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Welcome back my fire starters and I think I have delivered on my promise. Giving you easier access to my stories by putting them in there right full place. Here is another change in the works. I will be combining multiple block post series into one.

I had not realized that I have created novelettes for you since they were all uploaded separately. Well shame on me and I will rectify this by putting them together as one.

The first one will be, Talia’s Truth since that is a completed blog. Then The call of the Dhampir since that is an almost completed blog and Fantasy Friday which is also completed. So, you will get adult fiction that is definitely not for those with weak dispositions. A vampire offspring coming of age story. Then a science fiction fantasy that has space and a dystopian vibe to it.

Not only will they be put together edited and there will be added scenes. Yup I am doing this for my die-hard fan’s that have been following me for some time and commenting on what they like.

My promise is to never let the fire die out. It may go low but never out. I will give you content that will make you want to know, “What is fia doing now?”

“Oh, here is a bonus secret. I posted a short excerpt on my podcast called The Art” Enjoy Until next we meet. Keep the fire burning.”

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