Fia Naturie

Exhibition 2

Sir walked over to were I was. God help me my heart stopped. The way he walked exuded power and control. The qualities only certain types possessed. “Come to me fia. You have been very bad. You are always to good at being bad. I must dish out the punishment for that blatant exhibition. You did not ask for my permission to touch your self.” He said in his deep voice that I felt vibrating to my toe’s. The look in his eyes were wild with desire, hidden by his cool demeanor.

I walked to Sir, with both excitement and fear. Excitement from the punishment he will deal out. Fear of who was on the other end of that phone call. He took me by the hand and lead me to the bed. I was told to lay face down. I tried to control my breathing. I knew what he was going to do. My legs began to tremble as I did what sir wished of me.

In the closet at the back. Sir held his secrets. What would seem ordinary to every one is turned into something more. He went for the four plum-colored tie’s. You may think, so unoriginal. On the contrary. The center of these tie’s held a special cord. This cord is controlled by a remote control, that sir held in his secret place. I must have been very naughty for him to take them out.

Sir tied all four appendages to the post of the bed. My sex hued red and moistened by my attention to it earlier was exposed for sir’s delight’s.
I felt a hard thrust of three fingers into me. I let out a little scream and I felt the first sting of sir’s hand. “Did I say you can make a sound?” He waited to see if I would answer without his permission. I knew better. He flicked his longest finger, grasping the base of my pussy and immediately withdrew his fingers. Leaving me lost and longing for them to return. I could not help to let out a whimper with his withdrawal. “Smack” the other cheek felt the sting of his hand.

Then the doorbell rang. Sir still did not tell me who he called on the phone. “Fia, I will return shortly. Until then you will have a blind fold on. Your hands are tied so I know you will not be able to take it off. Do not worry. I do know your hard limit and will respect your wishes.” He leaned over to put the blind fold on and I breathe the essence of him deeply. The fact that he reassured me that he remembered my hard limit was all the comfort I needed. You maybe thinking to your self what is her hard limit? It’s very simple. I will not be penetrated by no other than sir.

I heard sir leave the room and open the front door. My heart was already beating fast, due to the punishment coming to me, but who is here?

“Fia, since you are feeling very free. I see no need to keep your desires hidden. I will not tell you who is here until the end. You are my exquisite jewel and I want to show them how I take care of you.”

Who is here? And what is sir going to do to me? I started to tremble again. This time with anticipation.
“Have a seat. Fia is in a sharing mood and I feel a little generous my self.” Sir said to someone.
Before I knew what was happening my legs were spread further revealing my clit and I felt it. A slight vibration. Sir knew how my body reacted to the vibrator. So slowly he increased the intensity. My legs were shaking uncontrollably. The I felt the sting of sir hand on my heated ass again. The more I showed I enjoyed the vibration the more he spanked me until my lower abdomen started to quiver and I came screaming from over sensitivity. Sir removed the vibrator.

“Good girl Fia. You are so wet and inviting. You have made me so pleased.” Sir said as he massaged my thighs. “But we have only just begun.”

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