imagesAKYZOPPAHello my fire starters. So I have some wonderful new for my 100th follower who ever that may be. There is a gift coming your way.

What can it be, your thinking and I say wouldn’t you like to know. Haha. Just think about who I am. What can I possibly give my 100th follower that has a bit of sensual fire to it? Hugh.

On that note I am at my 81st follower as of today and I want to thank each and every one of you.

You may feel that it’s not fair. But not to worry I will have other surprises in the works my lovelies. So Until Wednesday. Keep the fire burning.


Fia’s I.T. Rant


Hello to you all. But I am going to explode. I have been trying to figure out how my site would be easier for all of you, my followers and soon to be followers, to have easier access for what they want to read.  Well I am not a computer wizard and this is giving me an absolute headache. And not the kind of headache that I want either. ArrrG!