Wereleopards Claiming the Throne Juni and Marcel part 6

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I stood in the shower trying to remember what happen last night. I remember that we were in the room with our parents and My dad gave me a kiss on the cheek.

He never gave me a kiss on the cheek. He said something. What was it?

A knock at the bathroom door had my heart racing.

“Juni are you alright. Do you need me to scrub that round bottom of yours?”

‘WTF,’ I said in my head. I have to remember.

“No, I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself thank you.”

“That’s not how you acted last night.”

“Go away, Marcel.”

If I don’t get a grip I am going to go into hysterics or I am going to take this body wash and scrub his mouth.

‘ Juni girl, get it together.” I whispered to myself.

Is it so bad that I had sex with Marcel? I have wanted him from the time I first met him. He was the star of so many self-pleasuring escaped that I can’t even count.

Yes, it is bad because I can’t remember it. I don’t even know if he was, was satisfied. I only had that one time and that was a disaster.

I just want to remember.



I know I have her going nuts. That serves her right. Year after year of her taunting me with her body that I could not touch.

“Marcel I am counting on you to keep your eye on her. Do not touch her. Think of her as a sister.” That was what I was told to do, and I did that.

It became harder to keep that thought of her being a sister when she would wear clothes that showed her body. Barly there shorts. Shirts that were ripped in a way that made you want to touch her. Let’s not talk about her scent when she was in heat.

I damn neared clawed my skin to keep from ravishing her.

Now it will be my turn. I will mate her in twenty-four hours and in that time, I will drive her mind and body in sane with need. She started a war unintentionally and I will be the victor.

His cell began to ring, and Kevin’s name flashed across the screen. Another issue he had to deal with.


“When will you be back? You left like a bat out of hell from your dad’s place with your cousin and–“

“First, she is not my cousin. She is a close friend of the family. Second, I will need to meet with everyone at my place by one. I have to make an announcement and I will only say it once.”

“Marcel are you alright? You don’t sound like your usual–“

“Kevin one.” I hung up the phone. Better sooner than later. The water shut off and I can hear her stepping out of the shower.




There are only towels in here. I grabbed the biggest one and wrapped myself in it. I don’t know why I feel nervous. I wore a bikini in front of him that had less material.

I reached for the door handle and opened the bathroom door to find Marcel bare ass bent over picking pulling up his pants.

He turned around and smiled. “Was it better in the day then at night?”

Oh man I feel hot. I turned towards the table and grabbed some orange juice. I drank it from the glass quickly. With my eyes closed

I could suddenly hear anything other than the strong thrumming behind me.

“I love the way you close your eyes and drink that juice. How your throat works it down. Savoring every drop. It’s makes me want to watch you take something else.” Marcel whispered in my ear.

I swallowed so loudly I’m amazed I did not choke.

He pressed a light kiss on my earlobe.

“I’m going out to get you some cloths. Last night your clothes were destroyed.”

“You ripped my cloths?”

“Me? No?”

“You did. You said that you were tired of the barriers we had between us, and you’d be damned if cloths were going to be another. So, your tore them off. They are over there in a heap. Give me ten minutes. I’ll get you something to wear until we get back home to my place.”

“Your place?” I whispered.

“Come on you been there a hundred times. Relax. Unless you’re up for another go to unwind a bit.”

“I’m good. You can get me something to wear.”

He laughed and walked to the door with just his pants and shoes.

“Where is your shirt?”

“You destroyed it too. It’s in that heap.”

My heart stopped for a second. “I’m a beast.”

Well fire starters what do you think of these two? I feel tention rolling off of Marcel and pore Juni. She can not remember there first night. lol. Tell me what you think. I loved to know. XOXO

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