Fia Naturie

Exhibition 3

Sir hands started to massage my warm thighs. I felt myself being so wet and yet a bit anxious. There are people in the room and I just came. I do trust my Sir to have my best interest at heart, but I am totally exposed.
“Fia, since you came so beautifully for me. Our guest has a request for you to cum multiple times. They will help with stimulating you until every drop of the beautiful fluid reveals itself.”
Now I was slightly panicked. They are going to help?
I heard the vibrator turn back on and then it seemed like another had turned on. Then a third. There are two other’s in the room. I felt sir’s vibrator placed on my clit. Then I felt the other two on my nipples. I knew I must have been a sight. My body immediately reacted towards the stimulation. I whimpered from the pleasure of it. I felt me getting close to the edge. My lower abdomen started to quiver.
“Cum for me Fia.” Sir commanded. I could not hold back the force of my orgasm. He lifted the vibrator. The other’s followed suit. Then before I could recover Sir put it back on my aching clit. I screamed out from the pleasure of it.
I felt sir’s other hand spread my lips and tease the opening of my pussy. I wanted him to enter so badly.
“Do you want me to fill you with my fingers?” Sir asked. I could hardly speack through the panting.
“Ye,Ye,Yes sir.” I finally got out.
He entered and went straight to my g-spot. Skillfully playing with it. I could take any more. I was about to cum.
“No you may not cum. I feel your walls tightening around my fingers.” Sir said. How was I supposed to stop it? My nipples were being tortured with the other vibrators and The vibrator on my clit. I was going to explode.
“Please,Pleeeeeese” I asked.
“I said no.” He then pulled his fingers out and took the vibrators off. I hurt so bad. I wanted my sir to let me cum. It seemed like an eternity. He would touch the sensitive spot and I would jump.
“Fia are you mine?” Sir asked. I answered yes.
“Be a good girl and cum for me.” He said.
He wanted me to cum with no stimulation. Then there it was a feather light touch on my clit. Circling, I wanted to close my legs and rub them together.
“I will give you more.” Sir said, as he lifted my hips up.
With out warning I felt his thick cock enter me. This was no slow romantic sex. This was a continual thrusting in and out. The vibrator went on and placed on my clit. I screamed as I came. Sir said did not stop. Neither did the vibrator.
The other person released my legs as sir kept pounding away. I came again squeezing his shaft and milking it. My legs ended up on sirs should’s and I started to feel another orgasm coming and I yell out.
“Oh MY God” and exploded wet him completely and He came right after.
Sir reached over and took of the blind fold. There was only him in the room.
“Where did they go?” I asked
“I sent them away before I took the blind fold off. Now when you go around our mutual friend you will always wonder who help and seen you at your best.” Sir said as he untied me. All that came from enticing my Sir.

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