Fia Naturie


Incandescent with deep desire, brings forward crimson carnality.
Arduous breaths duel its way to constricted lungs; as you approach into my sphere of voracity.
The aspect of your sensual constitution. Stretching out and welcoming the imminent entry, with a silken invitation. Is more than I can suppress.
Refusal on my part would be unfathomable. Due to the rising monstrosity, clawing to be pardoned from these man made garbs.
Flaming eyes watch as you writhe in wantonness expectation, which I am only to jubilant to administer.
Entering into the exquisite torture of a tight sheath, surrounding, and milking the sort after venom.
Keening sounds driving the subordinating head into a feverish onslaught, desiring complete liberation.
Without further delay, the vigilant climb is reaching a well desired crescendo, punctuated with a cry of “Now, please now.”
Propelling the beast into complete domination and abducting its prey. Allowing the heated release to invade every acquired territory.
Reality crashes into the takeover of one from the other. Unspoken words were relayed in hooded eyes. This is far from the end.

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