Fia catch up time!

    So my fire starters I hope every day has brought you a little heat. As for me I have been getting bombarded with things that has nothing to do with what I am passionate about. I felt as if my camp fire was being stomped out. But as we all know. Fia can […]

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The Floating Sword pt 14

The air felt thick. The queen felt as if there was a heaviness to it. The king had not visited her bed for over a week. She did not question who he was spending his nights with and she refuse to care. She cared for him once and that proved to be a disaster. He […]

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Floating Sword pt 13

As the trio continued, their trek deeper into the woods to find the Womb. The King set out to the guards at the bridge as the queen suggested. It took them two days to reach the entrance of the womb. It was magically hidden from non magical beings. the information that was stored inside could destroy […]

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Recap of The Floating Sword

So here is what is going on in the Floating Sword. Since the writer is going to do her best to wrap it all up in two more excerpts. We all know that the queen has a personal stake in getting the sword. But didn’t surprise you how sexually submissive she was? It surprised me. […]

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