Fia Naturie

Intel pt.3 of Bee

Big Al’s is a place where anyone in the fantastical community goes to get their information. I personally used to come here to stretch out my abilities. Once I was found out, let’s just say there’s a reason why I am the only one who has to have a chaperone in the bar.

Not just any chaperone, a “hole”.  A dam hole that will suck me into it and put me out into what other demention it deems fit.  Just a hint of a spell and I am out.

I walk up to the door and do the given knock to be permitted into Big Al’s and the door open’s See the knock is handed down generation’s and the knock itself is original to the family that uses it. So yeah, if I had a child I would pass the knock down and the damn “hole”. I walked in and the hole immediately appears to the left of me.

Big Al’s place wasn’t as full as I thought it would be, but it is only one in the afternoon. Then I hear it’ the sound that I truly cringe at. The sound of air to be sucked forcefully through the nostril to help push a wad of snot down to the mouth to be spit out into a disgustingly used bandana.

“So you decided to come back, why?”

I turned to the voice at the right of me and thought, ‘I wish Big Al was a man of six-foot and three hundred something pounds. Slightly balding with a tattoo on his right ham hock looking arm. Instead of what I’m looking at now.”

“Hey Al, how’s things?”

Big Al is short for Alison and big does describe her height. but if you can imagine the mother in little shop of horrors with the uni-brow. The dentist had a picture of her. Well that’s Al.

“What do you want here? You do recall the “hole” is following you. So you better watch your self.”

She sounds as if she has allergies all year round when she talks.

“Since you warned me so nicely I will just get to the point. Have you heard anything going on with the destroyer? In the alpha G system.”

One thing everyone who’s anyone should know about me. I don’t crumble under a stare. So her death look did not faze me a bit.

“If you don’t know is there someone else you can point me too to get the information.”

“Bee you should leave now.”

Normally I would get thrown out but to be told to get out is new. Something’s not right here. Other than Big Al.

I take a quick scan of the place. There is a person hidden in the shadow, in the far right corner. I continue my scan because I didn’t want to let on that I seen them. I put my attention back at Al and I notice that her vibe of intimidation is trying to cover up her fear.

“Fine, see you when I get back from alpha G. Maybe we can talk about getting the “Hole” off my back.”

“Not at chance.”

I walked out and waited against the wall to the left. So I couldn’t be seen right away.

It took all of three minute’s for the door to open and the shadow person came out. I immediately cast a decapitation ring around his neck.

“Don’t move, tell me about the alpha g system and about the destroyer. Before you lie, around your neck is a decapitation ring. It will slowly cut into your neck until your head is at your feet. So talk because the faster it spins the closer to death you will be.”

“The destroyer is not on alpha G. It a set up.”

That makes no sense. “Who is being set up?”

“You. So one wants you dead badly. That’s all I know.”

“How do you know this information?”

“I know because I was supposed to give you the message you received and I left before they could find me to deliver it.”

“They who? Tell me or that ring will start cutting soon.”

“The Dru Hi. Please let me go.”

The Dru Hi wanted me dead? Why?I  never had a hit on one of their people. I took the ring off and let the young man go. He looked as if he was marked for death any way. Not my problem.

It seems the Dru Hi are.

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