Fia Naturie

Here comes Fia

I’ve been hidden for so long.

Not revealing I’m strong.

Stronger than the view.

Stronger than the critics in the pews.

I’m coming out in this land,

with paper and pen in hand.

Not a worry or a care.

If I were you I beware.

Words come out like fire.

Mow you down under my tire.

Or a truck if you prefer,

I don’t give a fuck,

just read my words.

Take your time.

Let it marinate in your mind.

Let it soak,

filling your lungs like smoke.

These words that you read,

is embedded in a seed.

Giving it to you all,

no worry about who would call.

Let it cut into your soul,

like slivers of glass at the end of a rope.

Slicing you in half,

is the hardest trick.

Because these words I write,

Makes me one of the baddest Bitch.

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