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Wait What The F—-? Fia Update

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My day, your day, damn everyone’s day starts off the same exact way. With eye’s wide open.

The only difference is what you see when things come into focus.

What I see, what I wish I can unseen causes all thoughts and comprehension to pause. Like my brain, this supercomputer of mine just freezes, due to a system glitch.

The problem is I am not a computer, and the glitch consists of three moving parts. Their names are Mara, Lena, and Milton.

There are three options that this story will go and they all consist with the Three F’s.

Freedom, Feeding and Fucking. Are you curious?

So Scorchers here is the lighter fluid. I will be pulling the stories off for a bit to rearrange how you receive my stories. So my scifi lovers will have their section, shifters there’s and fiction adult there’s. I will let you know when it will happen. Keep your eyes open.

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