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The Floating Sword

th7MNZCE4DEveryone knows the story of Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur. Yet they have forgotten to mention that Excalibur had a twin sword. It was called “Temperance”. Just as Excalibur could be wielded by a chosen one of royal blood, the same went for Temperance.

Temperance was enchanted by the lady of the lake, yet it was not stuck in stone. It floated high above the ground. The world in which Temperance resided in, is a world that cultivated and adored magic.

So anyone who was anyone had a magician living with the family. The King and Queen were no difference in this sentiment. When they heard of the floating sword in the land of the never-ending chasm. The king and queen immediately sent the royal magician to fetch it.

The royal magician could not retrieve the sword from the sky and was beheaded by royal decree.

For over a decade magician after magician went after the mysterious floating sword and lost there heads over it. Until….

Chapter One

“Mother why are hiding from the farmer Glyndon? He has always been kind and generous to us.”

“Daughter now hush. I will inform you of his treachery as soon as we are out of harm way.”

“Ms. Lione please answer me. What you heard was not what it sounded.”

Angelica and her mother stayed hidden well into the night when they could not hear the farmer call for them anymore.

Ms. Lione and her daughter rushed home quickly. Angelica did not understand the sudden change in her mother’s demeanor towards the farmer. They seemed to be friends.

“Mother, tell me now, what is going on?”

“The farmer has seen you use magic and sent a messenger to the king and queen to collect you, child. You must run.”

Angelica could not believe what she was hearing.


“It does not matter when, it only matters that he has and now they will be after you.”

“Where shall I go? You are the only person that is still living in our family.”

“That is not the truth. You have an uncle. He lives at the edge of the lake beyond the garden of spindles. When you see him tell him you are the daughter of Reen his older brother. He will take you in.”

Angelica could not bear to leave her mother.

“Mother you must come as well. When they realize that I have gone you will be killed or worse.”

“Do not worry about me, my daughter. My heart is beating with the undying love that you and your father have given me. Now he will never forgive me if you meet the same fate as he and loose you head. Now child leave. It will take you a day and night to reach your destination.”

Angelica hugged her mother and took a deep breath in knowing it will be the last she will ever smell the women who loved her for eighteen years. She held back her tears because it would cause her mother to suffer more to see her pain.

She grabbed her bag and kissed her mother’s plump check and took off towards the lake. Not knowing what she may find or who.

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