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Meeting Maxon (1st of the demon wolf series) Adult

imagesvdjqhv4vWaking up with a hand on my left breast was normal. But the claws that are on his hand was not.

I sat up and the whole room started to spin. What have I been drinking. Once the room stopped spinning and I could take a good look around, I know I am in a world of shit. If I am at, where I think I am at. I need a drink.

I pushed the arm off me and grabbed the auburn sheet off the bed to cover myself. I looked at the thing on the bed and I knew I must have been drunk. I slept with a wolf demon. Normally I wouldn’t have one come near me, since they are considered the lowest of the low. But there he was and the distinctive ears prove it.

At least he has a body on him, from what I can see of his back. His butt looked firm too. That what’s had to get me over. I love a firm ass.

I looked for the bathroom and  spotted it off to the right of the room. The bathroom is pretty nice for a demon motel. “I guess I wasn’t good enough to take home, hugh?” I looked into the little mirror and can see why he didn’t take me home.

“Shit my fangs are down.” I must need a fix.  Blood demon’s are the equivalent of a vampire. But we suck lymphatic liquid. So our fangs are smaller, longer and sharper. My hair looks like I was frightened, with it standing up. “That stupid gel I used, has no use.” The bathroom had a small shower, might as well bet his stink off me. There is nothing worse other than to have a wolf demon’s smell on you. It will mark you as undesirable to other demons.

The shower felt good on my skin but my back is stinging. He must have scratched me. I couldn’t help but smile. It had to be rough. Even sober I like my sex rough. Once I get my fix the scratches will be gone. I quickly finished my shower, wrapped up in the towel and walked back into the room.

Oh man he’s awake and he looks pissed.

“Hey, wild night right? We both can chalk it up as one of those things. OK”

He looked at me and his eyes were gorgeous. I mean gorgeous for a demon wolf. His hair came down to his shoulders and it was wavy. The color I haven’t seen on a wolf demon before. It was a purple, streaked with silver. Oh his back did not do his front justice. He had muscles you just want to lick on. Stomach was….

“Are you in heat?” He asked me

“No. I don’t go in heat.”

“You smell aroused. Usually when a female is in heat they have sex several times to make sure they are with offspring.”

I watched him as he stood. Oh man, he’s at least a foot taller than me and his dick. Did I take all of that in? Shit that would scare a human into keeping their virginity.

“Well don’t come near me. I maybe moist from looking at your body, but I am not in heat.”

“Fine. We must go now.”

“Woo, go where? Last night was last night but that’s it buddy.”

“My name is Maxon. You will go with me one way or another. You are my mate now. So obey me.”

“WTF, mate? What happened last night?”

“We mated. You said that if you don’t get attached to someone soon that you would die.”

I must have been very depleted of lymph if I agreed to mate this thing. “Listen you miss understood. Attached meant to feed. Not mate.”

“I allowed you to bite me and I bit you back at the same moment. Right before climax. We are mated for life.”

My legs could not hold my body up, went straight to my knees. I mated a demon wolf.

“Well is there a way to be unmated?”

“Did you not hear for life.” He turned around and found his jeans. It was a crime to put it over that ass, then his shirt on. Both pieces started to make my mouth water again. My fangs were coming out more.

“Do you need to feed?” He asked when he turned to me.


He sat down and kept opened his powdered blue shirt, so I can get access to what I needed.

“You are my mate. You will feed from only me.” He said looking at me as a father would look at his daughter on her first date.

I couldn’t wait any longer. The fast swosh of lymph going through me was wonderful, his was especially good and hard to resist. I found the exact spot. Under his arm above the right rib. I pierced his skin and went directly for lymph. He tasked like the best desert ever made. I could not hold back how aroused I was getting. He tasted so good. I was feeling sort of high. I released him, breathing heavy.

“Mate, I want you now but we must leave. I will not lose what I just acquired. Get your clothes on. I will take care of you once we are home. Believe me I would love to lick between those thighs until you scream, but now is not the time.

I went to get my clothes and tried to clear my head. “I am not going with you wolf demon. I can not be your mate.” At that moment his eye glowed an eerie blue and his fangs extended.

“No more words or I will have to incapacitate you. Then take you.”

“Now that I am full, that would be hard to do.”

He walked over and all I seen was darkness.

I own all rights to this story and it can not be used without my consent.

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