Fia Naturie


I’m sitting here thing to myself, when was the first time I ever thought about sex. When did I become so aware that, that is what I want? I recall being young and my mother hired a baby sitter to watch me. I was scared without ligament reason. Well I sat in her living room and a load noise came from the baby. The baby sitter had two son’s. My eye’s focused on the youngest out of the two. He was tall with dark hair and a full bottom lip. His smile made me blush and I could not understand why.

This went on for three years. My longing for him in the distance. Once we were completely a lone and I thought he would kiss me. I wished he would kiss me. Never been kissed before, I was thinking the closed mouth kind. Very innocent. But it never happened. The news came that they were moving and my heart stopped momentarily. But as a child, I did not let the thought linger for long. I figured he would come back, some day. Funny, He never did.

(I was around the age of nine)

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