Wait What The F—-? Fia Update

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My day, your day, damn everyone’s day starts off the same exact way. With eye’s wide open.

The only difference is what you see when things come into focus.

What I see, what I wish I can unseen causes all thoughts and comprehension to pause. Like my brain, this supercomputer of mine just freezes, due to a system glitch.

The problem is I am not a computer, and the glitch consists of three moving parts. Their names are Mara, Lena, and Milton.

There are three options that this story will go and they all consist with the Three F’s.

Freedom, Feeding and Fucking. Are you curious?

So Scorchers here is the lighter fluid. I will be pulling the stories off for a bit to rearrange how you receive my stories. So my scifi lovers will have their section, shifters there’s and fiction adult there’s. I will let you know when it will happen. Keep your eyes open.

Wereleopards Claiming the Throne Juni and Marcel part 6

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I stood in the shower trying to remember what happen last night. I remember that we were in the room with our parents and My dad gave me a kiss on the cheek.

He never gave me a kiss on the cheek. He said something. What was it?

A knock at the bathroom door had my heart racing.

“Juni are you alright. Do you need me to scrub that round bottom of yours?”

‘WTF,’ I said in my head. I have to remember.

“No, I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself thank you.”

“That’s not how you acted last night.”

“Go away, Marcel.”

If I don’t get a grip I am going to go into hysterics or I am going to take this body wash and scrub his mouth.

‘ Juni girl, get it together.” I whispered to myself.

Is it so bad that I had sex with Marcel? I have wanted him from the time I first met him. He was the star of so many self-pleasuring escaped that I can’t even count.

Yes, it is bad because I can’t remember it. I don’t even know if he was, was satisfied. I only had that one time and that was a disaster.

I just want to remember.



I know I have her going nuts. That serves her right. Year after year of her taunting me with her body that I could not touch.

“Marcel I am counting on you to keep your eye on her. Do not touch her. Think of her as a sister.” That was what I was told to do, and I did that.

It became harder to keep that thought of her being a sister when she would wear clothes that showed her body. Barly there shorts. Shirts that were ripped in a way that made you want to touch her. Let’s not talk about her scent when she was in heat.

I damn neared clawed my skin to keep from ravishing her.

Now it will be my turn. I will mate her in twenty-four hours and in that time, I will drive her mind and body in sane with need. She started a war unintentionally and I will be the victor.

His cell began to ring, and Kevin’s name flashed across the screen. Another issue he had to deal with.


“When will you be back? You left like a bat out of hell from your dad’s place with your cousin and–“

“First, she is not my cousin. She is a close friend of the family. Second, I will need to meet with everyone at my place by one. I have to make an announcement and I will only say it once.”

“Marcel are you alright? You don’t sound like your usual–“

“Kevin one.” I hung up the phone. Better sooner than later. The water shut off and I can hear her stepping out of the shower.




There are only towels in here. I grabbed the biggest one and wrapped myself in it. I don’t know why I feel nervous. I wore a bikini in front of him that had less material.

I reached for the door handle and opened the bathroom door to find Marcel bare ass bent over picking pulling up his pants.

He turned around and smiled. “Was it better in the day then at night?”

Oh man I feel hot. I turned towards the table and grabbed some orange juice. I drank it from the glass quickly. With my eyes closed

I could suddenly hear anything other than the strong thrumming behind me.

“I love the way you close your eyes and drink that juice. How your throat works it down. Savoring every drop. It’s makes me want to watch you take something else.” Marcel whispered in my ear.

I swallowed so loudly I’m amazed I did not choke.

He pressed a light kiss on my earlobe.

“I’m going out to get you some cloths. Last night your clothes were destroyed.”

“You ripped my cloths?”

“Me? No?”

“You did. You said that you were tired of the barriers we had between us, and you’d be damned if cloths were going to be another. So, your tore them off. They are over there in a heap. Give me ten minutes. I’ll get you something to wear until we get back home to my place.”

“Your place?” I whispered.

“Come on you been there a hundred times. Relax. Unless you’re up for another go to unwind a bit.”

“I’m good. You can get me something to wear.”

He laughed and walked to the door with just his pants and shoes.

“Where is your shirt?”

“You destroyed it too. It’s in that heap.”

My heart stopped for a second. “I’m a beast.”

Well fire starters what do you think of these two? I feel tention rolling off of Marcel and pore Juni. She can not remember there first night. lol. Tell me what you think. I loved to know. XOXO

Juni and Marcel 5.5

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Marcel went to the kitchen and poured himself a drink to calm his heated blood. Juni did not know the affect she was having on him. She smelled sweet and even though she had experienced a “man” she had not experienced his kind.

She has been taught what happens when a male of his species joins with a female but you can not grasp that until it happens and she was not ready. Hell he was not ready or in the right mind frame to introduce her to that part of him.

He could hear she fell asleep and that was a blessing in disguise for the both of them.

“Mmm Marcel” she whispered

Damn he thought she was sleeping. He walked back into the room, and she was laying there with hooded eyes that was caused by the drinking. Her lips were slightly parted as she sighed.

“Yes, Juni?” I said as I stood and watched her lick her lips where I was just a moment ago.

“I want you.” she said as she looked at me and I wanted to go to her and take off all her cloths and show her what I want from her. But it will not be tonight and not with her like this.


It was One in the morning

Marcel looked over Juni and her breathing began to take on the speed as our young do before they learn to slow it to a normal pace. He took her temperature, and it was broken. There was one more thing he had to check to see if her transformation was complete.

He had to check her mouth. He lifted her upper lip and there they were. Beautiful white pointed canine teeth.

He leaned over and kissed her on head. “You did it Juni. You made it.”

He was so proud that this stubborn young woman made it through the change and now she will be his .

Marcel should call his father to tell him that she made it through, but he wanted to savor the moment a little longer. The sun will rise in a few hours, and she will be famished. He planned to have everything for her ready. A thought came to mind. It was time to turn the tables on Juni.

“The game is truly on Juni.”



The sun streamed through the window waking Juni along with the pain in her stomach indicating that she was starving.

She rose to see a table full of food and she got out of bed and realized that she was not wearing any cloths. She grabbed the sheet and wrapped her body. Where was her cloths?

Her ears peak up and she heard the shower going and then it stopped.

The door the bathroom opened and her mouth fell open. Marcel emerged with a towel wrapped around him and wet.

“Juni your awake.” He said with a smile. He walked over to her a gave her tender kiss on the lips and went to pick up some beacon.

“What is going on?”

“You don’t remember?”


“Last night.”

“Marcel where are my cloths and why are you acting like that?”

“Your making me feel less of a man that you could not remember our first night together.”

Juni sat on the floor stunned.

“We, we–” She swallowed and tried to get the words out.

“We did. You should take a shower. You were very limber after the change.”


“Well, you wanted me to take your leg and put it over–“


“Why don’t you remember.?”

“I,I don’t know.” She looked at her body and she stood to look into a mirror.

“What are you doing?”

“We didn’t mate.” She said releaved.

“I protested and said we should wait till tonight after the ceremony.”

“You protested. You make it sound like I was a beast.”

He smiled as if he was satisfied, and she just wanted to bury her head in embarrassment since she could not remember a thing.

“You should eat something. Taste the jam its sweet but not as sweet as your—“

Juni ran to the bathroom and slammed the door closed.

Marcel couldn’t help but laugh. When he took her, she will not forget? Her body won’t let her.

Sorry for the wait. Life took time to get through. Now that Juni has completed the transformation will Marcel finally let the beast out? Or will Juni take what she wants. Tell me how you like this. More to come. Until next we light up the night. (Side note. There will be sex in the next one. Do not be shocked. You are warned)

Wereleopards Claiming the Thorne Juni & Marcel pt5

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I feel so cold. It feels as if the cold is seeping into my bones. What is that? I hear a muffled sound in my ear.

“Juni you better not die. I dare you.”

A dare? I remember that. I remember Marcel and I dared each other and found out more than what we expected.

I was nineteen going on twenty and my father told me that the time of me completing the bargin was in a month.

I personally thought of so many ways I could escape. The one thing that kept me rooted to that spot was my father. I know without a doubt they would take my disappearance out on him. Maybe even kill him.

“Dad I want to go out and I want to go alone.”

He looked at me intensely at me contemplating on the repercussion of letting me out may entail.

‘Juni go but please try your best to stay low and out of trouble.”

I could not believe that he said yes. I ran up stairs and changed into a pair of my favorite hip hugging ripped jeans and a black tank top. I threw on a leather jacket and sneakers and ran out. I did not want him to have a chance to change his mind.

At this time I had my license and I had a car of my own. A gift from Marcel’s father when I passed my driving test when I was eighteen.

I drove down to the “Pipes”. It’s a club that I over heard my classmates rave about. I said I would go there one day if I was able to get away. Today was that day.

It was eleven and I seen that the club was packed. The line was so long it curved around the corner. I sat in my car contemplating if I should try my luck to get in.

I turned my head to the left to see a familiar face with his arm around this very attractive woman. She swayed when she walked and the guys on the line watched in amazement. I barely shot her another glance. My eyes were on Marcel. He rarely smiled around me and he was smiling now.

I pulled out my phone and text him quickly before I chickened out.

“Marcel I’m in my car across the street. Can you get me inside?’

He pulled out his phone and looked at the text. He looked around and seen my car. Marcel whispered something in the girls’ ear and she giggled. Then she went inside alone, while he strode over to me.

He was wearing an all black out fit that framed his body so well that I had thoughts about him that I hadn’t had since I was sixteen. I began to think of him like a brother more than a man.

I rolled down the window when he was close enough and he gave me this look. I could not understand the look.

“What are you doing here?”

“My dad let me out. I think it was his guilt that made him decide to let me out. Anyway can you get me in?”

“I’ll get you in if you listen to me and follow my instructions.”

“Marcel, forget it. I want freedom tonight.”

“For the rainbow?”

I can’t believe I told him that. I knew I was being childish but my imminent death made me say and want to do crazy things. Plus my hormones were raging.

“No. I just want to have a little fun. Next month I will be living with your kind and I just have a feeling that I will not be allowed little excursions.”

“Juni you are not a slave. But our females are expected to hold them selves with respect and pride. So no elaborate extracurricular activities.”

“You mean no Whoring around. Just say it Marcel.”

He smiled at the comment but looked at me fully.

“Move over.”


“You want to get in right? Move over.” He sounded exasperated. He looked around before he got in.

I moved into the passenger seat and he took the drivers side. He started the engine and we left the club.

Ten minutes later we arrived at a condo complex. He parked in the garage and motioned for me to leave.

“Marcel where are we?”

“We are going to my place. You are not entering the club looking like that. Remember you are going in with me.”

“I change my mind.”

“I dare you Juni. I dare you to concur your fear.”

I looked at Marcel like he grew horns on his head.”

“I am not afraid of anything.”

“Really. You never want to be alone with me or my kind. You have been trained for years with my kind but your instructors still smell your fear when they approach you. You keep your distance thinking your safe.”

I looked at him and damn him his eyes shifted making my heart speed up.

“So what will it be. Go home or take the dare?”

I am not afraid of him or his kind. I’m afraid of my reaction to him if I were to be alone with him. I stepped out of the car and followed him up to the pent house.

It was magnificent. It reflected Marcel to a “t”.

“Follow me. I have outfits that will fit you in the back.”

“Why?” I stopped in my tracks.

“Why what?”

“Why are there cloths here that would fit me?”

“They were not for you specifically. I have guests that forget to bring cloths to go out in.”

“They forget?” I did not believe that one bit.

“Alright I tend to damage the out fit they came in so I make sure that they can leave fully clothed.”

“How did you damage their cloths?”

Marcel turned not wanting to answer the question.

“Alright. I Dare you Marcel.”

He turned back with a questioning look on his face.

“You say I am afraid. But you are just as afraid.”

“Really? Of what?”

“Of speaking candidly with me. I am not a child but you act as if I am. So I dare you to speak bluntly to all I ask like an adult.”

“To all?”

“Yes are you up for the challenge?”

He walked over to me held out his hand and we shook. Our challenge has been sealed.

“Now how did you damaged their cloths?”

“When I want them and I can no longer can hold back. I rip their cloths off and take them.”

“You Fu–“

“Let’s be civil please.”

“You have sex aggressively with them.”

“Yes. Now lets get you dressed.”

I walked to a room that was furnished with a huge bed covered in a shimmery bed spread. It had a design of a Koi going over a bridge on it. The back ground was black. We walked past it into a walk in closet. He did not lie when he said he had cloths to dress up in.

I noticed something and I could not hold back.

“Are you into men?”

Without a second thought.” I’m into everyone.”

Why did that make my heart race with excitement.

He pulled out an outfit and it was pretty. It was something I wouldn’t have picked out for myself though.

‘Marcel it’s pretty but–“

“No but’s. Go inside and change.”

I went into the huge bedroom and started taking off my cloths.

“Marcel how old were you when you first had sex.”

He was silent and then I heard him behind me. I did not have my top on and today I did not wear a bra since these girls are fighting gravity without help.

“You really want that answer?”

I reached for my top and looked over my shoulder. “Marcel I’m half naked here.”

He chuckled and went back inside the closet.

“I was fifteen. She was twenty.”

I was slipping on the dress he handed me when I stood still in shock. He slept with an older woman.

“Marcel you were too young to–“

“I am a shifter. At fifteen I was this height and close to this body frame I am today. I did what was expected and that was all.”

That sounded wrong. I turned to see him looking at me and I felt myself blushing. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to see you wear a thong and no bra.” He said with a smirk. “My turn to ask a question.”

“So you were just a year older. Why didn’t you do it with him again.”

“How do you know I didn’t?”

He stared at me as if he knew and there was no reason to lie.

“I thought I was ready but I wasn’t and it was not like how I read it in the books.”

“Ohh” he said with a smile.

“But I was ready to try again a year later but I was not given the opportunity.”

He smiled. “Turn around I’ll zip you up.”

I turned around waiting for him to come over and zip the dress. I felt his fingers trail down my back. My breathing was a bit labored.

‘What did you read in those books? Were there soft kisses and tender words?”

“What are you doing Marcel?” I asked in a whispered voice. He zipped up the dress but he kept standing behind me.

“With our kind there is primal need. You touch each other as if that touch could satisfy a hunger of the flesh. We kiss, lick and nip. We glid our bodies against each other to cover our selves in each others scent.”

He stepped away and walked towards the door exiting the room without looking at me.

“Are you teasing me, Marcel?”

“No. I’m explaining that a shifter is not a romance book. We can be gentle if we choose but that is not what is wanted. Now let’s go to the club.”


Juni’s moaning and tossing in the rumpled sheets. I wonder what she is dreaming about. I breath in and there is a scent.

I look at her and realized she is aroused. Her skin is flushed and her nipples are harden. Who is she dreaming about?

I shift in my seat then I stood. Her scent was causing me to get hard. I want her but not until she is fully changed. I need to go to the rest room and throw water in my face. Her scent will cause something that I do not want to do until she is capable to fully enjoy it. Damn it Juni. You have two more hours to complete the transformation. You better survive.


He kept his word and I entered the club with him. There were so many bodies in one room. Dancing, laughing, and drinking.

Marcel walked off to the direction of the VIP, I did not follow. Instead, I went to the bar and ordered a peach snap with vodka. It came in a tall glass with a slice of fruit wedged on the rim. I took half of it down and I loved it.

I never drank before. I never smoked or did any drugs. Tonight I just want to enjoy one of the three taboo’s I was sworn away from.

“Hey you want to dance?”

I turned towards the voice and it was nice to know it matched the package. It was a deep as his black wavy hair. He groomed his brows, and a light shadow of a beard graced his jaw. His eyes were dark and his lips a lightest hue of pink.

I took another sip of my drink and strated to feel the effects.

“I’m not a great dancer.”

“What we do on that dance floor is not called dancing really. Just move to the music how ever you want.”

I looked at him and nodded. Why not. The music sounded great and I could move to it.

We walked into the crowd and we danced. I felt light. He never laid a hand on me. I gyrated my hips from side to side to the beat of the base. I did not know I was drawing a crowd around me since I was dancing with my eyes closed. My head was foggy and relaxed.

the song ended and I opened my eyes to see the eyes of everyone looking at me. I glanced up to the VIP and seen Marcel looking at me as well. Then a slow song came on and the nameless guy pulled me close. I was able to push the look Marcel gave me out of my head as we swayed. He smelled nice. A little too sweet but nice.

“Did you come here with someone?” He asked.

I nodded as I continued to dance. He pulled me in closer and I felt the swell in the front of the pants. His hand glided down to my ass. Then wosh. He was gone.

I looked around to see what happened. All I was able to see was Marcel and he was angry.

“Juni what the fu–?” He was about to curse. Was he that mad that I drove him to let his cilvilty drop?

He looked into my eyes and they must have infuriated him because he lifted me up and we went to the VIP section.

“Get OUT NOW.” He yelled at everyone inside. He placed me on the couch and poured liquid in a glass.

“I don’t want that Marcel. I want my peach snaps and vodka drink.”

He shook his head and smiled. “Your such a light weight if that got you this wasted. Drink this water. I have to sober you up before taking you home.”

“No I don;t want to go home. Marcel why didnt you take me up on my offer?”

“Juni what offer? You did not make an offer.”

“When we first met I said I would have sex with you if you don’t say anything to anyone. Why didn’t you.”

“Your drunk.”

“No I am not. We have a deal. Tell me straight.”

He breathed out and said, “You were too young and only had one experience.”

“My lack of experience kept you off of me. Is that the real reason?”

“Juni you don’t know what your saying.”

“I do. I want you Marcel. I want you hungry and naked on top of–“

Before I could finish a word, he kissed me hard. His tongue claimed every recess of my mouth. His left hand held my head and his right was touching my breast through the dress. Caressing it, finding my nipple and pinching it. I moaned into him mouth.

Before he pulled away I trailed my had up his thigh meeting the bulg he was sporting.

“We cannot do this. I’m sorry.” He pulled back.

“I’m not. No that is a lie. I’m sorry you stopped it.” I said aching for him to continue.

Marcel looked different. His features shifted and his lips thinned a bit.

“Juni don’t leave here. I will take you home. Stay here.”

I nodded and fell asleep.

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Wereleopards Claiming the Thorne Juni & Marcel pt4

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(I have to give the disclaimer now. Adult language and content. Not intended for anyone younger than eighteen years old.)


I woke up to a bright day. The sun was streaming in through my curtains, and I laid there in bed thinking of what will happen today.

I am now seventeen. When the clock hit 2:31:50 in the morning. I was seventeen. It’s been almost seven months since my dad made that bargain to hand me over to the Lanstin’s. He kept his word and he brought in several women who where shifters to train me on what is to be a shifter female.

There were the werewolves, were lionesses, were jaguars and the lists goes on. The main theme was submission and protection of the children I will have.

I don’t want to have any children. I want to live my life first. Selfish for me to say that but it’s the truth.

Along with this constant training I could not have a boyfriend. None. I always wondered if it was because I told Marcel that I did have an encounter. I will never know because I never seen him again after that night.

I sat up in bed and decided to put on an outfit that I have had hidden for months. The top was soft golden yellow that plunged down into a heart. Accentuating my breasts. They fully developed and they looked like something to be jealous of.

I put on a matching a line skirt that stopped above my knees.  I took a quick shower, put on a scent that is supposed to be acceptable to the were species and got dressed.

My hair was shoulder length and curly and I painted my lips in a red so deep that my father will either yell at me to take it off or shock him into silence. No liner for my eyes. My lashes were full enough to stand alone. A little shimmer to my eyes and decided I looked grown up.

My ears dawned jewelry that my mom left. She was a rebel with golden ear cuffs with filigree stye design hugging the rim of her ears.

I wore a thumb and a pinky ring on my right hand that matched the earring, and I was complete.

I went downstairs to be stopped in my tracks by no other than Marcel and his father talking to mine.


“Come down Juniper.” My dad side without looking at me. He did not see me yet, but they did.

Marcel looked strange. He swallowed hard twice.

My dad turned around and several explanative fell from his lips.

“What the holy F—”

I stopped him because this was my day after all.

“It’s my birthday. I want to wear this.”

“Everette its fine as long as she is prepared for questions that women who wear those type off outfits will get.”

“Like what sir.” See I remembered my  manners even though I was pissed.

“Like are those real and can I see if they are?”

I was being baited and I knew it. I kept my mouth shut but chuckled.

“Speak freely Juniper.”

I looked at my dad and he nodded yes.

“I would say isn’t that an odd question.”


“Of course, these are real. If you’re wanting to know if they are naturally mine then you should ask that, because they are naturally grown. Now if they weren’t naturally mine they are still real. If you can see it, touch it and has substance. Then it is real. For your second question it you can see if they are. Well that is where your imagination should come into play here cause you will never see them.” I said since all three were stunned silent it was my turn.

“Can I be bold enough to ask you a question?”

Marcel’s father nodded.

“Is what you hold between your legs natural or artificial? I will never tell a soul if it’s not.”

I stood there waiting to be smacked when all three burst out into laughter.

“Everette your daughter is a handful. Happy birthday. We came to bring you a gift and since you want to wear an outfit like that, I volunteer Marcel to be your chaperone.”

We both looked at his father stunned.



It is now twelve thirty and I see the sweat beading on her body. That is a sign her body is going through the transformation.

She started mumbling about a yellow shirt and seventeen.

I remember that day. She came downstairs looking like a woman. Not that she was not a female, but she was young. Meeting at sixteen she still had that aura of childhood about her. As she descended the stairs, and I got a good look at her.

My mouth began salivating and I swallowed it back not realizing it was audible to everyone in the room. Her father turned towards her and I could hear his heart speed up.

My father asked her a question which I thought would cause her to blush at least but instead it looked as if he drew a line and she was going to cross it without fear.

Not only did she answer the question, but she threw one back at him that not only shocked all three males in the room but gained a respect that I never seen my father give to anyone easily.

But nothing is easy with my father. He handed the gift to Juni and she opened it.

It was a gold chain with a  leopard charm hanging off it. So there was the first open sign of possession.

Juni and her father knew this. Everette took it out of the box and put it around her daughters neck.

“Dad, can I go out to the mall.”

“Everette let her go. Marcel will chaperone the girl. Do not worry.”

I could see he wanted to protest but allowed her to go.

She stormed out of the house passed me and her smell. She smelled like a sweet wine. I went after her but she seemed angry.

“Are you mad about something?”

“Yes, it’s my birthday and I have you babysitting me.”

I smiled because if she only knew what I was thinking. She would realize I do not consider her a baby.

Then she stopped and turned on me.

“Did you tell my father what happened when you caught me at the party.”

I was not sure what she was talking about.

“Don’t give me that look. You know when I offered to-“

I had forgotten about that. “No, why”

“Why? Why” are you serious right now?”

I was not getting something. But her anger was palatable.

“Why?” I asked again annoyed with this game of hers.

“Because I have not had a date or boyfriend since then.”

Then it dawned on me.

“You’re in heat.”

“No, you idiot. I am not in heat like a—”

“Watch what you say.” I threatened.

“I’m frustrated that I will die before I had my rainbow.”

She made my head hurt.”

“Come again. Rainbow?”

Juni sighed and turned. She continued walking to the mall even though I could have driven her.

“You know that candy that has all different colors of the rainbow.”

 I nodded because I seen the commercial for it.

“Don’t laugh. I wanted to try different guys and I call it the rainbow. You guys say women feel the same surrounding you. I know it cannot be the same for women. Men are different sizes and I want to know which one fits the best. See Rainbow.”

I honestly wanted to stop bend her over my knee and spank her till her ass the color of red in that rainbow.

“You’re telling me you want to bed seven different men with different size cocks to see what fits best. All this before you turn because you are going to die.”

She turned around with a smile on her face that would make every mother weep.

“Yes, I want to taste the rainbow.”

I was pulled back to reality when I seen blood coming from her nose and mouth.

I went to her to see where it was coming from and when I opened her mouth, I seen the beginning of her second jaw move forward and tiny white teeth poking through.

“Juni you can do this. Don’t die.” I said to her.

So, ladies and Gentlemen I feel the heat and I am feeling moisture cascading down my face. Are you feeling the heat? Let me know. Fia xoxo

Wereleopards Claiming the Thorne Juni & Marcel pt3

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I pulled a chair next to the end of the bed. She laid their pale and breathing shallow. ‘Did I scratch her too deep?’ I thought to my self. I don’t think so. She’s still breathing. I sat there and watched. Waiting for anything to happen. There was still plenty of time before I find out if she”ll–

I stop that thought and took sip of my drink. The taste brings be back to that first meeting with again.

“Your a bookie?” I asked looking at her as if I could be mistaken.

“I guess I am. I’ll leave right-“

“No. Don’t you say another word, Juni. Come with me.”

That was when I got a whiff of the her fear. The scent she had on was enticing but this scent. It caused a reaction that I could not control. A sound, a deep rumble in my chest. It is not audible for the straights but the two ware’s that were close to us turned there heads in our direction.

She had gotten off the stool and stood before me. I closed my eyes to gather my composure and turned. I didn’t like the way I was acting towards her. I may have to kill her before the nights ends. It was up to my father on that.

We went up to my room and I stepped aside for her to enter. She was a foot shorter than me and wore her hair up in a pony tail giving her the illusion of some height.

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked.

That was a question. I should take her out but there were too many people here and I will get life in prison. So that idea was put on the back burner. then I realized something that should have struck me immediately. She was calm. She was nervous when I approached and now she was at ease.

“What do you think I should do? Let me stop you before you say something like ,you should let me go. That is not going to happen.”

She nodded and looked in the room. What was she looking for? Maybe gaging escape routes. The room was too high for her to jump from the window and there was only one door in and out.

“Alright. I’m not naïve. No one is here so where do you want me?” She started to untie the sash on her waist and I wondered if she was real. The straights do not do acts with us. They fear we would loose control and harm them, yet not this one.

“How old are you?”

” Sixteen. I’ll be seventeen in two weeks.” She was about to pull her strap down when I stopped the motion.


“Why you would not be my first, so–“

For some reason that pissed me off. Did her parents know what she did? Of course they didn’t.

“Your father knows your here?”

She nodded yes and that pissed me off even more.

“Pull your self back together. You are not getting off that easy.”

Her cheeks flushed. Not sure why since she claims she is experienced.

“Before I call my father. I’m curious about something. How many has there been since your so eager to give me your body as hush payment?”

She licked her lips and looked away. “It doesn’t matter.”

She’s right it doesn’t. Never the less I wanted to know.

“How many?” I asked as I approached her and invading the little space I allowed between us to disappear.

She licked her lips and said “one.”

Was she lying? One and ready for another so soon? Curious.

“Do not worry Juni. Is that your full name?”

“Juni is short for Juniper.”

“Well, I will not be the next to take you and after tonight you may not see tomorrow. I just have to ask do you know how crazy you are to do that shit here?”

She turned away and walked to the closest chair and flopped down. Then the words I did not expect came from her mouth.

“I don’t smoke, so I cant ask for a last cigarette before I die. So the next best thing was a quick tumble.”

She must be crazy? Not even a minute after saying those words she was blushing from shame. She was able to turn this situation around and throw my denial as a failure on my part. Juni you need to be tamed. Too bad I cant be the one to do it.



It burns, my mouth is dry and I feel so hot. My mind was going crazy with memories of things that should be forgotten.

“Juni come here.” a harsh voice, caused from years of smoking called.

I walked over to my father and noticed that a hefty man with a suit on was sitting with a gun placed at my fathers temple.

“Juni, honey bring the markers from the bets you took at the party today to me.” he said calmly

The man watched me as his hand with the gun never moved. I went to retreave the markers and gave it to the man.

“Everette your daughter has grown up very nicely. Its a shame you will never see her again.”

“No sir. Please don’t. I’ll do what you want.”

He looked at me as if he was going to kill me next.”

“What I want?” He thought then looked at my father.

“Everette since your daughter cares so much for you. Here is the deal. Bring her to me when she is twenty one. She will be ours. She will be changed and she will be taken.”

I didn’t like the word taken or she will be ours.

“Kill me. I wont do it.” my father said.

“Fine I’ll kill you and take her anyway. The other way you can prepare her for the turning.”

“That is death.”

Let you fill you in about my father. He is never scared and if he ever was I have never seen it in my sixteen years of life. He has taught me to be cunning and use me wit to get out of tight situations. It helped that we both share the same smile and eyes that tend to let people feel at ease with us. Right now he is showing an emotion I have never seen before and that was fear for me.

“Yes. It is.” the other man said “and you Everette, will be the cause of it.”

I cried out in pain when a searing, burn that shown as a white light went across my closed eye lids.

I hear a voice in the distance saying, “Juni it’s starting.” then the voice faded.

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Wereleopards Claiming the Thorne Juni & Marcel pt2

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I hear her in the bedroom. She has not gone into hysterics as I thought she would, but she is in shock. This night was going to happen and there was not a damn thing I could have done about it to change it.

Juni Egante did not realize she was set up. When things are presented to you in a pretty bow. Of course you will accept it.

Ten years ago, when she was sixteen. Juni had this drive or sense of family that she would do anything for them. The Egante family ran a business that was on my father’s territory and he had no idea it was occurring.

They ran it for nearly two years until they slipped up. Well not they but Juni. She was a senior in high school, and I graduated two years before. My cousin Art wanted to invite a few friends up to the place to have a party. My father allowed it only if I monitored it.

Let me tell you something about me. I like women and especially the women of my species. They are agile and sturdy at the same time. Inhibitions are tossed in the wind, and we do things that –. Cannot be done to a straight. So I had not desire to touch one. Never did. That was why my father put the task of chaperone for the party.

That night of Art’s party things were in full swing, and I watched from the guest room above. I spotted this young girl with brown hair that held blonde streak’s, sitting on a stool by the bar area. I thought it was strange that she was alone since she was very attractive for a straight.

Even from the height I stood I could see she had firm thick thighs that could hold her weight if she was to wrap them around a waist. A nice supple middle and a pair of gorgeous tits begging to be handled. Then an odd thing occurred. A couple of time as I watched.

The kids would hand her a slip of paper and she would type something on her phone. I decided it was time to pay her a little attention.

I went down and walked straight to her. ” Her sent was spicy. It tickled my senses.

“Are you dealing?”

She looked at me startled and shook her head. Her eyes showed too much fear.

“What are they handing to you? I watched a few of them walk up to you and hand you something.”

She looked as if she was deciding if she should come clean or stay quiet. The choice was taken from her.

“Juni give me five on Bernont to win by knock out in second round.” A young gangly guy said as he walked over to her and handed her a piece of paper.

She was a bookie. I stared at her even harder.” Who are you and I swear, if you do not tell me your whole name I will learn it from the obituaries in a couple of days.”

She nodded and whispered “Juni Egante.”

That was when everything from that moment on was on a track that I had never seen coming.

I stop myself from reminiscing about the past, and down the clear alcohol, still listening to her movements.

She finally laid on the bed as I told her too. I breathed in and I could taste the fear in the air. Shit I would be scared to if I was about to die.

I walked into the room, and she was laying on the bed with only her panties on.

“I told you naked.”

“I figured no need. No sex right. So, if I’m going to die at least that part is covered for forensics.” she said letting out a shaky breath.

Shit why did she have to be this way. She should yell, scream, protest. She just settles for her fate.

I walked over to her and looked her body over. I want to do things to that flawless body that would make her ancestors weep.

“Can you do it please. I’m ready.”

I realized her eyes are closed as if she is prepared. Brave to the end. I lengthen my claws and decide where to mare her flesh. Before I change my mind, I slashed at her left side of her ribs. It was deep. The blood began to flow out. S

She looked at me and all she said was. “I wish you were up for it.”

Damn, even at the end she jokes. I took my shirt off and tightened it around her ribs. She was still breathing so that is a good sign, but she passed out. Now I wait and see if she survives till the morning. If she does, then I have a new ware in my life, if she doesn’t then I am a widower at Twenty-four.

All this to protect her crappy family.


Marcel Linton was standing over my semi naked body and taking in every inch of it. If I could die from being uncomfortable then they should have my grave ready for me. His gaze was so intense. Like a surgeons waiting for the go ahead to begin cutting.

I was never shy about my body. I was a healthy young woman with a healthy libido. It’s just that Marcel was who I thought of when I needed a picture in my mind to handle my own needs at times. Now he’s looking at me in reality.

I wonder does he like what he sees? It doesn’t matter. I’ll be dead by dawn. I closed my eyes so he does not have to feel the pressure of my gaze and I wait.

Then it happened. A sharp intense pain on my left side.

I couldn’t help but say, “I wish you were up for it.” before I passed out into the darkness. Bye Marcel Linton. Nice knowing you. Then there was nothing.

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Let’s Have a Drink and Chat

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Deragona Planet (Iwipoo Warriors) The call is Answered Rated Mature

Woman Kneeling On Bed Stock Photo (Edit Now) 244021633
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The two males, Nonilla and Orick stood there staring at Ramona.

“Share?” Nonilla asked. The look of confusion that crossed both their faces was enough for laughter to erupt from Ramona at the situation.

“Yes share. You both seem to be drawn to me and I am attracted to the both of you. I do not see my self going from one bed to another. So I propose that we come together and—–“

This time it was Orick who spoke. “We are dragonians. Our symbiont half are dragons and they are very possessive in time of pleasure. I do not see how it would be possible to share”

Orick adjusted his stance showing the affect she was having on him. Nonilla seemed glued to the floor and he kept his fists clenched tightly.

“Have any of your kind every share a woman between them?”

“That is different. The female is a dragonian and can handle the intensity of two males.”

Ramona looked at them taking there words in. She did not lie when she said she found both attractive and honestly she never had been with two men at the same time before. Maybe she should not push this but there is something edging her to push these men to their limit.

Ramona decided to do something that was out of character for her. She looked at both men and stood. They watched her every move. Licking her dry lips, she lowered her hands to the hem of her shirt. She began to pull her shirt slowly up. Revealing how physically fit she was. Ramona’s body showed the hours she spent working it out.

“Ramona please decide.” Nonilla said in a tense voice, deepened voice. A voice she has not heard come from him before.

She lifted the shirt over her head, revealing soft rounded breasts which was so full they both knew it would not be contain in just a palm of a hand. It held dark nipples that perked at attention it was given. She dropped the shirt and she said, ” I will be in my bedroom down the hall. I want to see both of you there. I am sure that we will enjoy each other. If not then neither of you come.”

She turned and walked down the hall. The smell was breaking them apart.

“Orick, I do not know if my dragon will agree to share and I have never had too before,”

“Neither have I. My dragon is fierce but not as strong as yours. The only way this will work is if you take control.”

“How will we explain to the beasts inside that this is not their time. Mine is clawing to the surface as we speak.” Nonilla said looking to Orick for counsel.

It was the first time in matters of mating that both of them were at a loss.

“I will tell mine that we are going to rut with a female that is not of our kind and that it is only to find if we can be with this kind of female. Mine will accept that and stay in.” Orick said as he adjusted himself for the third time.

“That sounds good. I will throw in that we will take a long flight and eat some sweet zoomomo’s to appease mine.” Nonilla said.

Both men stood with their eye’s closed mentally communicating to their other halves.

As they opened their eyes, both could see the dragons fall back in retreat. they both nodded to each other and turned to the bedroom.

“Orick I will stand down if you want to take the lead on this.”

Shocked by the offering Orick turned to face him.

“I may have not been with a female for a long time but it is by my choice. You are the king and should go before I.”

Nonilla nodded and they both continued. The walk which is a mere seven or eight strides away seemed to take an eternity.


Ramona heard the whispered conversation. She heard the discussion of who will be first. Little did they realize that she will be the one in control. The moment they sounded as if they came to the decision to share, Ramona went to the bed, she shed off the rest of her cloths, climbed on the bed and knelt.

Both men stood at the door and stared at her. There breathing labored.

They went inside and closed the door. Orick went to close the windows, so no one could see what was occurring inside.

“I think I should be with you first and Orick will continue after that is the only way I—–” Nonilla was cut off by Ramona.

“Dont you both want to taste me?” She said as she cupped her breasts. “I have one for each of you.”

Both men looked at each other. There cocks were throbbing and wanting for release but they will not attack the human female. Nonilla nodded to Orick and they both went to the bed.

Nonilla was finding it very hard to stay calm and not jump on her. Orick was restraining himself as well and watching for the other’s lead.

Nonilla reached out and put his hands in her hair. Turning her face towards him. Her lips parted. He bent down and claimed her mouth. That wicked tongue that won the verbal battle to save his daughter was skilled. Delving in deep with his tongue he was met with her intesity and she curled hers around his and sucked on it. His eyes flew open and he pulled back. He was so consumed with the kiss he did not notice when Orick took one of her breast in his mouth and sucked on it.

Orick stopped to look at the both of them staring at each other.

“How did you know to do that?” Nonilla asked.

Ramona had a lot of time on her hands and she read allot of their manuals. She knew what to do with the males.

Ramona let out a moan as he held her hair a bit to tight at the nape of her neck. Orick released her and seen her hooded eyes filled with desire.

He was going to test this new found knowledge of hers. To what extent was she will to go.

“Say my name.” Nonilla commanded her.

“Nonilla” she whispered out.

“No the other.” His heart was beating hard and fast waiting.

“Noni.” She said and his cock jumped. He moved to nip her neck. She let out a pleasing sound.

Orick reached up and claimed her mouth again.

Ramona kissed him with the same intesity and twirled her tongue around his.

Orick pulled back and realized why Nonilla did the same. He looked at his king.

“She wants us and I think we will give it to her. Agreed.” Nonilla commanded

Orick nodded and kissed her with the intense need he was holding back.

His kiss was demanding yet the tentative way he thrust his tongue was matching her own. She felt their need for her in her core. She felt as if she was on fire. Ramaona realized both men were still dressed particially. She pulled away from Oricks kiss and from Nonilla mouth on her breast.

The men were breathing in ragged breaths.

“I am the only one with no cloths on.”

Nonilla spoke, “This is your last chance. If we remove our cloths there will be no holding back.”

Ramona licked her lips and laid back showing both men how much her desire was glistening at her sex.

Orick and Nonilla dragons purred. They were being well behaved even though they wanted out to claim her.

They both removed there cloths. Both men looked magnificent. Nonilla was thick, with a broad head that had a pearl of glistening liquid at the tip. He was ready to take her. Orick was hard and had length, the base of his cock seem to be a bit broader shaping it in cone. Both men was showing too much signs of restraint.

“Noni please.”

As if on que he nelt in front of her and position himself to enter her. Orick went to her mouth and kissed her deeply. Nonilla went in hard. Her tightness felt like a vice on his cock. She screamed in Oricks mouth. He lapped it up. Nonilla stayed still waiting for her to adjust to his size. When he felt her musle relax in her channel he began his rythm.

Orick released her mouth and went to her neck and nipped it. Ramona reached out for his shaft. The soft velvet texture was inviting her to put it in her mouth.

“Noni stop.” She said breathing hard. He did as she asked and she pulled him out of her. He was confused. She turned over and said. “Enter me this way.”

Nonilla did as she asked feeling how th other angle made roamana shiver. Orick watched as he held himself in his hand.

Ramona grabbed his waist and pulled him closer. Orick did not understand until her tongue jetted out to lick his tip.

Orick purred louder. Ramona pulled him closer and slowly managed to take Oricks length in. The three managed to find a rythm that was causing ramaona to reach her peak quickly.

Nonilla paced quickened he felt his sak tighten and his seed wanted to be released. Orick looked as if he was reaching his limit as well.

He looked at the human woman’s back and he wanted to sink his teeth into her shoulder but refrained. He will not mate her and bond himself to her.

Orick dragon crossed his eyes more than once. It loved to see Ramona enjoying them.

“I can not hold back any longer.” Orick cried out.

Nonilla picked the pace faster. Ramona gagged as Orick shot his seed down her thoart as Nonilla pulled out and spilled down her leg.

Nonilla seen that she had not reached her climax so he pushed two fingers in and continued what he could not. He felt her muscles clenching his fingers. As he flicked her click with his rough thumb. Ramona cried out her pleasure. Riding the wave out on his fingers.

She collapsed and both men laid opposite sides of her. She smiled at the both of them. “See we can share.”

Both men laughed.

“Noni would you like something to drink?” He nodded as he continued to lay in the bed.

“How about you Ori?”

“Ori?” He asked in surprize.

She smiled. I will only say these names when we are alone.

The men smiled in approval.

“Yes water.”

She managed to stand on shaky legs and put on her shorts and top before leaving them.

The men laid there in silence. Orick was the first to break it.

:Sire we can not do this again.”

“I agree. I felt my dragon rise to the surface. He wanted to bite her as we went over.”

“Mine did as well. Her mouth is amazing,”

Nonilla wanted to feel her mouth on him. Just as Orick wanted his turn to feel her around him.

Ramona came back with water and they all drank.

“So Ori are you ready for your turn?”

The men were amazed she was ready so quickly. “Are you sure. You may need some time to recover before–” Before Orick can finish the sentence her shorts was off and she climbed on him.

“I felt Noni in side me and now I want you.”

With the words said his cock stood at attention. Ramona grasped the girth of him and guided him into her channel.

It was soft and wet inside. He grabbed her hips as she began to ride him. She smiled at him and then she stared at Nonilla. He was palming himself and mimicking the movement. She stared deeply into his eyes as he quickened the pace. Orick breathing was increasing and so was his size. It did not do that when she had him in her mouth. It was streaking and hitting nerve endings that she cause her to cry out,” Oh god.”

Orick felt her muscles clenching around him she was almost there. He will wait for her to reach her peak. his hands gripped her too tight but she did not protest.

Then it happened without realizing it the men slightly shifted. They needed to see the female for themselves. Ramona’s eye closed tight when the intense wave of her Cuming around Oricks cock hit her.

Nonilla knelt near her and released his jizz on her stomach. Orick lifted her off him and sprayed his seed on the brown thatch of curls covering her sex.

This went on for hours. They kisses, nipped, and even ripped the bedding from the activity. It went from so to fast until they could no longer continue. When they left Ramona, she was asleep and the calling smell had dissipated. Both men went back to the palace. Back to their rooms to bath.

Both thinking of the events of the day. The act not only left marks of their skins but an unspeakable mark within them,


Nila went in to check on Ramana. She smelled of both males. She had to wake her and tell her to shower. No one must know of this. A king can not share his body with any other but there kind. As for Orick no one would believe it since he is so alone and guarded they would not believe he would do such a thing.

So the king and his guard shared what is supposed to be a one night stand. Will it just be that or did something was set in motion that the three of them can not predict. Please like share and subscribe to keep up . All comments are welcomed.