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O.N.S. Club podcast Meet Chenelle


Fia- Welcome back my little fire starters. I hope you all relaxed and ready to step through the doors of the O.N.S. Club.

Our first guest is Miss Chenelle. No last names are required since your only going to be here for a night.

Let’s follow Chenelle into the O.N.S Club shall we. I wonder what door was chosen for Miss. Chenelle.

*************************Story time***********************************

Walking into the low lit club, Chenelle made her way to the bar. She figured this was the perfect time for her to really think the events of what brought her to the club.

“Hello, what would you like?” a voice asked coming from a very appetizing bartender.

“All Night long” Chenelle said.

He walked away smiling at her request.

She looked around the club and noticed that there was quite a few people in the place. The bartender returned with the drink and slowly slid it to her. Keeping eye contact.

“Thank you.” Chenelle said, then he went to the next customer.

How did she convinced her self she needed a One Night Stand? She was not that type of girl. Her life was work, the gym, and if she was seeing some one it was exclusively that one person.

Why did she here to be curious? She found a card that was shoved under her front door. It was a plumb card with a gold strip on it saying O.N.S. on the front on the other side a web site on it.

Chenelle was just getting herself a bowl of grapes to snack on. Just to snack on. Carried the bowl to her lap top and punched in the web site. The words ” There is a key to unlock every door.” Popped up on the screen. Then a key appeared, right after the words, you have to click on the key it said, once you clicked on the key thinking it was a game. This voice came out.

“You are invited to open one of the doors to the O.N.S. Club. But before you do please be a quest at Giuseppe Italian Restaurant to meet A.T. Sugar, at noon Wednesday. Good bye.”

The voice stopped and the screen went straight to google. chenille tried the web site again and again but it locked her out.

“This is too cryptic. I’ll pass.”

Monday and Tuesday was the same old routine. Then Wednesday came. She decided to go. ‘What harm could it do? She can always leave.’ She thought.

Chenelle talked her boss into having an extended lunch . She agreed as long as she made it up by working late that night.

Chenelle was escorted to her table once she got to the restaurant. It was reclusive, very off to the side, where no one could really see her.

A woman walked up wearing a form fitting blue dress. It emphasized the size of her breast. You couldn’t not, not see them.

“Hello you must be Chenelle. I’m A.T. Sugar.” She said as she sat down resting her clutch bag on the side of the table.

“What does the A.T. stand for? Just curious.” Chenelle asked.

“A Touch”

She started to giggle,”You mean your name is A Touch of Sugar?”

Chenelle looked at her like she was kidding, but there was no indication that she was. So she stopped laughing.

The waiter arrived and asked for their order. During their lunch Sugar asked a few questions that made absolutely no sense.

“So Chenelle I always wanted to rock climbing are you, into rock climbing?”

“No I’m basically like my exercise in a controlled environment. In a gym.”

“Excuse me I have to ask the waiter, ahh, this, this,this is really not too appetizing. It seems a bit bland to me. It needs a bit of pepper don’t you think? How’s yours?”

“No it’s delicious, too much spice upsets the system.”

The waiter came over to get her request. After lunch she ordered tea. Chenelle decided to go for the chocolate cake.

“You like sweets?”

“This is my only vice. That’s why I go to the gym. What is the O.N.S, in the O.N.S club stand for?”

“O.N.S. stands for One Night Stand. Here’s a card to where the club is located. If you have any questions please call this number. My assistant will answer it all.”

A.T. Sugar rose, but before she left she said,” Chenelle Friday night is free drink night. What other amenities you choose, will be a charge. Nothing is ever required. Only a good time.”

With that Chenelle immediately decided “NO”. She is not going to a whore house.

********************Part one end**************************************

Fia= So fire starters, how is it so far? Have I peaked your interest? Shall I send A.T. Sugar out to meet you? Please comment and follow. I never turned anyone away. Have a good night and listen for the next pod cast. Bye, Bye now.


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