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The Death of “Dru Hi” Pt. 5 Bee

Walking through the double doors my thoughts are focused on one thought. Kill all the “Dru Hi” . There was another guard that decided that their life was for fit by stepping in my way.

She grabbed two short blades from her hip holder and  charged forward slashing downward, right then left. First mistake was never, ever charge me. Second mistake was under estimating my skills.

As the her left hand went down trying for the knife to slash my face and embed it in my shoulder. I moved to the right avoiding the blade but in perfect view of her throat in which I grabbed and ripped out.

She grabbed at the gaping wound as she dropped dead at my feet. Stepping over her I walked up the stairs and went straight into the office in front of me.

Within the office there stood five of the head of the “Dru Hi” organization. Juan Sho the head of the north quarter, his twin Cala Sho head of the west quarter. Michaela Jem head of the east quarter, Cojum the heat of the south quarter and a new face I guess I have to kill without a name.

“Bee you made it into a closed meeting. Is there something you need.”

“I rarely need for anything these days. But what I want is two things. Why did you try to set me up to kill a notorious killer by using Gloriana’s name? Two why would you dare come into my home and try to kill me if you wanted me to kill someone one else?” Makes no sense.” I said while I kept my focus on Juan and the nameless female beside him.

“Let’s not play games. I know you have been tipped off that the target is not on alpha G and that you were being led into a trap. As for Gloriana is an achele’s heal for you. She is truly your death waiting to happen. As for your death. We need you out of the picture plain and simple. Your taking business away from us and we can’t have that.

Since you have turned down our off to join the Dru Hi. We have decided to take you out. Meet Ashley she is your replacement on earth.”

Juan must be lacking oxygen to his brain because he sounds like he has lost his mind.

“All this for money and territory?”

They all looked at me with disdain. That was perfectly fine with me. Let the killing’s begin.

“So who’s first?”

Ashley came forward as if that should be frieghtened me. Lifting her hands, palm sided up I could feel the heat building inside me. She was trying to burn me from the inside out. Very nice but no too original.

I looked at her and chanted softly, so softly they probably could not understand what I was saying. Ashley was beginning to perspire.

“Clever trying to turn my spell back on me.”

“What’s the originality in that?”

She wipe the drippings from her forehead to realise the her skin came off doing so. Then on the right side of her cheek skin started to slide off there as well. realising she was being skinned alive sent her screaming through the window to her death.

“So you killed one of us there are four more of us. You can not take us all.”

They never dealt with me before and now they will learn why, I was born to do this.

Jaun grabbed his throat trying to get air in his lungs damn near impossible when your  tongue swells to accommodate the space. the twin  began itching as worms bore through his skin eating him from the inside. Cojum and Micheala tried to attach me from opposite sides and that when I pulled out the Bee special. Two glowing balls that floated towards each of them exploding releasing a speacial agent that caused their eye balls to ooze out of it sockets entering the nerves straight to the brain. melting all the brain tissue and letting it drain out through the body crevices.

I turned and spelled the room so that their death will be preserved for all to see at least for a week. I felt the rings fade off my arm. I feel no remorse over killing killer’s. Eventually someone will kill me but not today.

The End

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