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The Death of “Dru Hi” Pt4 Bee

As I walked home I tried my best to recall all the hits I’ve been hired for. Nothing out of the ordinary came to mind. Some were easy F/K’s ( Find and Kills). Then I had a couple that took a little more time, a little more finesse. They wanted it to seem as cause of death was natural causes. There was one that I was hired for, the wanted the death to be a bit more on the sadistic cruel side. A normal person would not have done it but the money was good and I am not a normal person.

“So why would the “Dru Hi” want me killed?”

Entering the dog parlor I noticed that Kiki was no where to be found. I didn’t hear a peep. My red flags are up. Kiki wouldn’t be able to keep quiet for this long. She would have come out and bitched at me by now.

Slowly and easing my way futher inside, taking note that nothing seemed disturbed. I heard a faint sound. Almost like a muffled whine. I went up stairs to find kiki laying on her side panting hard and whining.

“What happened?”

She looked at me still panting and said, ” You didn’t connect the salt barrier back around the mirror. A guy came through looking for you.”

I felt like shit this happened. I should have connected the ring of salt.

“Did the guy escape?”

“No.” panting even harder.

“No he laying dead next to the doll. Go look.”

“In a minute. Lay down, this may hurt and I’m sorry for this.”

I began chanting an old spell that helped heal the body from the inside out. I figure her ribs were broken and her lungs were being affected by it.

As I chanted, I could picture bones healing and cracking into place. Kiki howled in pain but I kept my focus and when I had the last bone in place I opened my eyes to see Kiki closing her’s. She’s Probably going to pass out from the pain.

It took me a few minutes to get to get to my feet. The room was a bit tilted but it straightened out. I used a lot of my power in that spell.  I went to the mirror and seen the dead male. He laid there with his hand o the doll. On his hand their to set me up, for my death and they almost killed Kiki. As far as I am concerned, they drew the proverbial short stick out of the stack.

I changed into my long form fitting trench coat and placed all my weapons in the secret compartments within the coat. I checked one more time on Kiki before I stepped through the mirror.

Once I made it through the mirror I noticed an odor of mildew. I must be in an old home. No one was around. I would have known if they were. I always know when someone is hidden in the dark.

I walked across the room through the wooden door to be greeted with the outside world of alpha G system. The ground was made with a mossy green cement that only is found on this planet. The sky is the color of blue same as earth but the blue always had a small tinged of green in it.

The rings on my arm did not make itself known. That means that the target is no were near this area. Which is good because I’m hunting for the “Dru  Hi”. On the alpha G system people do not tend to look you in the eye. The planet is inhabited with beings similar to the human race. The  skin tone is an luminescent green and there are over a thousand different dialects. That’s why they all were ear plugs that translates all language to your own.

The last time I was on alpha G, the “Dru Hi” had a business establishment. You pay they terminate. I went straight to the office and believe it or not the office is still there. The security must have been told I was coming because they were ready for me.

The tall skinny guard on the right took out his hidden gun and aimed it at me, simultaneously the heavier guard on the left pulled out two circular hand size blades that he threw at my head. Of course nothing they did stopped me. The bullets ricochet off a field I placed around me before I walked through the mirror.

The closer I got to them the more sweat dripped off them. I stood before them hearing their hearts pounding a mile a minute. I decided that their hearts needed a break. So I stopped them both. The look on their faces of confusion was more than satisfactory. Now time to have some fun.

(I wanted to make this story in four takes but it looks like it will take five. I hope you all are enjoying it so far.)

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