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Now my Fantasy Friday people have not for gotten. There may be a bug implanted in Red T. The word is Maybe.

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Fantasy Friday (Mother found)



It’s not the earth they show on the vid scan of years past. No, it’s a world that almost lost the north and south pole, so they created a dome to contain what little was left of them.

The ocean was drying out from the extreme heat that came from the sun’s solar flares. Years ago they would find sea creatures washed up on the shore, bloated as if they were being boiled in the very ocean they lived in.

Around this time was when the scientist took control of the world and the government changed drastically. Everyone belonged to a scientific sector. Children went to school to learn science of all kind. If they did not fit into the scientific scheme, then they were commission as military space travelers or were chosen as trade specimens for other species. Parents had not right to protect their off spring.

There were many deaths as the scientists attempted to breach space.  We were then visited by extraterrestrial. They traded space travel knowledge, in return we supplied them with human specimens. It was all legal since the constitution was changed for the benefit of the scientists to grow in knowledge.

Jayla did not feel at home on the planet earth. From the moment she could remember. Every thing about earth was wrong. It smelled wrong. People acted wrong and just being there was wrong.

Now she was back to find “mother”. Hopefully she did not move from the last location that she could remember.

She walked up to the door that sat in the middle of a square home, in what used to be considered suburbia. Now it’s sci row. Rows and rows of square houses, with doors in the center of them.

Jayla knocked on the door expecting no one to answer. But a familiar voice called out, “come in. The door is always open.”

She walked in feeling uneasy. Nothing changed since she was taken. She walked into the living room where she saw her. Mother. She did not change at all from where she stood. How was that possible?

“Mother.” she said without revealing any emotion.

She looked up and She noticed that mother had a deformity to the right side of her face. It was not there before.

“Jayla you’ve returned. I’ve waited but you never came back. Now your here.”

“Why? Was I supposed to return?” Jayla was confused over her statement.

“They told me that when they were done, they would send you back to me. But you ran away and you never came back.”

Jayla stood there trying to understand what was being said to her?

“They never told me I would return. They just watched and tested me.”

“I’m so sorry. I had to call them,. My husband was scared to keep you when you hit puberty. He felt we kept you to long.”

“Kept like a pet. I do not wish to hear any more. I came to ask about my  people. What do you know of them?”

Mother looked down and Jayla seen a tear slide down her cheek.

“Your people were a brave and powerful being. The scientist became fascinated in learning about them so the offered to trade our own with theirs. But they refused. The Arion had enemies and the scientist in their greedy rage made an agreement with their enemies, to wipe all of them out. Except the children.

Only the people on Sci Row could have a child to raise until puberty. Then we were told to call. I never wanted to call. But he was afraid.”

“Afraid of what?”

“That we could not suppress the beast that was with in you. But I did. I played the music that they gave us every night and it helped to control the beast. It never surfaced.”

Jayla was trying to remember the music that she was talking about. She looked at mother with contempt. She help stunt her evolution because of fear.

“What music?” Jayla asked

The one that’s on the vid phone. Play it.”

Jayla walked over and seen the song that was on the vid. A simple nursery rhyme. She did not understand why she still had it displayed there.

“It’s a nursery rhyme.”

“It has hidden words to control the beast. Play it.”

Jayla looked at her with confusion. “Why do you want me to play it so badly?”

Mother looked down and another tear fell.

It was time for her to go.

“Jayla go find your people. You are an Anori Si. You must find an Anori Ko.”


“Your full potential will be revealed when you find the Ko.”

Jayla looked at her one last time before she left. She would never return to her again.

Jayla had more question’s than answer’s. She left quickly. There was a shift. She felt it, as mother kept pushing her to play the song. The scientists are coming.


The ship departed on time. Jayla was ready to see another of her kind. She fed on a willing human before the mission. Red T was sentenced to be killed in ten days time.

Jayla wished she could have helped him but his mission was clear to him. Her’s is still being revealed.

An Anori male. What would he look like? She decided not to dwell too much on it. This male that they are going to collect may not be Anori. Why get her hopes up, for it to be dashed away in space.

“Jayla once we collect the prisoner, put him in the quarters that Red T had occupied.”

“Why sir? We have other holding facilities.”

“Do as I say. I will not repeat my orders. You will stand guard and rotate shifts the same way as with Red T.” With that the captain walked off to his quarters.

Jayla stood on the bridge looking out at space and wondering what was next for her. Everything felt as if she was being guided towards something. She did not like not having control. Who would?

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Here’s The Ash (Fire has been Burning)



Hello my fire starters, It’s time to give you the Ash of what has been burning from my blog site.

Talia and Julius has finally hopped into bed together, yet Talia is still as confused as ever about Julius.

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Fantasy Friday has Jayla going on a mission to seek out the woman who initially  raised her. What is it that this women can illuminate for her and will it change her perspective about who she is?

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Fantasy Friday (Then Cor-ne-quen)


imagesJayla stood in her room and stared out her window at endless space. What could Red T know about her race. He could be making every thing up to get her to set him free. But he said he didn’t want to be set free.

She did not understand what his motive was to being captured and she really did not care. He was right about one thing. She was hungry and she did not have any prospects until they dock in five days.

She could feed from him and leave before anyone would find out. But that was near impossible. She decided to just go into sleep phase until her shift the next evening.


Sleep phase was not as peaceful as the night before but it was time to assume her shift as guard for Red T.

Walking up to Mitchum A. the guard on duty she felt an odd shift in the area. She could tell that he felt nothing unusual. Human’s are still not in touch with the slight odd shifts that surrounds them.

“I am here to releave you of duty.” He nodded and informed her that the prisoner had been quiet since she left her shift. Jayla nodded and assumed her post. She stood there for over an hour before Red T. decided to speak.

“Good day. Did you sleep well ? ”

She knew he already knew the answer to that question. Jayla continued to look straight and not get involved with any conversation with Red T.

“Your starving and I am will to help. Are you that stubborn Anori?”

Jayla was trying her best not to go in there and snap his neck.

“I can not feed off of you. You are a prisoner.”

“If you are afraid of being seen I have taken care of that. Come inside and I will help you transition.”

Jayla knew this was going to a death sentence if she is found out. The only one that knew of her circumstance is the ships captain. She did not want to ruin his trust in her. But she was starving.

“Anori. ”

“My name is Jayla Ameri. Not Anori. She said as she stormed into the room, with hunger driving her instead of common sense. Alright hurry,take your cloths off and lay on the bed.”

Red T stood by the window and smiled at her. “There is no need.”

“You lied to me. You said you are a willing participant for me to feed from.”

“Is sex the only way you’ve fed.”

“Yes it is most effective.”

“Damn.” He looked at her with pity in his eye’s.

“Stand before me Jayla Ameri.” He said with power behind it.

Jayla stood before him and she felt as if she stepped into a vibrating tube that confined her to that spot.

What you will feel is my power feeding you. Once I see that you have your fill, I will then set the cor-ne-quen in motion.

Jayla heard what he said but her understanding was being muffled by her feeding. Every cell in her was devouring his power that was being washed over her. It was getting to the point that she was on the verge of doubling over from spaming muscles. She suddenly felt Red T touch the base of her neck and surge of burning followed.

Jayla crumbled to the floor feeling s if her skin was being sliced opened. She tried to look at Red T but her vision was abscued. He looked as if he lost all color around him. She yelled out from the pain it did not sound normal.

What did he do?

“Jayla Your almost fully transformed. try to relax through the pain. I do not have instruction on how to deal with this. Just a few more seconds.

Again Jayla yelled and a strange howl was released. The pain started to some what subside. She tried to get up but her hands, were long clawed paws with a gleaming light streaming from the tip and running up her arm.

She looked at Red T and he was sporting the biggest smile.

“You have fully transformed.” He motioned for her to go to the long length mirror.

She walked over to be shocked at her appearance. She was a large glowing wolf like creature, with fangs longer than any animal she has ever seen in her life. She wanted to turn back. She looked at Red T and he nodded as if she asked him something.

He walked over and touched a spot on her ear and she felt as if her skin was falling off her body. She laid there panting from the sudden change and fought the urge to leap up and tear Red T. to pieces.

“Jayla that is what you truly are. You do not need sex to feed and you are a warrior of your race.”

“A warrior of a race that is extinct. Why show me this? I could pretend I was closer to human. Now I have no one.” She decided that she was tired of fighting the over loaded feeling back and cried.

Red T went to her and whispered,” your race is not extinct. The children have been scattered through out the universe, in hopes that you all will never become a powerful people you once were. I released the cor-ne-quen because your time is now to find and unite them. There is a great shift about to occur and you must be ready to fight.

Find them, start a new life and prepare. The Oni is coming.”

With that being said Red T stood and went back to the window and gazed out.

“I do not have much time left. My predecessor is on the planet your delivering me to. She will seek the Anori out for assistance. She will have this.” He showed a glowing gem the shape of a star.

“A repayment for helping you. Please help her.”

“I can never change on my own. You had to touch my neck.”

“I touched it to open it. No one wanted to set you free. Closing it you must psychically will your self back. I pulled some power back to transform you back. Oh you must be fully feed to transform. It spends enormous amount of energy. You must go now. My power is almost fully spent. they will see you in my chamber.”

Jayla stood on shaky legs and went back to her post. She felt the shift, she felt earlier dissipate. Red T was quiet for hours. So was Jayla.

(What is the Oni and why were only the children taken? Will Jayla be strong enough to find her people or will normalcy of being human win out? If you enjoy the Fantasy Friday’s please follow and comment. I love feed back.)