. This was not the first time that she gotten them into a situation that he should not be involved in.

She was a magnet for bad new, the problem is that she liked to drag him into her situations. This time he could die. All the hole marks in his skin had his adrenaline pumping. He needed to go.

Opening the door and seeing that she was no where near . Ran to the car and hoped in. His sister was on his heels. He knew she left the key to the car inside. He laughed when the thought of self preservation was more powerful than her threats.

“They will find us.” Luisa said

“You know I should kick you out of the car. I have scabs on my body that I am trying not to focus too much on since they definatly look like puncture marks. Why do you have to get me into this shit?”

She started to cry harder and he was about to loss his patience.

“I’m sorry. I wanted to see if this guy was truly family. We’ve been alone for so long.”

It bothered him that she still looked for family. He never wanted to know if they had any alive. Since they didn’t care if they were.

“Look were going to get some place where we can ditch the car, get something to eat and we have to be on the run again.”

She wiped her eyes and stopped the water works finally. He needed quiet so he could focus.

They drove until they seen a motel. It was a dive but he needed to rest and eat. he was feeling light headed but he did not want to worry his sister.

He seen that right next to the place was a chicken place. That will hit the spot.

“Louisa go get us something to eat. I will get us a room and meet back at the car ok?”

She nodded and left.

He estimated they had been driving for an hour. That is enough time time to get some distance between then and the vamp.

They met back at the car and went to room 429. It had a double bed and a bathroom. It was good enough. He wanted to eat and sleep for a couple of hours before they left again.

They were exhausted. He fell asleep right after eating. He had a dream that he was being surrounded by faces that had teeth but no eyes. One approached him and was about to bite when he woke to see Jacqueline sitting by the window watching them sleep.


“I will always find you.”

He noticed that her eyes were black. Is this how they look when they feed?

“Since we all ate. I will allow you to rest for a couple of hours more. We leave at dawn.

“Do you rest in the day.”

“I’m special. I never truly rest.”

That made his heart drop as he laid his head back down on the flat pillow.

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Thoughts that Run. Adult

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Hello my fire starters and being that this is the beginning of the week it may seem that this train of thought is unusual. Never the less it is there and I need to purge it from my mind so I can have it filled with other thoughts.

Here it is the beginning of the week and my eye roam over a sight that I have seen a million times. Normally I would see it and a slight stir at best may happen. But tonight something else happens.

The sight triggers a memory, that triggers other sensory issues. What am I looking at? A back that is broad and muscular that goes down to the most delious ass.

Wearing a cologne that illicit a response that I did not think would happen. Since it’s been a while since it has. The slight tightening that kegel exercise can not mimic. If I were a male I would be at attention. He turns and what catches my eye.

Was it those treacherous nipples that stand at attention taunting me. No. It was the way the waist of his shorts hung low. Showing that dip that leads to what my occupied exisistance wants.

He laid next to me unknowing what I was thinking and that it put a smile on my face. He did not know that I was playing so many scenarios of adulterated delights.

“Are you coming to bed soon?” He asked as he streached out. Eyes againg going over a body that I have put to memory.

He caught my covert looks and he lifted a leg. Yes I remember that move and I recall what is to come next.

“I’m cumming to bed now.” I told him. He knew what I meant and especially what I want.

{B.I.R. Conterie} Do you bleed pt 6

The forgotten art of hitchhiking — and why it disappeared - Vox

I had what I came for in my hand and two blood bags along with it. Why would he make me take his blood with me? He had a twisted mind and I felt sorry for the both of them.

“Get in the back you two and if I think you would try anything I will drain you until you are both close to death.”

“Louisa stop crying now. I am alright. But you have to tell me what you gotten us into.”

Louisa looked at the mirror in the front, to seel if Jacqueline was looking as well.

“I do not have to look at you. I can hear the beating of a flies wings a hundread miles away. So you might as well tell your bother what you have done to forfeit both your lives.”

She burst out crying again and her brother looked at me as if he could kill me he would.

“Shh and tell me.”

“I was working at the office and I recieved this envelope adress to me from a Mathew St.John.”

“Oh man he really took this bible name thing to heart.’ Jacqueline thought.

“So I opened it and it said that he was a long lost relative that will save your life. But I had to meet him at the tunnel and he will explain. So I did as he said because I thought you were in trouble.

He told me that he wanted to contact an old aquaitance and she will save you.”

“It sounded like he set this whole thing up Louisa.”

“No he said that a message was sent out that a jewel could be found by a map and that he held the map. So they were to kill his living descendants to get him out of hiding.”

“So why her? He seems to be stronger than her.” He asked

“He said that she wanted it more than anyone and she will not allow us to die. But he did not say anything else.”

She cried more into her brother’s chest as Jacqueline mulled over the information. He thinks he will not allow them to die. She has changed and their lives meant nothing to her. But her life does.

“I am going to take you somewhere that is safe. I need to get a few things and if what you say is true, the both of you are targets that I have to hide.”

“I want you to let us out of here. We can take care of our selves.”

She stopped the car on the road and looked at them both.

“Get out then. This time when they capture you and drain you to death I will not rescue you. They will probably torture your sister first so you can tell them that I have the map but that will not help but only speed what was planed for the both of you anyway.”

“So we have to trust you?”

“No. I would have killed you. But I will keep you breathing for as long as I can. If you get yourself killed then it is not my fault and that is one less family member I will have to look after. After all you are both young enough to have children. Only one needs to live.”

They both looked at her with shock from her bluntness.

“Well are you leaving?”

“They did not move and that was enough of there demands she will tolerate.

“This is how it is. You listen and follow my orders. Do not order me because I do not follow orders. Try me and I will hurt you without shedding a tear. Now keep quiet and come to terms with your new life. I have to drive.”

Fia has been at it again!

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Hello my fire starters. I want to announce that I have started a second blog called Solving Secrets by P. Du Sang. This site is for my mystery lovers and those who do not favor fantasy so much.

It is a series that I am developing that will have giveaways and hopefully a more inter active feel to it. So you guessed it Fia is also P. Du Sang. Pop over there for my introduction.

As for my fantasy lovers fia still is burning to give it to you. The TCOD will resume and the BIR will continue. I will be removing my Slow burn for now .

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{B.I.R. Conterie} Do you bleed pt 5

I love quiet. The sound of the engine is all I need to hear to keep me in a tranquil state. No I have him sitting next to me fidgetting. I tried my best to ignore him but as human beings are so irritatingly obvious when they need to talk. I decided to break my silence.

“Are you feeling better?”

“Yes thank you.”

“Go ahead ask the question.”

He sat there contemplating was it a good idea to ask, what ever it is that was in his crowded head.

“How is it that I had an allergic reaction to latex, when the last thing I remember was I was at a restaurant with a couple of potential clients?”

“Mmm that is where they picked him up.’

“I found you at Moritzio place. They were on the verge of feasting on you.”

“Excuse me?”

“Yes you were laid out on the table in your underclothes and they were about to eat.”

I never see a face turn that shade of green before.”

“How did Louisa get involved in all of this.”

“She put up a cryptic message on the v-web. No one bit. I figure it was because they could not decipher the old tongue. She promise to give me something that I have been searching for in exchange for you. Alive.”

He took a deep breath before he spoke again.

“So your one of them?”

I thought it was funny how the human world throw the word vampire around like it was the best thing to be created but when coming face to face with one they could never say the word.

“I am a non breather. Is that easier for you to say?”

“I can say vampire.”

“Ahh so your balls finally dropped. Good for you. We are coming up to the turn. Let me tell you something and I want you to understand I mean it when I say. I will slit, drip, and hang you dry if she does not have what she agreed on. You got that?”

He nodded his head and I can start to smell the fear build.

I turned into an abandon railway and drove far enough to get cover. I stopped the car and seen her standing there further inside. A little to far.

“Your girl is going to try to kill me. Bad move.”

“She’s not my girl. She’s my sister.”

“Too bad I have to leave a mark on that skin of hers. Get out.”

He looked at me as if he was pleading but he did as he was told.

“I have him. Do you have what I want?”

“Yes. Ronnie are you alright?”

‘Ronnie hugh?’

“Your brother is fine. Now come to me with it or I will kill him as he stands.”

She licked her lips nervously and walked towards me slowly.

I heard the movement that only the dead could make. I grabbed Ronnie by the throat and I heard her call out “NO”.

“Who is there in the shadows. Come forward.”

The laughter preceded the body. I knew the laugh, I knew the man.”

“Hello Jacqueline, it’s been sometime, hasn’t it.”

“Not long at all Paul.”

“It is Mathew now.”

I shook my head only those who live as long as he would change his name to the apostles. Sick F–ck.

“Did you bring what I want?” I looked at the girl. She looked at Mathew and I knew she did not have it.

“Please,please,please don’t kill him. He should not been involved in this to begin with. It’s my fault.”

“Then his death will be just punishment.”

“Jacqueline let him go. I have the map to find it.”

“Why let him go?”

“These two are of my blood and I will kill you if you kill them.”

“I’m fast because I am old but he is faster and older.”

“Let me see it.”

He pulled it out of jacket pocket to show her. She let him go and his sister ran to him.

“Hand it over.”

Mathew walked towards her in a knew style. When you live as long as they do, they try to change certain aspects of themselves to kill the monotony.

He handed the paper over and grabbed her at the wrist with uncanny speed.

“I want you to take them with you to find it.”

“That was not the deal.”

“It is now and I dare you to defy me.”

She could not defy him. He was one of the elders and for him to be involved meant her life was null and void.

“What is this to you, Mathew?”

“Let’s just say. You will need those two more than you know.”

I hate cryptic talks but I hated being under anyone’s thumb even more.

“Fine” I mumbled

He leaned in and took a long sniff. “OB+ better stock up. They must return without your fangs in either of them.”

Tell that to the mouse, not to eat the cheese.

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{B.I.R. Conterie} Do you bleed pt 4

While he slept I thought about how things were set up to do the exchange. The sun is up and the grazers are all up doing what they do best, eat.

I tried to keep my mind off the increasing hunger. I knew that I had to stop off at Jim’s. He really was a desprit move for me. He was an incomplete ghoul. For some reason he never fully turned. He served a master for a century until he was murdered in his sleep.

Normally a ghoul would turn human again but it did not work. It was like his DNA was stuck in limbo. so he had no master but he had a penchant to try to pimp himself out as a hired ghoul.

His place looked like a dive with junk in the front of his shop that he calls antiques. I pulled around back where he had a closed in garage for our kind of business.

I made sure to scan the place before parking my car. The blood bag was sleeping still. Which is the perfect opportunity to get what I need.

I walked into his shop by the connecting door to have his rotted out teeth smile waiting for me.

“What can I do for you today? Do you need that body disposed of. I have a shredder in the upstairs bedroom.”

“Jim cool it. I need a bag of the exotic OB+. Do you have it?”

“OB+ is rare to come by. Some say it is so rare that you can get your self killed by having it on hand.”

“What’s with the speech? Do you have it or not?”

He looked at me straight while his left eye wandered right.

“Of course I got it but it will cost ya and no tabs. My supplier is getting antsy delivering it to me.”

I nodded and gave him the cash. He pulled out half a gallon of OB+. That’s all an undead would need to stay filled until the sun set. For some reason it’s like a super food to us.

“Can I ask where your gonna go with the blood bag?”

“None of your business Jim. Thanks for the pic me up.”

“You know I am here to serv–., to help you if you need me.”

There was the slip of the tongue. “Serve”. I do not have ghouls they are a permanent reminder of the mistake I made by choosing this existence.

“I’ll keep you in mind.”

That made his day by the look on his face. I should just kill him but he has been a vital part of our community and since he serviced his masters killing it would be a shame to end his life now.

I walked back to my car to be greeted by a partially awaken man.

“Hey what is going on?”

The blood loss would interfere with memory.

“Again I am taking you to someone who wants you back badly.”

“Yeah you told me that before. Is she here?”

He turned his head to quickly and he almost passed out.

“Relax, you will be with her within the hour.”

“He sat back as I pulled out of the garage. He started scratching a scab from and injection site. I was not hungry but I will not be able to hide his scent if he bled.

“Stop scratching.”

“My skin feel like it’s on fire.”

I looked over to see a rash starting to appear on him.

“Are you allergic to latex?”

“Yes, why?”

Shit I had to get him antihistamine quick. Nothing ever goes smoothly in this world.

“You were in a clinic where they had latex gloves. I need to get you some medicine fast.”

“Just get my epi pen from my bag.”

He looked for his bag and realized he did not have it.

“Where is my bag?”

“No clue, hang on. I’ll pull up to this clinic bus and get you what you need.”

The medical bus was a front for emergency help for our kind. I hope they have what I need.

“Hello can I help—“

“I need a epi pen quickly.”

“He’s bleeding. It smells so lovely.”

Hey, focus. Epi Pen, Now!”

She manage to get out of the haze to get what I asked for. I gave it to him to eject it into his thigh. My strength would send the needle to the bone.

“That will be 2 marks.”

I handed over the payment and drove off. I knew I just put myself on radar. I needed to unload him quickly. The sun will eventually set and I am pretty sure I will be summoned.

“I’m starving.”

“Yeah well you’ll eat soon, so just sit there silently and don’t scratch another scab off.” I said with annoyance.

She better have that jewel or I’ll end both of there lives.

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