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Fia first pod cast

( If you can not get it with this link you can put Fia Naturie on Spreacker and listen to what is written below)

Well hello and welcome to Fia’ Secret Rendevu. I’m your host Fia.

Why don’t you kick back relax and let the soft, sexy beat. Put you in the mood. At least in the mood I’m already in.

So you’ve come to find out what’s in store. I have to set the ground rules first.

Anyone and I mean anyone under the age of 18, who has accidently stumbled onto Fia Secret Randevue . Please see your way out.

this is an adult oriented Pod cast, that can get quite explicit. Hope your up for it? I am.

Now my little fire starters let’s move on shall we. For those who know me from wicked Wednesday or any other post welcome. For you first timers, Your more than welcome.

The podcast is to take you into my world. Well my club that is. The O.N.S. club (One Night Stand Club)

In this club there are different rooms to explore. a different experience just for you. I am the weaver of sexual delights. The best way to get things going, is to get it going.

So you’ve made it this far. Continue to the next pod cast and enjoy.chefchaouen-morocco-blue


  • Nik. June 12, 2018

    This Is What I’ve Been Waiting Forrrr! Please let me in… ???

  • Davey Stone June 13, 2018

    Whoa, Fia! What a sexy voice you have there! And a delicious-sounding podcast that is sure to delight.. room by room. Looking forward with horny expectation for room one.

    • Fia Naturie June 13, 2018

      Well you have to keep listening as I escort you inside

      • Davey Stone June 14, 2018

        A personal escort? I’m honored, Fia! 🙂

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