It’s Fantasy Friday (Capturing Red T)



(Fantasy Friday’s are going to be for my sci/fi fantasy follower’s. Today’s story is about Jayla, she an Anori. Come get to know her.)

“Do you need something else installed.” Jordan asked while he was laying on his back looking at the inner workings of the ships com systems. Jordan’s tries his best to seem smooth with his come on’s but it always seemed to Jayla as being needy.

“That’s all that’s required.” Jordan slid out and sat up, looking at Jayla legs.

“You know what I can so with my tools right. I can fix any problem quick.” He said smiling.

“Yes, I heard that it is quick.” Jayla moved to the side allowing him to stand. She knew it bothered him but she had enough of Jordan for the day. What she needed was to get back to earth to find him again.

She never told anyone about her time on earth. But it was unforgettable. She was assigned to take Red Toure to the head of the Sinou order. Red T. is what he liked to be called. He was missing in action for over a year before he let himself be found.

Jayla knew he allowed him self to be captured. She also knew who he truly was. The humans would not be able to fathom the power he possessed and how much strength it took to keep it in check. He allowed Jayla to feel a minute amount of it when she reached out to grab his arm.

She looked into his eye’s. Eyes that flashed a liquid silver right before it solidified to brown. Jayla’s captain yelled at her to take the prisoner into the ship and put him in the locked down room in the back.

Her orders were to stand guard of the prisoner until reaching the counsel. Our story begins.

“So you like working for these human’s?”

“It should not concern you wether or not I like human. You should take this time to reflect on your actions.” She said as she looked forward trying to concentrate on the crack on the ship’s wall.

“You are Anori. Why are you taking orders from the human?”

“Anori is not known to this generation of human’s. How do you know of the Anori?”

“When you reached out and touch me I knew immediately who you were. Anori do not take order’s from human’s why are you here?”

“Enough with the questioning. Be silent.”

Red T walked by the door, pushing some of his power through. Jayla felt it as if he was physically caressing her.

“Step back. You must stop this at once.”

“I have not touch you yet you respond to me as if I had. Are you alone? Do you reside with a human for your needs.”

“Enough with the questioning Red T. I will not allow you to manipulate me to let you go.”

He laughed low so only they could hear.

“If I want to be free I would be free. I want to be captured.”


“That reason is only for me to know. But back to you. Are you with a human to take care of your needs.”


“So you get random strangers to take care of them?”

“If you must know yes.”

“Are they successful.”

Jayla stood there without answering.

“I see. Come to me tonight and I will help you.”

“I need no help.”

“Yes you do. Have you reach the cor-ne-quen as yet?”

“There is no such thing?”

Shocked by her words he asked,” Have you always been with humans?”

“I was raised by humans. All I was told is what species I am and that is all. Everything else I learned on my own. I have never heard of the cor- ne-quen.”

“May I ask your age?”

“Now you ask permission? I am one hundred and eighteen of the human years.”

Red T move back into the room. His silence made her uncomfortable.

“Why is my age of any importance?”

“You have passed the age of cor-ne-quen. It must be dormant inside. Come to me tonight, when all on the ship slumbers.”

“I will not. I will be relieved at eleven and will return at eleven tomorrow.” Jayla informed him feeling a bit more like herself.

“Come to me tonight. I will give you what no other human can. It is time to be released Anori.”

They both remained silent as Jayla’s thoughts tried to make sence of what he told her. She is past due to find a human but she will get court marshaled if she took the prisoner up on his offer.

Mitchum A. had come on time to release her of her duties. She will not return.

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Wicked Wednesday (What time is it?)


Hello fire starters and this weeks Wicked Wednesday has got me saying Wooo. (If you are not 18 and older please leave this site.)So I know your can’t wait. Let’s start the fire.

Q: Fia my friend and I have been getting a bit experimental in the bed room. I am just loving it. Here’s the thing. My friend wants me to lick his ….. ass. Ok I said it. It’s out there. What’s your thoughts on this.  You have no idea how freaked out I am right now.

A: Calm down sweaty. Your asking about “rimming” or Analinguistics. Learning another language are we? Is it ok? It’s been going on for centuries. My advice is if you both have not been tested for HIV or any sexually transmitted diseases. That being said. If your that experimentally adventurous, you have the green light from me. Side note do it after or during a shower. For obvious reasons. Other than that lick on.

Q: My ladies doctor said I could be the cause of her yeast infections. Why?

A: Another touchy subject. But yes you can be the cause. If you’re not circumcised the foreskin can hold the bacteria and hold it, grow it, and keep it warm making it ideal to place to be. You can retransmit it to your lady after she is finished treatment. The best bet see your doctor to see if that is the case.

Q: Fia my son walked right in on me having sex. What is the best way to explain to a three-year old that every thing is ok, without looking like I’m uncomfortable about it.

A: Girl the heat is on. Little man walked in hugh? Well first ask what did he see and try your best to school your face when he tells you. Children respond better when things are said with a smile or a joke thrown in there. He’s still young that you can explain what’s necessary without going to in-depth. Also I don’t know if your vocal but please tell him it was not hurting. Because children are very protective of their mother’s and he will immediately hate the other person.

Well my lovelies this took a lot out of Fia. Yet the fire is still burning.

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Fia’s The Woman’s Fishing Club

Welcome back my fire starters and I could not control the sexy side smile you all created by enjoying Wicked Wednesday and The Floating Sword.

I wanted to let you in on a little secret that I feel my fire starters should know. I wrote a book and it’s on amazon called The Women’s Fishing Club.  Let’s just say she is not out there to hook fish. It is a Novelette, so you certainly could finish it in one sitting. Just don’t do it in a public place.(Wink) For you burners who likes a bit of Domination. It has humor, it has issue that answers the question what made them that way.Read and enjoy.


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The Floating Sword pt 11


Since leaving the castle Nester could not find any magician to train him. He decided to find out what an ENOR is. He knew of a place where they kept all the books that had magical information in it was. The only thing is he heard it was enchanted and the only way to enter was by saying the right word or words.

The last magician that tried never returned. There are spells in there that even the best magician could not handle. Why would they put there then? As a torment and a reminder, that there are beings that are more powerful than you are in this world.

He walked due east to the Grove of Genar. That is where the books are being held and maybe the answer to his question.


Angelica and her uncle walked for days in the direction he has choosen. She had inquired once why were they walking the away from the palace since the goal was to avenge her parents. He uncle never answered the question. She hated to be ignored but he was also a person who did not tell you information unless he felt you needed to know.

For an hour everyday she practiced her battle magic. She noticed that her uncle stopped sparing with her. She would ask why but she knew he would not answer her any way.

As she concentrated on moving the dirt into mini tornado’s, she heard a rustle coming from the left of her. Maybe today he decided to spar. She decided to be the offence and aimed a mini tornado at him before he cleared the trees.

To her astonishment it was disintegrated before her eye’s. It wasn’t her uncle coming through the trees but a young man with intense dark eye’s.

“Who are you? Speak quickly before I forget I’m a lady and kill you.”

“Wow, you sent that my way and I am supposed to answer your questions because you’re gonna kill me? Are you practicing to be the next Queen?”

The very nerve of him comparing her to that bitch. That was it she didn’t care who he is. He was in for it.

Nester felt the air tightening around him. It almost felt as if she was putting him in a vice.

Angelica watched as his deep, dark eyes began to glow an eery red. Then the air she made steadily surround him like a tube began to dissipate and it was getting very warm. She will not lose to this stranger, so she lifted her hands and concentrated in the center of it. She gathered all the remaining moisture in the air and created a ball.

Nester was amazed at her power and it kind of turned him on by the very thing he hated the most about the queen. Her aggression. What also helped was here shirt sticking close to her body, revealing nice size nipples.

She suddenly hurled the water ball and it hit him directly between the eye’s. His thought’s caused him to delay in his defense. Then he heard it. Laughter coming from the tree’s. They were not alone.

“Enough the both of you.” Angelica’s uncle came down as if he was riding and invisible cloud.

“You have finally shown up Nester.”

Nester did not know this magician, how did he know him?

“Who are you and how do you know my name?”

“I am Ryan and this is my niece Angelica. We are heading the same direction as you are. So might as well keep us company to the Magician’s Womb.

Angelica never heard of such a place but this stranger did. She was still angry about the way he unraveled every spell she threw at him. By the way he looked at her he was kind of pissed off by the she hit him in the face with the water ball.

“Why don’t you both go cool off and come to the fire once you have cleaned up.” He walked off still laughing at the both of them.

Nester made his way back to the fire ,where Angelica was already siting and eating a bowl of hot stew.

“Come and sit. Eat with us.”

Nester took the bowl that was offered and shoveled down it’s contents. He was starving. He ate something three days ago and it was not satisfying to say the least.

“So tell us why you seek the Womb.” Ryan asked a question he already knew the answer. But let’s see how forth coming with the truth was he.

“I had a dream telling me I was a ENOR. What that is I have no idea but I figure that I can not find someone to teach me magic I would go there to find out what that was.”

“An ENOR?” Ryan asked.

Nester nodded as he kept eating.

“An ENOR is a race that had died out over a century ago. But you say that the fire told you?”

“A race that died out?”

“Yes who are your parents.”

“I don’t know. I remember waking up once behind the barn of one of the kings stables. But I can’t remember past that. I was ten I think.”

Angelica sat quite listening to what they were talking about. But she did not trust him. He was hiding something or running away from someone.

“Why are you going to the Womb?’ Nester asked as he looked at Angelica.

“I need a special spell that I hope it is in there.”

“A spell for what?”

“To kill the King and Queen.” Nester stared at angelica as she said that and felt the anger that accompanied her words. “You still want to come with us?” He felt her sizing him up.

“We are going the same way. Why not?” He said to her with out breaking eye contact.

Ryan knew the two were to meet, but that was as far as his visions went. What is next for the two of them, he hoped the gods were with them.

Wicked Wednesday 2 (Can’t Wait!)

th5T2LY7IHSo my impatient fire starter could not wait until next week.. She had a matter that needed to be addressed immediately.

Q: Sooo I can’t seem to cum when I’m having vaginal sex. Is my vagina broken? Why does my boyfriend cum so quickly? I’ve never had an orgasm. What does it feel like?

A: It’s not broke, it’s not behaving like the kinky lady you want it to be. YOU CAN CUM&ORGASM. If your one of my juicy ladies out there. Your cumming baby. Some associate it with after the orgasm, but remember women orgasm mentally as well. The orgasm is different for every body. But it feels as if your vagina is full almost like a water balloon about to burst. Then friction from the penis entering and with drawing is trying to pop the balloon. Until that one last push and it pops. The muscles around that area was wounded up so tight that it relaxes and sends a message through your whole body that you have achieved your destination. Some women tremble, some stop breathing for a second or two and some down right scream as they coat the guys penis.

Your Boyfriend seems to be overly excited and shoots off to quickly. If he does not take a pause every now and then between thrusts. Well he’ll continually shoot first. Also if your adventurous have you tried a cock ring? It tightens just enough at the base to give you a chance to cum.

Now there is a disability that some women can not achieve orgasm. That I recommend going to a Sex therapist. It might be another reason why it’s not happening for them.

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The Floating Sword pt.6

Angelica was awakened by a soft whistling sound that was coming towards the direction of the flickering light. She slowly sat up feeling as if she was weighed down by a satchel of rocks.

“So you’ve awaken. Come inside and eat.”

Angelica looked at the man and decided he may not  be so trust worthy. He may have helped her escaped the wood nymph but their is something odd about him.

“Have some soup. You’ve been asleep for a whole day.” He moved somewhat gracefully towards the boiling pot over the fire. He pour out something that smelled so delicious that angelica’s stomach voiced it’s presences.

“I was told to come here and I would find my uncle. An uncle I had never heard of until a couple of days ago.” Angelica voice began to raise a bit with her frustration.

“Are you my uncle?” She sat there staring at him.

“My name is Ryan Shu. I am your father’s brother. Now just calm down and eat the soup while it’s hot.”

Angelica took a slight sip just incase the smell was deceiving. The smell and the taste were wonderful and she swallowed half the bowl down before she realized it.

“Before you let loose a barrage of questions, let me give you a little history lesson.

Your father and I had a slight falling out and it was due to our magical or lack there of magical abilities. My powers started to present them selves on my eighteenth year and did his. But his powers were not that strong.

Our mother told us that it sometimes happens in a family, when more than one child is born to a magical family one will not be gifted their full power. It’s like a check and balance of the magical cosmos.

For a time your father and I were satisfied with what we received until one day your father was getting into a tussle with three older boys and they began to beat him mercilessly. I came running when I seen the warning sparrow fly over head.

I cast a spell knocking them out and retrieve my brother. Your father was never the same. He felt less of a man that he could not defend himself and even worse that I had to protect him. The more he tried to improve his abilities the more frustrated he became.

Until he met your mom. She was the forth daughter to a magical family and presented with no magical gifts. But they fell in love and your father decided since he did not have what he wanted he did not want me around to remind him about it.

So I decided to leave and that’s all you need to know.”

Anglica looked a her uncle and she could tell he was hiding more but she did not want to press the issue.

“Now why did your mother send you to me?”

Instead of telling him she decided to show him what she could do. She looked at the table and focused on it as if she was the damn thing herself and she lifted it. When she looked up she realized that she also lifted the chairs, the bowls and a few other wood made items. She put it down as fast as she could, but she diverted her eyes not meeting her uncle’s.

“So you do earth magic? Has anything else pronounced itself to you yet?”


“Since your father has died she sent you to me? Why?”

“How do you know he died?”

“I went into your mind and discovered what was going on. I wanted you to tell me but you seem to shy away from telling me. Instead you show me you can lift with your mind.”

“I think I should leave. I’m going home.”

“To whom are you going to?”

“My mother.”

“Your mother is no more. Did you not feel her passing?”

“Your lying. I leaving here.”

“Come and look into the pot over the fire.”

Angelina walked over and looked at the boiling soup. It began to clear and she seen her mother’s hands tied behind her back and her cloths ripped to shreds exposing her body. Her head was hanging to the right and her eye seemed to be staring at death itself. Angelina heart was pounding and her mouth dried from all moisture. She felt when her uncle walked behind her. She figured it was to catch her if she fell. She wasn’t instead a burning internal fire began. All she could think about was killing those who killed her family.

“Train me. There is no one else who can.”

“Train you? You only have one power. You go against anyone with one power, you’ll die.”

He started cleaning off the table.

“I am your niece and I am asking, begging for your help. Who’s to say I don’t have more than one power. I never tried anything else. I was always out in the woods.”

“Look I’ll train you. You do as I say, word for word. Any sassing me and it’s the end. It will be tough and just because your family I will not make it easy. If anything, I’ll make It tougher. You understand me?”

Angelica nodded her agreement and at the same time promised her parents she will avenge their deaths.




The Floating Sword pt4


Angelica made her way through the spindles without getting to cut to death by the spindle points. She did not dare look behind her because of the foul words that were being spewed from the wood nymph vial lips.

When she finally made it through the spindles she looked around to see the man who helped her. But he seemed to have vanished.

“Hello.” she called out with no response in return.

She walked to the little house with closed windows to see if he decided to go inside. She knocked until her knuckles hurt.

“Hello. I know you helped me escape. Why did you leave.”

“I did not intentionally help you escape. I just wanted to ruin the wood nymphs meal.”

She looked at the man who was speaking to her from the roof of the house.

“How did you get up there so fast?”

“Boy it’s one question after another with you.”

Angelica felt a little embarrassed but not enough for her not to be curious about the man on the roof.

“I’m sorry for the questions. Thank you for helping me anyway.” She said as she glanced down for a moment.

“Your welcome prey.” He said standing before her.

“I’m not prey.”

“Well then how did you almost get drank to death by a weak wood nymph?”

The more the man talked the angrier she became. Her mother was no where around to tell her not to use her magic.

“I think a helpless female as yourself should go home and wait to be married off.”

That was it. She had enough of this man belittling her. The ground began to tremble and out of no where the man began to get pelted with stones around the house.

Normally anyone who would cross the spindles who had any magical abilities would have been dulled down. But this young girl seemed to be gaining strength.

“Enough!” He called out with a voice coated by magic and angelica fell to the ground as if someone had hit her physically.

“Who are you? If you had this type of power how did you get captured?”

Angelica looked at him and whisper her name “Angelica” then she met darkness.

He looked at the young girl that laid on the ground and realized that she was of his blood. She was his niece that he has never seen due to the promise to stay away from his brother’s family.

Why was she here? Where was his brother? He lifted her up and took her inside his home. Once he entered with her the house began to shake. The house itself was alive with the spirit of the earth and it recognizes angelica a family and it responded accordingly.

He laid her down and went to his mantel above the fire-place and found the dream powder he placed there in a dark jar.

“Dream and tell me what happened to your father. Show me what happened to Adam.”

Angelica began to dream and it showed him that his brother was killed because he was not him. He had no magic to protect his family from the royal guards. He lied and told that he could perform magic and retrieve the sword.

“They still search for the one to retrieve the sword.”

Once he could not retrieve the sword the queen had his head chopped off. Then the dream faded as angelica began to cry in her sleep. He rose and calmed her by removing the memory for now so she would rest.

“That bitch of a queen needs to die and It will be by my hand.”

He went to his chair and looked at Angelica and wondered how powerful she was and how powerful will she become. Once she awakens he would have to find out.

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Maxon & Leeann (Part 2)

fighter-chickI woke up with a splitting headache. Looking around a furnished room, I came to the realization that the wolf took me.

I sat up on a bed and was covered in a soft fur. The room was quit large and the desk had a vase filled with wild roses.

“How long have I been out?” I thought as I grabbed my head.

I climbed out of the bed, which by the way is huge, onto the cold wooden floor.  I am wearing someone else’s t-shirt with my jeans. Where’s my cloths?

The door opened and that wolf Maxon is walking inside.

“Good. Your awake. I was afraid that I hurt you.”

“Well you didn’t have to hit me.”

“I didn’t. I push you and you hit your head against the wall.”

My mouth fell open again. “You have to be kidding me. I knocked myself out? Where are we?”

“My home. I threw away that top you wore. It was ripped to shreds in the back. I will get you another one. ”

He looked around the room and went over to a dresser. He opened the top of it and took out a shirt. It was a light purple.

“Would you like to go get something to eat?” He asked with his back still towards me.

“I don’t eat much. I just can’t digest a lot of food.” This is very awkward. I felt like an odd piece to this puzzle.

“Alright then you can sit with me at dinner. I have guests that want to meet you.”

Again and I am ashamed to say, my mouth fell open. “I can’t meet anyone looking like this. I look homeless. Only a wolf would think it’s acceptable to go looking like this.”

That must have struck a nerve. He turned around and there was fire flickering in his eyes. “What do you mean by that?”

I had to think quick. I didn’t want to die.

“I just mean that you demons are very relaxed in the way you dress.”

He calmed a little, but I could tell he didn’t buy it.

“Look Max, I’ll just tie the shirt up at the side and it will look fine.”

“We will eat with the pack tomorrow. Tonight it is just going to be my mother and father. My name is Maxon, not Max.”

“So you were serious when you said we are mated?”

He nod his head and my heart sped up a little faster. I have to calm down and think.

Maxon walked to the bed and put the shirt down so he could take the other one off. He knew she was looking at him. He could smell her arousal. He purposely did that to see if what happen last night was a fluke. It wasn’t, the old woman told him that his mate would be there but why did she have to be another species?

“So is their anything I am supposed to do when I meet them?” I asked

“Yes, don’t piss them off. Especially my mother. Mate or not she will end you.”

Great more pressure. I don’t believe I got myself mix up with this. I need to call Claudia. She will help me.

“Can I use your phone? Mine needs to be charged.”

Maxon handed her his phone and continued doing what ever he was doing. I dialed Claudia and she picked up on the first ring.

“Who is this?” She yelled into the phone.

“Claudia it’s me, Leeann. Claudia I am in a load of shit.”

“Yes you are girl. The news is out that you mated a demon wolf. What’s going on?”

“How did everyone find out so fast?”

“Your mother had you followed.”

“You mean my step demon mother from hell.”

“Anyway, the counsel found out and you are no longer allowed back. You’re band Leeann. I am so sorry.”

I hung up the phone and handed back to Maxon, my mate. I don’t want a mate. I tried my best not to shed one tear but it was hopeless. I completely crumbled to the floor.

Maxon wondered who that Claudia was to Leann. He watched as she sat on the floor, with her head hanging down. He could smell her sadness. He had to fix it fast. If his parents smell weakness he will never hear the end of it. Not only that his father is the leader of the pack and he wanted to step down.

Maxon is the oldest of three son’s. If he is deemed not suitable than his father will make Millard take the lead.

He walked over to her and lifted her into his arms. She is not like his species and there is no other like her species. Her kind is considered an abomination even in the demon world. She is a cross between and vampire and pixie. With Leann’s big eye’s framed by dark lashes, is defiantly a sign that she is more pixie than vamp. But last night she was completely vampire and it tuned him on. He needed that to come forth at tonight’s dinner.

“What is it? Your my mate, I will fix it.”

It was sweet that he think he could fix it but there are some things that can not be fixed.

“They found out that we are mated and I can never go home.”

“You are home and so what that they banned you. You have a new family now. So enough with this pity. You need to be strong and feisty like you were at the hotel. If not I will have to spank you.”

“Why do you want me fiesty? I will be up later for the spanking later.”

“Because my mother will eat you alive if she senses your weak.”

“Ok your pep talk needs work.”

He placed her on the bed and finished getting himself ready.

So he want’s me to be tough. That’s fine with me. I’ll imagine my step mother as his mother and the game is on.

Exhibition 2

Sir walked over to were I was. God help me my heart stopped. The way he walked exuded power and control. The qualities only certain types possessed. “Come to me fia. You have been very bad. You are always to good at being bad. I must dish out the punishment for that blatant exhibition. You did not ask for my permission to touch your self.” He said in his deep voice that I felt vibrating to my toe’s. The look in his eyes were wild with desire, hidden by his cool demeanor.

I walked to Sir, with both excitement and fear. Excitement from the punishment he will deal out. Fear of who was on the other end of that phone call. He took me by the hand and lead me to the bed. I was told to lay face down. I tried to control my breathing. I knew what he was going to do. My legs began to tremble as I did what sir wished of me.

In the closet at the back. Sir held his secrets. What would seem ordinary to every one is turned into something more. He went for the four plum-colored tie’s. You may think, so unoriginal. On the contrary. The center of these tie’s held a special cord. This cord is controlled by a remote control, that sir held in his secret place. I must have been very naughty for him to take them out.

Sir tied all four appendages to the post of the bed. My sex hued red and moistened by my attention to it earlier was exposed for sir’s delight’s.
I felt a hard thrust of three fingers into me. I let out a little scream and I felt the first sting of sir’s hand. “Did I say you can make a sound?” He waited to see if I would answer without his permission. I knew better. He flicked his longest finger, grasping the base of my pussy and immediately withdrew his fingers. Leaving me lost and longing for them to return. I could not help to let out a whimper with his withdrawal. “Smack” the other cheek felt the sting of his hand.

Then the doorbell rang. Sir still did not tell me who he called on the phone. “Fia, I will return shortly. Until then you will have a blind fold on. Your hands are tied so I know you will not be able to take it off. Do not worry. I do know your hard limit and will respect your wishes.” He leaned over to put the blind fold on and I breathe the essence of him deeply. The fact that he reassured me that he remembered my hard limit was all the comfort I needed. You maybe thinking to your self what is her hard limit? It’s very simple. I will not be penetrated by no other than sir.

I heard sir leave the room and open the front door. My heart was already beating fast, due to the punishment coming to me, but who is here?

“Fia, since you are feeling very free. I see no need to keep your desires hidden. I will not tell you who is here until the end. You are my exquisite jewel and I want to show them how I take care of you.”

Who is here? And what is sir going to do to me? I started to tremble again. This time with anticipation.
“Have a seat. Fia is in a sharing mood and I feel a little generous my self.” Sir said to someone.
Before I knew what was happening my legs were spread further revealing my clit and I felt it. A slight vibration. Sir knew how my body reacted to the vibrator. So slowly he increased the intensity. My legs were shaking uncontrollably. The I felt the sting of sir hand on my heated ass again. The more I showed I enjoyed the vibration the more he spanked me until my lower abdomen started to quiver and I came screaming from over sensitivity. Sir removed the vibrator.

“Good girl Fia. You are so wet and inviting. You have made me so pleased.” Sir said as he massaged my thighs. “But we have only just begun.”