Wereleopards Claiming the Thorne Juni & Marcel pt5

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I feel so cold. It feels as if the cold is seeping into my bones. What is that? I hear a muffled sound in my ear.

“Juni you better not die. I dare you.”

A dare? I remember that. I remember Marcel and I dared each other and found out more than what we expected.

I was nineteen going on twenty and my father told me that the time of me completing the bargin was in a month.

I personally thought of so many ways I could escape. The one thing that kept me rooted to that spot was my father. I know without a doubt they would take my disappearance out on him. Maybe even kill him.

“Dad I want to go out and I want to go alone.”

He looked at me intensely at me contemplating on the repercussion of letting me out may entail.

‘Juni go but please try your best to stay low and out of trouble.”

I could not believe that he said yes. I ran up stairs and changed into a pair of my favorite hip hugging ripped jeans and a black tank top. I threw on a leather jacket and sneakers and ran out. I did not want him to have a chance to change his mind.

At this time I had my license and I had a car of my own. A gift from Marcel’s father when I passed my driving test when I was eighteen.

I drove down to the “Pipes”. It’s a club that I over heard my classmates rave about. I said I would go there one day if I was able to get away. Today was that day.

It was eleven and I seen that the club was packed. The line was so long it curved around the corner. I sat in my car contemplating if I should try my luck to get in.

I turned my head to the left to see a familiar face with his arm around this very attractive woman. She swayed when she walked and the guys on the line watched in amazement. I barely shot her another glance. My eyes were on Marcel. He rarely smiled around me and he was smiling now.

I pulled out my phone and text him quickly before I chickened out.

“Marcel I’m in my car across the street. Can you get me inside?’

He pulled out his phone and looked at the text. He looked around and seen my car. Marcel whispered something in the girls’ ear and she giggled. Then she went inside alone, while he strode over to me.

He was wearing an all black out fit that framed his body so well that I had thoughts about him that I hadn’t had since I was sixteen. I began to think of him like a brother more than a man.

I rolled down the window when he was close enough and he gave me this look. I could not understand the look.

“What are you doing here?”

“My dad let me out. I think it was his guilt that made him decide to let me out. Anyway can you get me in?”

“I’ll get you in if you listen to me and follow my instructions.”

“Marcel, forget it. I want freedom tonight.”

“For the rainbow?”

I can’t believe I told him that. I knew I was being childish but my imminent death made me say and want to do crazy things. Plus my hormones were raging.

“No. I just want to have a little fun. Next month I will be living with your kind and I just have a feeling that I will not be allowed little excursions.”

“Juni you are not a slave. But our females are expected to hold them selves with respect and pride. So no elaborate extracurricular activities.”

“You mean no Whoring around. Just say it Marcel.”

He smiled at the comment but looked at me fully.

“Move over.”


“You want to get in right? Move over.” He sounded exasperated. He looked around before he got in.

I moved into the passenger seat and he took the drivers side. He started the engine and we left the club.

Ten minutes later we arrived at a condo complex. He parked in the garage and motioned for me to leave.

“Marcel where are we?”

“We are going to my place. You are not entering the club looking like that. Remember you are going in with me.”

“I change my mind.”

“I dare you Juni. I dare you to concur your fear.”

I looked at Marcel like he grew horns on his head.”

“I am not afraid of anything.”

“Really. You never want to be alone with me or my kind. You have been trained for years with my kind but your instructors still smell your fear when they approach you. You keep your distance thinking your safe.”

I looked at him and damn him his eyes shifted making my heart speed up.

“So what will it be. Go home or take the dare?”

I am not afraid of him or his kind. I’m afraid of my reaction to him if I were to be alone with him. I stepped out of the car and followed him up to the pent house.

It was magnificent. It reflected Marcel to a “t”.

“Follow me. I have outfits that will fit you in the back.”

“Why?” I stopped in my tracks.

“Why what?”

“Why are there cloths here that would fit me?”

“They were not for you specifically. I have guests that forget to bring cloths to go out in.”

“They forget?” I did not believe that one bit.

“Alright I tend to damage the out fit they came in so I make sure that they can leave fully clothed.”

“How did you damage their cloths?”

Marcel turned not wanting to answer the question.

“Alright. I Dare you Marcel.”

He turned back with a questioning look on his face.

“You say I am afraid. But you are just as afraid.”

“Really? Of what?”

“Of speaking candidly with me. I am not a child but you act as if I am. So I dare you to speak bluntly to all I ask like an adult.”

“To all?”

“Yes are you up for the challenge?”

He walked over to me held out his hand and we shook. Our challenge has been sealed.

“Now how did you damaged their cloths?”

“When I want them and I can no longer can hold back. I rip their cloths off and take them.”

“You Fu–“

“Let’s be civil please.”

“You have sex aggressively with them.”

“Yes. Now lets get you dressed.”

I walked to a room that was furnished with a huge bed covered in a shimmery bed spread. It had a design of a Koi going over a bridge on it. The back ground was black. We walked past it into a walk in closet. He did not lie when he said he had cloths to dress up in.

I noticed something and I could not hold back.

“Are you into men?”

Without a second thought.” I’m into everyone.”

Why did that make my heart race with excitement.

He pulled out an outfit and it was pretty. It was something I wouldn’t have picked out for myself though.

‘Marcel it’s pretty but–“

“No but’s. Go inside and change.”

I went into the huge bedroom and started taking off my cloths.

“Marcel how old were you when you first had sex.”

He was silent and then I heard him behind me. I did not have my top on and today I did not wear a bra since these girls are fighting gravity without help.

“You really want that answer?”

I reached for my top and looked over my shoulder. “Marcel I’m half naked here.”

He chuckled and went back inside the closet.

“I was fifteen. She was twenty.”

I was slipping on the dress he handed me when I stood still in shock. He slept with an older woman.

“Marcel you were too young to–“

“I am a shifter. At fifteen I was this height and close to this body frame I am today. I did what was expected and that was all.”

That sounded wrong. I turned to see him looking at me and I felt myself blushing. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to see you wear a thong and no bra.” He said with a smirk. “My turn to ask a question.”

“So you were just a year older. Why didn’t you do it with him again.”

“How do you know I didn’t?”

He stared at me as if he knew and there was no reason to lie.

“I thought I was ready but I wasn’t and it was not like how I read it in the books.”

“Ohh” he said with a smile.

“But I was ready to try again a year later but I was not given the opportunity.”

He smiled. “Turn around I’ll zip you up.”

I turned around waiting for him to come over and zip the dress. I felt his fingers trail down my back. My breathing was a bit labored.

‘What did you read in those books? Were there soft kisses and tender words?”

“What are you doing Marcel?” I asked in a whispered voice. He zipped up the dress but he kept standing behind me.

“With our kind there is primal need. You touch each other as if that touch could satisfy a hunger of the flesh. We kiss, lick and nip. We glid our bodies against each other to cover our selves in each others scent.”

He stepped away and walked towards the door exiting the room without looking at me.

“Are you teasing me, Marcel?”

“No. I’m explaining that a shifter is not a romance book. We can be gentle if we choose but that is not what is wanted. Now let’s go to the club.”


Juni’s moaning and tossing in the rumpled sheets. I wonder what she is dreaming about. I breath in and there is a scent.

I look at her and realized she is aroused. Her skin is flushed and her nipples are harden. Who is she dreaming about?

I shift in my seat then I stood. Her scent was causing me to get hard. I want her but not until she is fully changed. I need to go to the rest room and throw water in my face. Her scent will cause something that I do not want to do until she is capable to fully enjoy it. Damn it Juni. You have two more hours to complete the transformation. You better survive.


He kept his word and I entered the club with him. There were so many bodies in one room. Dancing, laughing, and drinking.

Marcel walked off to the direction of the VIP, I did not follow. Instead, I went to the bar and ordered a peach snap with vodka. It came in a tall glass with a slice of fruit wedged on the rim. I took half of it down and I loved it.

I never drank before. I never smoked or did any drugs. Tonight I just want to enjoy one of the three taboo’s I was sworn away from.

“Hey you want to dance?”

I turned towards the voice and it was nice to know it matched the package. It was a deep as his black wavy hair. He groomed his brows, and a light shadow of a beard graced his jaw. His eyes were dark and his lips a lightest hue of pink.

I took another sip of my drink and strated to feel the effects.

“I’m not a great dancer.”

“What we do on that dance floor is not called dancing really. Just move to the music how ever you want.”

I looked at him and nodded. Why not. The music sounded great and I could move to it.

We walked into the crowd and we danced. I felt light. He never laid a hand on me. I gyrated my hips from side to side to the beat of the base. I did not know I was drawing a crowd around me since I was dancing with my eyes closed. My head was foggy and relaxed.

The song ended and I opened my eyes to see the eyes of everyone looking at me. I glanced up to the VIP and seen Marcel looking at me as well. Then a slow song came on and the nameless guy pulled me close. I was able to push the look Marcel gave me out of my head as we swayed. He smelled nice. A little too sweet but nice.

“Did you come here with someone?” He asked.

I nodded as I continued to dance. He pulled me in closer and I felt the swell in the front of the pants. His hand glided down to my ass. Then wosh. He was gone.

I looked around to see what happened. All I was able to see was Marcel and he was angry.

“Juni what the fu–?” He was about to curse. Was he that mad that I drove him to let his cilvilty drop?

He looked into my eyes and they must have infuriated him because he lifted me up and we went to the VIP section.

“Get OUT NOW.” He yelled at everyone inside. He placed me on the couch and poured liquid in a glass.

“I don’t want that Marcel. I want my peach snaps and vodka drink.”

He shook his head and smiled. “Your such a light weight if that got you this wasted. Drink this water. I have to sober you up before taking you home.”

“No I don;t want to go home. Marcel why didnt you take me up on my offer?”

“Juni what offer? You did not make an offer.”

“When we first met I said I would have sex with you if you don’t say anything to anyone. Why didn’t you.”

“Your drunk.”

“No I am not. We have a deal. Tell me straight.”

He breathed out and said, “You were too young and only had one experience.”

“My lack of experience kept you off of me. Is that the real reason?”

“Juni you don’t know what your saying.”

“I do. I want you Marcel. I want you hungry and naked on top of–“

Before I could finish a word, he kissed me hard. His tongue claimed every recess of my mouth. His left hand held my head and his right was touching my breast through the dress. Caressing it, finding my nipple and pinching it. I moaned into him mouth.

Before he pulled away I trailed my had up his thigh meeting the bulg he was sporting.

“We cannot do this. I’m sorry.” He pulled back.

“I’m not. No that is a lie. I’m sorry you stopped it.” I said aching for him to continue.

Marcel looked different. His features shifted and his lips thinned a bit.

“Juni don’t leave here. I will take you home. Stay here.”

I nodded and fell asleep.

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