Fia Naturie

Floating Sword pt. 12


Breaking the Queens’ defiant spirit is a challenge that the king is enjoying. The more he has her do and see that she reacts adversely. The move he feels in control.

He does not want to break her drive in getting the sword. It has been years looking for the right magician that is destined to pull down his sword.

The king rose from his throne and walked towards the massive oak doors to leave his advisors to their debate on what should be done to the people to get them to work harder and produce the food that is required to feed the palace.

The king hated them all. ‘Those heartless bastards.’ When he ascended the throne he was told to be tough on the peasants and treat those around you as a threat to the thrown and his life at all times.

That was decades ago when he was just a young man. The years had made leery of those around him and angered at those who claim to care for him. Like his beautiful, yet unfaithful wife.

The first time he had caught his beloved wife with another man, he was going to her chamber with one of his advisors. Of course he killed the advisor not to have it leaked out to every one and he locked her up for six months in the top tower to teach her to behave. All it did was make her more determine to find ways to be with other men.

The king decided that he would bed whom ever he chose as well since their married is by name only anyway.

Then he had a dream of a woman in black dress tell him what he must do to tame his wild wife. The things that were coming out of her mouth he could not believe it to be pleasurable at all. He woke with a start. But the dream continued for weeks until he felt he had learned as much as he could. He wanted to put it into practice.

The first ten days were incredible. The reaction the queen was having towards his more dominating personality was beyond what he thought was possible. After the ten days he did not bother to entertain any time with the Queen to see if she would go out and seek a new lover.

To his surprise his spy’s confirmed that she had not. Which confirms, what he was doing was effective on his queen.

He was on his way to see her in her chamber’s to see if she had formulated a new plan to retrieve the sword. He had been a bit uncomfortable to go, since the last time he went their was another man in her chamber.

The king walked into her chamber without a knock to give her notice and she was sitting by the window’s ledge looking out over the garden. She seemed to be deep I thought. It was a shame that he had to disturb her concentration but he needed to speak with her.

“Is there someone out there that needs his head removed from the rest of him?” He said trying to roust her out of her thoughts.

“No my king. You made it perfectly clear as what lays before me if that should ever happen again.” She said with a slight smile.

If he would have known she was submissive by nature it would have been helpful.

“So what brings you to my chamber?”

“Have you come up with a new idea on how to get the sword?”

“No I have not but I feel we need to put a guard there at night and day. It has been to quite with the peasants. I feel something will happen soon and I am not sure what but it feels like tension building in the air.”

“Are you sure your not being paranoid?”

“No my king.”

He nodded and kept looking at her beautiful face. He turned and proceeded to leave but before he left he turned back to her saying,” Tonight prepare for me. I will return late and I want you in position until my return.”

“My king what if I can not?”

“Well my queen you will be sitting in a position that will not only cause you more pain from what I will in flick on it but you will watch as I take all three of your chamber maidens in front of you. I suggest you stay in position.”

He saw the flare of anger cross her face and he could imagine how wet she was just thinking of what is to come tonight.




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