Fia Naturie

The Floating Sword pt.6

Angelica was awakened by a soft whistling sound that was coming towards the direction of the flickering light. She slowly sat up feeling as if she was weighed down by a satchel of rocks.

“So you’ve awaken. Come inside and eat.”

Angelica looked at the man and decided he may not  be so trust worthy. He may have helped her escaped the wood nymph but their is something odd about him.

“Have some soup. You’ve been asleep for a whole day.” He moved somewhat gracefully towards the boiling pot over the fire. He pour out something that smelled so delicious that angelica’s stomach voiced it’s presences.

“I was told to come here and I would find my uncle. An uncle I had never heard of until a couple of days ago.” Angelica voice began to raise a bit with her frustration.

“Are you my uncle?” She sat there staring at him.

“My name is Ryan Shu. I am your father’s brother. Now just calm down and eat the soup while it’s hot.”

Angelica took a slight sip just incase the smell was deceiving. The smell and the taste were wonderful and she swallowed half the bowl down before she realized it.

“Before you let loose a barrage of questions, let me give you a little history lesson.

Your father and I had a slight falling out and it was due to our magical or lack there of magical abilities. My powers started to present them selves on my eighteenth year and did his. But his powers were not that strong.

Our mother told us that it sometimes happens in a family, when more than one child is born to a magical family one will not be gifted their full power. It’s like a check and balance of the magical cosmos.

For a time your father and I were satisfied with what we received until one day your father was getting into a tussle with three older boys and they began to beat him mercilessly. I came running when I seen the warning sparrow fly over head.

I cast a spell knocking them out and retrieve my brother. Your father was never the same. He felt less of a man that he could not defend himself and even worse that I had to protect him. The more he tried to improve his abilities the more frustrated he became.

Until he met your mom. She was the forth daughter to a magical family and presented with no magical gifts. But they fell in love and your father decided since he did not have what he wanted he did not want me around to remind him about it.

So I decided to leave and that’s all you need to know.”

Anglica looked a her uncle and she could tell he was hiding more but she did not want to press the issue.

“Now why did your mother send you to me?”

Instead of telling him she decided to show him what she could do. She looked at the table and focused on it as if she was the damn thing herself and she lifted it. When she looked up she realized that she also lifted the chairs, the bowls and a few other wood made items. She put it down as fast as she could, but she diverted her eyes not meeting her uncle’s.

“So you do earth magic? Has anything else pronounced itself to you yet?”


“Since your father has died she sent you to me? Why?”

“How do you know he died?”

“I went into your mind and discovered what was going on. I wanted you to tell me but you seem to shy away from telling me. Instead you show me you can lift with your mind.”

“I think I should leave. I’m going home.”

“To whom are you going to?”

“My mother.”

“Your mother is no more. Did you not feel her passing?”

“Your lying. I leaving here.”

“Come and look into the pot over the fire.”

Angelina walked over and looked at the boiling soup. It began to clear and she seen her mother’s hands tied behind her back and her cloths ripped to shreds exposing her body. Her head was hanging to the right and her eye seemed to be staring at death itself. Angelina heart was pounding and her mouth dried from all moisture. She felt when her uncle walked behind her. She figured it was to catch her if she fell. She wasn’t instead a burning internal fire began. All she could think about was killing those who killed her family.

“Train me. There is no one else who can.”

“Train you? You only have one power. You go against anyone with one power, you’ll die.”

He started cleaning off the table.

“I am your niece and I am asking, begging for your help. Who’s to say I don’t have more than one power. I never tried anything else. I was always out in the woods.”

“Look I’ll train you. You do as I say, word for word. Any sassing me and it’s the end. It will be tough and just because your family I will not make it easy. If anything, I’ll make It tougher. You understand me?”

Angelica nodded her agreement and at the same time promised her parents she will avenge their deaths.




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