Wicked Wednesday(Say What?)

Hello my fire starters. Lets set this fire shall we. Q: Fia my guy likes to eat fruit off of me when we get creative, but I went to the doctor and she said I need to lay off the sweets because of bacterial growth. I never heard of that. Is that real or she’s […]

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Fia catch up time!

    So my fire starters I hope every day has brought you a little heat. As for me I have been getting bombarded with things that has nothing to do with what I am passionate about. I felt as if my camp fire was being stomped out. But as we all know. Fia can […]

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The Floating Sword pt 14

The air felt thick. The queen felt as if there was a heaviness to it. The king had not visited her bed for over a week. She did not question who he was spending his nights with and she refuse to care. She cared for him once and that proved to be a disaster. He […]

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