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Floating Sword pt.7

thXOWXUXI8Nester continued his trek through the forest for another couple of miles before he stopped for the night.

He made camp by a large cypress tree where the foliage was not cluttering the north side of it.

Then quickly he made a fire with a basic child’s spell and sat back to relax a little. He knew he was in the forest near the village of Emblem. He wanted to go through without bringing too much attention to himself.

He had to find a sorcerer to take him on as an apprentice. He knew it was slim to no chance of finding one in the village but he had to try.

Nester pulled out a piece of dried pork and bread to eat. He listened for any changes in the air. Everything was fine. He felt a little drowsy from all the exertion of the day.

As Nester fell into an in between state of consciousness, he could hear whispers coming from the fire.

“Who’s speaking?” He muttered.

“Young magician your fate is not to become an apprentice. Your destiny is to find the chosen.”

“No I am not skilled yet. I need to learn from a master.”

“You are an “ENOR”. Find the answer to the question.”

The whispers stopped as he became lucid.

“What is an ‘ENOR’?

Nester decided to get a few hours sleep before moving on in the morning.


The  started off cooler than the day before or the fact that his adrenaline is not pumping through his system as fast as yesterday.

He continued on ward towards the village to see if they had a magician will to take him as an apprentice.

Walking through the village of Emblem the people seemed to keep them selves and try not to  make too much eye contact with strangers.

Nester walked into the village store to inquire about that magician. The woman at the counter glanced once his way then continued putting away a bag of sugar.

“Excuse me miss is it possible that you could help me?”

She continued working as if he did not exists.

“I will pay you a two coins for the information.”

She looked at him as if he had two heads. “Ask your question and do it quickly before I change my mind to answer it.”

“Is there a magician in this village who will take an apprentice?”

She stood there staring at him suddenly enraged.

“Do you not live in this world? The queen had nearly killed all magician’s, and any young one that is presenting with an inkling of power are sent to retrieve the sword, then head block.”

Nester did not forget but he had hoped there would be at least one he could locate one. The woman left without taking the coins and he felt as if he hurt her unintentionally.

“So you are a magician?” a small weasel looking man asked. She stood in the corner of the shop and almost looked trapped between the wall and a table that held pots.

“No I just wanted to meet one.”

“It didn’t sound like that. Listen go through the village about a mile there is a shake. An old man lives there that is said he does magic.”

“How would you know? If it is common talk then the Queen should have heard of him.”

“She only knows what she is told. Be careful on who you ask question to. If you look out the window that young woman has gathered three men to toss you out. I advise you to leave and head to the house.”

“I guess you want the coins?”

The man held out his hand and Nester noticed something odd. The hand did not match the body. It looked delicate, almost like a female hand. He grabbed the money and he ran out the front door.

As he looked out the window he could see the three-men begin to approach the store.

(What will happen next?????)

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