Fia AT Night Episode 1 (Explicit Content)

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Welcome back to Fia at Night. Sorry that the party was a bit too loud.

 I just had to step away just to talk to you.

I want to talk about the absorb notion that an erotic/exotic story would not be a great story if you take out the sexual content. 

I do not believe that is so.

The basis of any story is the story, and the sexual content adds more of a vibe.

For example, let’s take an excerpt from an erotic/exotic story by Kathryn Nolan called Sexy Shorts found on Amazon.

It’s been over a year now and I still pinch myself, watching him undress every night, muscles rippling beneath his skin. Those full lips. His unbroken need to touch me. Possess me. Introduces me to new pleasure so intense it leaves me breathless.

And you want to do that here? “I asked, looking around us. Were in the back of a restaurant in a dimly lit alcove.

Yes,” he says simply leaning across the table giving me a hard commanding kiss. His groan vibrates my lips

Please,” he says, nipping with his teeth. “Please, give this to me.

He is always like this powerful dominating and in an instant, begging me to save him. 

Oh…Okay” I stumble. I’m nervous and he can tell. His lips hover over my ear.

I’m going to slide beneath this table now. I am going to kneel before you like the god damn goddess you are. Then I am going to tongue that sweet pussy of yours until you orgasm in front of everyone here.

Clean version

It’s been over a year now and I can not believe I am so lucky to find a man who would make everyone turn their heads.

His body is what is called an exceptional calendar model and when he holds my hand it sends shivers through me since it seems he needs to have physical contact.

Since we met his presence dominates anyone in the room including me.

We were sitting in a restaurant, and he just whispered in my ear a fantasy that he had playing in his mind.

“What do you think?” he asks as he nibbles my lower lip.

“Oh … okay” I stumble. I am nervous and he can tell.

“Kneeling before you beneath this table as I worship you, showing you that you are my goddess and there is nothing I would not do to please you.”

Now what do you think? Is there a story here? There is an implied desire between the both of them. He did not go beneath the table and tongue her in my version yet you know once he goes down that is exactly what he is going to do.

Of course, being Fia, I like the original version best. Yes, I wrote the second version, but there are times you just want to get to it. Do you not agree?

Let me know by sending me a message. I will respond. Until next we meet, keep the fires burning.

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