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It’s Fantasy Friday (Capturing Red T)



(Fantasy Friday’s are going to be for my sci/fi fantasy follower’s. Today’s story is about Jayla, she an Anori. Come get to know her.)

“Do you need something else installed.” Jordan asked while he was laying on his back looking at the inner workings of the ships com systems. Jordan’s tries his best to seem smooth with his come on’s but it always seemed to Jayla as being needy.

“That’s all that’s required.” Jordan slid out and sat up, looking at Jayla legs.

“You know what I can so with my tools right. I can fix any problem quick.” He said smiling.

“Yes, I heard that it is quick.” Jayla moved to the side allowing him to stand. She knew it bothered him but she had enough of Jordan for the day. What she needed was to get back to earth to find him again.

She never told anyone about her time on earth. But it was unforgettable. She was assigned to take Red Toure to the head of the Sinou order. Red T. is what he liked to be called. He was missing in action for over a year before he let himself be found.

Jayla knew he allowed him self to be captured. She also knew who he truly was. The humans would not be able to fathom the power he possessed and how much strength it took to keep it in check. He allowed Jayla to feel a minute amount of it when she reached out to grab his arm.

She looked into his eye’s. Eyes that flashed a liquid silver right before it solidified to brown. Jayla’s captain yelled at her to take the prisoner into the ship and put him in the locked down room in the back.

Her orders were to stand guard of the prisoner until reaching the counsel. Our story begins.

“So you like working for these human’s?”

“It should not concern you wether or not I like human. You should take this time to reflect on your actions.” She said as she looked forward trying to concentrate on the crack on the ship’s wall.

“You are Anori. Why are you taking orders from the human?”

“Anori is not known to this generation of human’s. How do you know of the Anori?”

“When you reached out and touch me I knew immediately who you were. Anori do not take order’s from human’s why are you here?”

“Enough with the questioning. Be silent.”

Red T walked by the door, pushing some of his power through. Jayla felt it as if he was physically caressing her.

“Step back. You must stop this at once.”

“I have not touch you yet you respond to me as if I had. Are you alone? Do you reside with a human for your needs.”

“Enough with the questioning Red T. I will not allow you to manipulate me to let you go.”

He laughed low so only they could hear.

“If I want to be free I would be free. I want to be captured.”


“That reason is only for me to know. But back to you. Are you with a human to take care of your needs.”


“So you get random strangers to take care of them?”

“If you must know yes.”

“Are they successful.”

Jayla stood there without answering.

“I see. Come to me tonight and I will help you.”

“I need no help.”

“Yes you do. Have you reach the cor-ne-quen as yet?”

“There is no such thing?”

Shocked by her words he asked,” Have you always been with humans?”

“I was raised by humans. All I was told is what species I am and that is all. Everything else I learned on my own. I have never heard of the cor- ne-quen.”

“May I ask your age?”

“Now you ask permission? I am one hundred and eighteen of the human years.”

Red T move back into the room. His silence made her uncomfortable.

“Why is my age of any importance?”

“You have passed the age of cor-ne-quen. It must be dormant inside. Come to me tonight, when all on the ship slumbers.”

“I will not. I will be relieved at eleven and will return at eleven tomorrow.” Jayla informed him feeling a bit more like herself.

“Come to me tonight. I will give you what no other human can. It is time to be released Anori.”

They both remained silent as Jayla’s thoughts tried to make sence of what he told her. She is past due to find a human but she will get court marshaled if she took the prisoner up on his offer.

Mitchum A. had come on time to release her of her duties. She will not return.

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