Fia Naturie


She walked to him with bared feet,enjoying the cold tile against her skin. She decided it was time to come out of her shell and give the man she desired, what he’s been asking for.

What he’s been begging for. Tonight the moon is full and it illuminated her skin into an angelic picture. Tonight he will have no angel. He will feel the true fire that lies with her. Her alter ego Fia has come out to play and she will not be sent away.

Did her prey have any idea that she has emerged from her slumber? I sincerely do not believe it to be so. She looked him in the eyes as she slowly lowered a shoulder strap. Knowing full well his member is swelling beneath his trouser’s.

Fia licked her full bottom lip, leaving behind a glistening sheen of natural liquid calling to him. She proceeded to drop the other shoulder strap. The only thing there holding her top up was her full breasts. Nipples firm catching his attention.

She his shifting from one foot to the other, fueled her fire. She pulled the blouse down and caressed her ample breast. Paying close attention to her nipples. Squeezing them in between her fingers,imagining that it was hisn fingers. Warm honey-dew moisture gathered in her blossoming flower. She wore no panties, knowing full well what she was going to do tonight.

She walked over to the chair that was in front of the bed. She sat with purpose. Slowly rising her pencil thin skirt to her waist. She sat with legs wide open revealing to him the moist accumulation on her lower lips. He took a step towards her. She stopped him and told him to sit and watch.

She took two fingers moisten by her mouth and went to her mound. Rubbing it in a circular pattern. She could feel her juices start to cascade down and drop to the chair. With the same two fingers, she entered her heated core. In and out, in and out. Stopping only to message that sacred inner circle. A slight tremor goes through her. She is dripping at a rapid rate, breathing increased.

Fia is trying to hold eye contact, but couldn’t when the first wave of her orgasm hit’s. Leg’s trembling and heart pounding. Showing him all that was in her. He stood and walked over to her. Took her chin in his hand and glide his thumb over her parted lips. He delved his thumb in as she sucked it on its way out.

“I see that you are in the mood to be watched tonight fia. I will accommodate your desire.” Sir said without breaking a stride he called someone on the phone. He did not say who, but I trust he will always give me what I want. He always does. Fia thought as a small tremble went through her body.

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