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Weapons pt 2 of Bee

Having a tracking ring seared in my arm is not my idea of ‘what I want with my coffee list.’ But that tracking ring seems to be making a permanent mark on my arm as if it will never fade after the job is done.

Well I have news for the jack ass who thinks I will allow some one to track my every move. I went to my art room to find an item I created for just this kind of violation. 

The room needed the curtains to be drawn back. I hadn’t been in here for a while since I had a few ‘hits’ back to back. I can hear Kiki walking in behind me panting after she ate her meal. +

“Bee what are you looking for?” 

At this time I already pulled out a chair to climb on so I can reach the brown box on the top shelf in the room. 

“I just had a tracking ring placed on my arm and I am going to remove it right now.” 

“Can you remove a tracking ring once it’s placed? I thought once it’s seared into your skin it’s a done deal.” 

I looked at Kiki and couldn’t help my self but to smile. She wasn’t with me when my mother was around. That woman was paranoid about everything and everyone. So one of the first spells that was crammed down my throat was a transference spell. 

“Nothing is ever a done deal unless I say it is.” I found what I was looking for. A doll made out of red clay and a couple of drops of my blood. I will transfer the ring to the imitation of me and be done with it. 

Closing my eyes and envisioning the ring on the center of the dolls chest, searing itself in. Then I chanted the words that was ingrained. 

“Duplici translatione impersonator” 

The doll shook and glowed a bit blue but the transfer was complete.  

“What are you going to do with the doll. Well I have already put a thought into it on what I would do during a day. Once they catch on that the doll is repeating it’s action I would already be on the hunt to take out the target.” 

Kiki sat down and began to lick her paw and I couldn’t help but smile. She can be the fiercest animal on the planet but you would never think it.  

Enough of this, I have to find out what Gloriana has gotten me into.  First I have to visit Antoine at the warehouse. That’s where I keep my highly dangerous weapons. Things that could get me hung in all fifty some odd states if they found out how dangerous they are. 

“Bee why do have a weird smile on your face?”

I didn’t even realize I was smiling. Just the thought of my weapons, is like going to a candy store for me.

The trip to the warehouse took over twenty minutes from where I live. The Manhattan traffic is horrendous with all the street repairs. The warehouse is by the seaport. Antoine is usually on at this time so I don’t have to worry about being questioned to death by a new person. 

Walking into the warehouse, the smell of old mildew hits you in the face. Normally it wouldn’t bother me but it was a bit more over whelming than usual. 

Antoine was sitting at the desk, immersed into what ever it was on his computer. 

“Hey Antoine what’s so interesting?” 

I guess he didn’t realize I had come in, because he jumped and turned the screen so I couldn’t see what he was doing.  

“Listen what you do, is your business. I just going to my storage unit.” 

“I’m not doing anything. I thought you were my boss.” 

“Okay so dish. why would you jump if I was your boss?”

“I’m going for my B.A. in business and he’s been trying to get me fired before I can complete it. He thinks I want his job. This shit job can go to someone else. I just need to finish my schooling and I’m out of here.”

Antoine is paranoid. I know Carl if he’s watching him it’s because he doesn’t want to get caught gambling on the internet.

“Antoine I am going to “the” unit. Give me heads up if someone’s on  their way over.”

Antoine nodded his head and went back to studying. For some reason I feel as if I’m still being tracked even though the tracking ring is off me. It’s doesn’t matter once I am in the unit, it will be as if I never existed.

The key is charmed with the power to unlock the second door hidden behind the first. If anyone were to open my unit, they would see a couple of boxes lying around. But the key opens to my arsenal of destruction.

Once the unit was opened I stepped inside and went for the door to the right of me. There are three doors in my unit. All filled with things that I acquired somewhat legally in this state. The room had everything and my heart began to beat with excitement. I admit that sick, but little things make me excited and to get to play with weapons of mass destruction gives me that happiness.

I decided to take only a few out of my arsenal that can easily go undetected. Now I feel a little bit more on equal grounds with whatever is about to come my way. One more place I have to go before heading off to the target.

I have to go big Al’s. I gave up drinking because I was a terrible drunk, but I know I will need a drink after this.

{I am going to try to wrap this up in four parts. I hope you’re enjoying it so far.}

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