Come, come and see what’s Burning

Hey fire starters, how’s it burning? If you haven’t noticed, the scenery is taken on different look. You will see stories shift into their rightful place. It will be easier for you will find what you desire. It will take me a few days to get things in order.

For my shifter fans another exert of Marcel and Juni, are coming your way. Certain things will be revealed that should stay between us, but how can I ask my fire starters to control their flames.

Not only will you have your stories in their rightful categories, but these announcements will have their spot as well.

OH! let me not forget that some of these stories will have a pod cast attachment. Hmm, I wonder who would like that?

This music you can find on YouTube. No one wants a copy right infringement. Until next time my fire starters. Let it burn.

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