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Hello my fire starters. I hope all of you are keeping that fire burning. I wanted to give you all a bit of what are you are up to post.

So I am trying my hand at murder, mystery story. I do not want any of my followers to think I am going to stop writing my fantasy, or erotic stories. At the moment I have invested a lot of my time in a fantasy mystery book. Which I hope to finish by the end of spring.

But “The Eight O’clock Train” post seemed to want to come out. It is happening in today’s world. No fantasy ,so I am going to push my imagination to it’s  limits. Where will it go. ARRG!

The call of the Dhamper is still going and I am pleased with it. There is an end to that story but I am still developing the characters which is hard when I did not want it to go on too long. 

Also I will be announcing something very soon that I hope will be received by people well. We will see. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Right?

So that is all so far. Keep the fire burning Fire starters. Fia xoxo

The Eight O’clock Train


The crow cawed before the sun rose in the sky. ‘Bad omen’ was the thought that crossed my mind. Normally I wouldn’t care what time I left the house to catch the train but today was different. Today every hair on my body stood on end, my stomach felt constricted with nerves.
This was not going to be any normal day. The sun was scheduled to rise at seven fifteen. It was now seven thirty and the moon was still in the sky. Another bad omen.
I pull out my mental roller deck of prayers to make it safely to my destination.
A cab stopped in front of me. Obviously, so I would chose to take him instead of waiting for the local bus. Which by my watch was running late.
That was a third sign and yet I still headed on my way to work.
The drive to the train was uneventful. I convinced myself that I had to stop with all the superstitions. I paid my fare and ran to catch the train before it left the station.
I was just in time to squeeze in before the doors closed.
The cart looked like any other cart except for the tall man that stood at the back exit.
I felt him staring before seeing him truthfully. I tried my best to ignore him but I could not shake the feeling that he was not normal. I could not get a good look at him. He seemed to be standing exactly right so that it seemed he was in shadow.
The train made three stops before a man who was obviously living out of his shopping cart entered.
The mysterious man in the back watched the homeless man that entered. The air in the cart seemed stagnant almost thick enough to be choked by.
The train went into the tunnel and the lights went out for a few moments. No one moved or said a word. All you heard were the train rolling on the tracks and all you felt was the swaying of the cart. It was like we all knew not to move.
Once the lights returned, the homeless guy was slumped over his cart. Looking as if he fell asleep and the mysterious man was standing where he was before the lights went out.
But the air had a foul taste to it. I thought it was the normal odor from a person who had not showered in ages. That was my first thought, then a memory immerged in my mind. “Liver”.
Yes it smelled liked a bloodied liver. I glanced at the man that stood by the door and seen what no one else had noticed. The small puddle that he was standing in. It could have been water if it was raining. It could have been spilled coffee if he had any before I arrived. But I knew it was neither, I quickly turned my head and tried to focus on the movement of the train.
The man started to walk down the aisle. From the far end of the cart to the other. Passing in front of me, leaving dark red drops across my folded legs. He stood in front of the doors opposite a man with his eyes closed and nodding his head to the music he was listening too.
My heart jerked as the trained stopped and the doors opened.
The man left the cart. At that very moment the oblivious passenger that sat where he stood, realized that bloody foot prints made its way off the train.
A scream was let out by a young girl of fifteen as the homeless man fell over exposing his throat that was ripped out and gaping.
What a morning.

Thank you.

Hello I wanted to thank all of you for following me and reading my stories. I have decided to concentrate on the “The call of the Dhampir” as you all may have noticed.

I do take all of your suggestions into consideration. So I thought of making this list of themes that you may want to read as a one shot pop.

Mystery, Romance, Erotic, BDSM.

Depending on the response I will write a one shot pop story that will have the theme that is chosen the most. If I see that two themes are tied then I will incorporate both in the story. Here is the catch. Pick if the theme should be based in reality or not.

I am burning to see your response. Until next we meet. Fia xoxo

I’m back, Fire My Starter’s



Hello my fabulous fire starters. I am back and I am sorry had to take a little break. I gather the fire had not gone out on ay of you? It should be a fire storm of gargantuan proportions. lol

I left you without a wicked Wednesday so we must rectify that. Also Talia seems to be struggling over what Julius feels is acceptable.

Now my Fantasy Friday people have not for gotten. There may be a bug implanted in Red T. The word is Maybe.

I miss you all and I will get you something to burn on.

Fantasy Friday (Elphin, another Anori)



The ship arrived two day’s after departing earth. Jayla went about her duties, as if her mind was not consumed with thoughts of the male prisoner they were about to pick up.

The captain called her to the bridge to inform her they will be docking shortly. Jayla nodded, and left. She went to the docking area awaiting for the captain to arrive so they could (disembark.)

Jayla and the captain gave the information for pick up of the prisoner to the guards on duty. Everything was in order.  The brought the prisoner to them looking as if he was created from the very dirt on the ground.

The prisoners name is Elphin So. He was picked up after attacking one of the guards on the quad. The guard is  fine but he must serve hard labor on earth as the court had decreed.

The captain nodded and grabbed the prisoner by the arm and guided him towards the ship. He kept his eyes directed toward the floor purposely not making contact. Jayla could not tell his true skin color since the dirt was everywhere and there was a faint smell. A smell of blood. Her beast did not like that.

“Is the prisoner in good health?” Jayla asked

The guards seemed a bit in easy as she looked them over.

“He is in good health.

Once the captain put him in the room he ordered that he was given clean cloths and to be allowed to shower. Then gave Jayla the command to stand outside to guard him.

The captain looked at the prisoner and told him, “Just because you have a decent place to stay until your confinement do not take my kindness as weakness. Try to escape and you’ll be killed on the spot. You understand?”

The prisoner just nodded and continued to keep looking down. The captain left to go to the bridge. Jayla heard the prisoner move in the room, then the sound of water came on. He was cleaning up. At least she would be able to see if he was one of her kind.

It was an hour into the flight before food was brought for the prisoner. Jayla took it into him and she stopped short. He cleaned up and he looked like her. The eyes were the same color and shape. His coloring was identical. His hair had more waves in it than hers and was an inch shorter. But his shoulders were broad and muscled.

He looked at her with the same curiosity that she gave him. It was the first time that he actually looked up.

“You are Anori Ko?” She asked

“No I am Anori Kee. But you are Anori Si, right.”

“Yes. What does that mean Ko, Si ,and Kee?”

“They never told you?” He asked as he stood deathly still.


“Anori Kee is the strength of the Anori people. We are the fighter’s and the protectors of the royal family. Our beasts are meant to destroy without mercy and to defend to the death. The Anori Si is the destined mate to the Ko. They rule the people with regal grace.”

“So, I am royalty?”

“You smell of royalty.You must claim your right to rule our people. But by birth yes you are royalty. May I ask where you raised?”

“I was brought to earth and studied and you.?

“The Quad city. I was trained to be a servant when I was a young boy.  I want to battle these humans. My beast came out for the first time when I did not summon it, it wanted to battle and the guard was present. I had little control when he shot at me.”

“So is the beast not controllable?” She did not care that he wanted to battle.

“It is a part of us but it will fight to preserve itself. Have you changed yet?” He asked looking her over.

“Yes once. I needed a lot of energy to do so. Do you need a lot of energy?”

“No I did not. Maybe because the beast comes when I call it easily.”

“I just released the beast recently and it felt like searing pain.”

“You must practice and talk to it. I feel it prowling in you. Are you hungry?”

“I ate before the trip.”

“You had human? They are ok for a curb the appetite but they never really fill us.”

“Yes, that is true. But I did feed.”

“Not enough. You can have from me. Come and take what you need.”

“I can not. I will get thrown in a cell my self if I do.”

He looked confused. “From touching they will punish you?”

“It must be from skin to skin contact.”

It dawned what she meant. My Mistress Ki. You can get it different ways. Looked deep into my eyes and I will show you the intimate dance of the Anori energy exchange. The power is pure pleasure.

She looked deep into his eyes and she fell into the depth of his soul. She seen all the beast surround a male and female Anori. As they prowl they would brush against the male and female and the skin lit with energy. Pure and exquisite energy. The male and the female embrased and kissed. Exchanging energy and gifting the others back the full force of the energy exchange.

Jayla pulled away.

“What is wrong. It is a beautiful dance.” Elphin said as he watched her.

Jayla left the prisoner and waited for the guard to releave her. She went to her quarters and screamed at the top of her lungs shattering every glass object around her. How dare they take her away from her people. She has been alone for so long, not belonging to anyone, and that short vision she had a community. A shared feeling of completeness.

Her beast wanted revenge. She will get her people back and she will free Elphin. He will help her. It wanted to fight, he will have his chance.She will come up with a plan for the escape in two days.

“Beast you will have your  vengeance.” She felt her clawing wanting out. Her mind thought of Red T. She knew there paths may cross again very soon. That thought had to be put on hold.

First to free Elphin.

Come Follow Me, Fia



Good morning to all my Fire Starters out there. I just wanted to go over how you can follow me here on Word Press, without being a member.

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Have a wonderfully hot day. (Sensually hot)

Talia’s Truth Revealed pt.2



The rest of the work week went on as if Talia’s mind was not preoccupied with writer. What bothered her the most was that she felt as if she was another person. It was hard to describe but she was not acting like the Talia that she cultivated all her life.

Normally it would be your parents that shape the child but when the parents send you away to distant relative to raise and they really were no better than the people who gave birth to you. You end up raising your self.

“talia..talia…Talia. Damn.” A voice yelled at her.

Talia snapped back to reality when the voice of annoyed Brian McCade seeped through her heavy thoughts.

“You do realize we have a meeting in ten minutes right?”

“Of course. Why are you asking me that?” said with an annoyed tone.

“Listen you have been on edge for the last couple of day’s. The staff has been complaining that they are getting reprimanded for the most minute things. Tomorrow’s Saturday get some rest and come back with out the fire-breathing dragon.” He told her with true concern written on his face.

Was she really acting that bad? After the meeting she decided to confine herself to her office. She had a lot of work to do, so it was not far fetch that she would be there all day.


The clock on the corner of her computer read four forty-five. It was almost time to go. Maggie must be on the same time counter because she walked right into her office and took a seat in front of her.

“So hiding much?” she asked staring right at Talia.


“You heard me. Are you nervous that he’s back in town tomorrow?” How does Maggie do that know exactly what’s eating at her.

“No. I have things to do and if he catches me then….. we’ll see.”

“Your full of crap. Your up set that he has you waiting. Get a grip he’s busy, but he’s gonna call you as soon as he get’s a chance.’ Maggie stood up and shook her head side to side. “Talia don’t do what you normally do.” with that being said she walked out her office.

Talia did not want Maggie’s advice, as matter of fact she had enough. She does not wait for no body, especially a man. It should be the other way around. Talia shut down her computer and left for the day.


Saturday can only be described as a beautiful, picture book spring day. Talia rose to birds chirping and a soft breeze blowing through her apartment window.

To work off some of her steam last night she went to a kick boxing class and then sat in the steam room for thirty minutes. It helped allot. She finally had to admit that she was nervous and she was taking it out on every in a three feet radius of her.

She decided that she would go out to get her nails done and just put him out her mind. It was ten thirty when her cell phone went off with an unknown number. She really did not feel like dealing with these scam artist.

‘Listen you need to take me off you list. I will send this to the police.”

“Woo if you did not want me to call you, that’s all you had to say.”

“Oh I’m sorry I’ve been having unknown calls, hitting up on my cell phone.’ Talia could hear laugher on the other end of the phone.

‘I am sorry that you thought I was a scam artist. You are very aggressive with your intimidation. Are you free for lunch. I would love to discuss what you thought of my book.”

Talia was not sure it was a good idea. He already made her feel unsure of her self.

“We did agree about trust. I will be at the restaurant  Deletorri on the upper east side. I trust you not to leave me sitting there all by myself. Oh and please don’t send the police, I won’t have any autograph books with me to give them.”

“Your confident I’ll show.”

The phone went dead. He hung up again before she had a chance to say yes or no. That was it. Yeah she was going to go and meet him. To tell him he could shove his trust down his throat.


The restaurant was nice and not too crowded to. The he was sitting near the back of the room, drinking a glass of water. Talia walked over to the table ready to give him a piece of her mind.

“I have had…….”

He looked up with a smile on his face.

“You have had enough. Is that what you were about to say?”

“Yes. This is not how you ask some one out on a date.”

“Talia please sit and let’s talk.”

Talia sat down still angry about the way things where happening.

“Okay let’s be honest. Your upset that I took the control out of hands. It’s always the woman who has the choice to say yes or no. I did not give you that and your upset.

Also your upset that I hung up and you did not get a chance to have the last word. Still a control issue is that not right.”

“Your twisting this around. I don’t have a control issue.”

“I’m sorry if I read you wrong. Would you please accept my apology.”

Talia sat there staring at Parr and realized that she did not even know his first name.

“What is your first name. I can not call your Mr. Parr all day.”

“It’s Julius Parr.”

The waiter came over to take their order and Talia decided to give him another chance.

“I would like to have a Caesar salad dressing on the side. For the main I would like linguini alfredo not too much sauce on it. If it’s too much I will send it back and a lemonade with the lemon wedge on the plate not in the drink. thank you.”

Julius watched her with a smile and listen to her take on his book. It was insightful. He did not utter a word since she sat down.

Talia started to feel uncomfortable by the lack of conversation. It seemed that she was doing all the talking.

“Why did you think I have a control issue?”

“I don’t think we should talk about that now.”

“Why not? You’re the person who had me promise to trust you. Trust is earned and I want to know why?”

“Your right. You do have a control issue.  When we first met You said to me,’ no tying, no spanking and nothing to give bodily harm.’ Just like you told the waiter exactly what you wanted and that you would send it back. Just like you were going to come in here and tell me off so you can try to make me bow down in disgrace and apologies for treating you that way.”

Talia sat there as if cold water was splashed in her face. Everything he just said was true. But was she always like that?

“Look, I want to see you more than just casually. But I am not a vanilla type of person and I can see something more than vanilla in you. I am not here to twist your arm. You’re, your own woman. But as confident as you come off. There is something else. Something that I see. That iron clad control must break. Your probably scared that a complete stranger see’s you better than any one else.”

“You want to make me your slave?” Talia adrenaline started to pump through her. She needed to get out of there quick. “I’ve heard about people like you.”

“Talia calm down. I do not want to make you a slave.”

“Then I’m confused. You said not vanilla.”

“You are and a little scared, am I right? Why don’t we continue with our lunch and talk again about thing another time. I want to take things slow. How about dinner in two weeks. I will be out-of-town on book signings but I will be back then. I am putting the control in your hands, would you like to have dinner with me?”

Talia looked at her food and could not help and see what he seen. Is she really that controlling? Wouldn’t Maggie have told here? Wouldn’t someone have told her? Did she want to see Julius again? He made her feel confused yet she can not deny the attraction she has towards him.

“Two weeks would be fine.” She said as he heart was still beating rapidly.

“Why don’t you do some research on me. Everything is on the internet and when we meet I can tell you what is true and what is fabricated. But of course it is up to you to decide. See I am still giving you the control that you need.”

“Yeah but for how long is the question?”

(So we have discovered that Talia has trust issues and a control issue. Could she have any more issues that Julius is willing to point out before she breaks? We shall see. Comment and follow to keep up to date with Talia and more.)


Fantasy Friday (Then Cor-ne-quen)


imagesJayla stood in her room and stared out her window at endless space. What could Red T know about her race. He could be making every thing up to get her to set him free. But he said he didn’t want to be set free.

She did not understand what his motive was to being captured and she really did not care. He was right about one thing. She was hungry and she did not have any prospects until they dock in five days.

She could feed from him and leave before anyone would find out. But that was near impossible. She decided to just go into sleep phase until her shift the next evening.


Sleep phase was not as peaceful as the night before but it was time to assume her shift as guard for Red T.

Walking up to Mitchum A. the guard on duty she felt an odd shift in the area. She could tell that he felt nothing unusual. Human’s are still not in touch with the slight odd shifts that surrounds them.

“I am here to releave you of duty.” He nodded and informed her that the prisoner had been quiet since she left her shift. Jayla nodded and assumed her post. She stood there for over an hour before Red T. decided to speak.

“Good day. Did you sleep well ? ”

She knew he already knew the answer to that question. Jayla continued to look straight and not get involved with any conversation with Red T.

“Your starving and I am will to help. Are you that stubborn Anori?”

Jayla was trying her best not to go in there and snap his neck.

“I can not feed off of you. You are a prisoner.”

“If you are afraid of being seen I have taken care of that. Come inside and I will help you transition.”

Jayla knew this was going to a death sentence if she is found out. The only one that knew of her circumstance is the ships captain. She did not want to ruin his trust in her. But she was starving.

“Anori. ”

“My name is Jayla Ameri. Not Anori. She said as she stormed into the room, with hunger driving her instead of common sense. Alright hurry,take your cloths off and lay on the bed.”

Red T stood by the window and smiled at her. “There is no need.”

“You lied to me. You said you are a willing participant for me to feed from.”

“Is sex the only way you’ve fed.”

“Yes it is most effective.”

“Damn.” He looked at her with pity in his eye’s.

“Stand before me Jayla Ameri.” He said with power behind it.

Jayla stood before him and she felt as if she stepped into a vibrating tube that confined her to that spot.

What you will feel is my power feeding you. Once I see that you have your fill, I will then set the cor-ne-quen in motion.

Jayla heard what he said but her understanding was being muffled by her feeding. Every cell in her was devouring his power that was being washed over her. It was getting to the point that she was on the verge of doubling over from spaming muscles. She suddenly felt Red T touch the base of her neck and surge of burning followed.

Jayla crumbled to the floor feeling s if her skin was being sliced opened. She tried to look at Red T but her vision was abscued. He looked as if he lost all color around him. She yelled out from the pain it did not sound normal.

What did he do?

“Jayla Your almost fully transformed. try to relax through the pain. I do not have instruction on how to deal with this. Just a few more seconds.

Again Jayla yelled and a strange howl was released. The pain started to some what subside. She tried to get up but her hands, were long clawed paws with a gleaming light streaming from the tip and running up her arm.

She looked at Red T and he was sporting the biggest smile.

“You have fully transformed.” He motioned for her to go to the long length mirror.

She walked over to be shocked at her appearance. She was a large glowing wolf like creature, with fangs longer than any animal she has ever seen in her life. She wanted to turn back. She looked at Red T and he nodded as if she asked him something.

He walked over and touched a spot on her ear and she felt as if her skin was falling off her body. She laid there panting from the sudden change and fought the urge to leap up and tear Red T. to pieces.

“Jayla that is what you truly are. You do not need sex to feed and you are a warrior of your race.”

“A warrior of a race that is extinct. Why show me this? I could pretend I was closer to human. Now I have no one.” She decided that she was tired of fighting the over loaded feeling back and cried.

Red T went to her and whispered,” your race is not extinct. The children have been scattered through out the universe, in hopes that you all will never become a powerful people you once were. I released the cor-ne-quen because your time is now to find and unite them. There is a great shift about to occur and you must be ready to fight.

Find them, start a new life and prepare. The Oni is coming.”

With that being said Red T stood and went back to the window and gazed out.

“I do not have much time left. My predecessor is on the planet your delivering me to. She will seek the Anori out for assistance. She will have this.” He showed a glowing gem the shape of a star.

“A repayment for helping you. Please help her.”

“I can never change on my own. You had to touch my neck.”

“I touched it to open it. No one wanted to set you free. Closing it you must psychically will your self back. I pulled some power back to transform you back. Oh you must be fully feed to transform. It spends enormous amount of energy. You must go now. My power is almost fully spent. they will see you in my chamber.”

Jayla stood on shaky legs and went back to her post. She felt the shift, she felt earlier dissipate. Red T was quiet for hours. So was Jayla.

(What is the Oni and why were only the children taken? Will Jayla be strong enough to find her people or will normalcy of being human win out? If you enjoy the Fantasy Friday’s please follow and comment. I love feed back.)

Keeping up with Fia


Hello my fire starters. So here’s the lighter fluid to Fia’s bonfire I am creating with my pod cast. First intro will be up this week. I am so excited.

Like I said before I will post what is said here on wp. for all those who rather read than listen.

For my Fantasy Friday loves. I can not wait for you to see what Jayla is going to discover. It’s amazing what’s beneath us all.

That’s it for now. Until we speak again keep the fires burning.