O.N.S. Club Reopening it’s Doors

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Hello and welcome back. Have you held on to those tickets? Sorry for being closed for so long but we had to relocate and bring the new place up to my standards.

Enough with the chit chat. I want to tell you that we have brought back the honey room. It seems that we all have a sweet tooth. Then there is what shall I say. The void room. The room is design to heighten your senses. I already have clients on a waiting list for that particular room.

The other rooms are an experience that I can not divulge on a web site. No. I can not give up the goods for free.

Now sit back and enjoy Dalia’s recount her experience in the O.N.S. Club. I’ll see you soon.

Hey fire starters, let me know how you feel. Are you happy that our favorite One Night Stand club is back? Fia would like too know?

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