Fia Naturie

Is it true? Is it really going to happen?


Hello to all my fire starters out there. I have a delicious news to tell. I will be hosting a podcast called Fia’s Secret Rendezvous coming soon.

I will broad cast my short stories, erotic stories, and fantasy stories there. If you are a follower of mine (Of course your are)you are most welcome to join the O.N.S. Club. If you’re not a follower as yet. What are you waiting for?

For those who would rather read the story instead of listening to it. I aim to please. It will be posted here for your delight.

I know your saying to your selves “What the hell is the O.N.S. Club? And why is she leaving us panting like this?”

Well this club is for all you One Night Stander’s out there, who want Fia to escort you on a tour that will want you to light a candle and heat up some lickable oil out there.

Until next we me at the grand opening of the O.N.S. Club.



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